Pennsic 2009 Diary: Wednesday, August 5

1.75 — PI
50.00 — CDs
7.25 — book
10.00 — Your Inner Vagabond
2.15 — postcards
= $71.15
+ 589.49
= $660.64

morning — Marauders

Last night was phenomenal. Went by 45 minutes early to pick up Katrusha, only to realize she was still cooking dinner and it wouldn’t be ready until 7:50. So I stayed for a while, sang “Megan is Baking” on request, and went to Cerian’s concert.

The concert was fun, though in a different way than I’d expected. I had thought it would be a collection of Cerian’s pieces, but instead it seemed to be, for the most part, a showcase of the other people he invited onstage: Dahrien, Lorelei, Maraha, and Beatrice. So it was actually a nice mix of stuff, both silly and serious. Maraha did a great funny story about Ganesh eating cream puffs till he burst, and Beatrice (who I’d never heard before) was quite talented.

Eventually Maraha and I made our way down to Harpwood Hall, arriving around 10:00. The jam session was already in full swing. And when I say “fully swing,” I mean there were at least 50 people. Even in the later part of the evening when things were starting to die down, there were at least 30. The range of songs spanned from such classics as “Rise” to funny sing-alongs like Katrusha’s “Anti-Sing-Along Song” (performed by Grim) to out-and-out bawdy. Almost all the big-name bards were there, and I yearn for half the talent of some of the people in that tent.

I was going to be mostly quiet, prepared to just listen to the pretty instrumentals. But when I arrived, I realized that over half the songs had vocals. So I was ready to just sing along and lend my voice to the chorus. But after a few hours there, Fiana looked pointedly at me and said, “Katherine, you haven’t done anything yet. You should perform.” So I did “I Charged the Calontiri Army” and was pleased to note that people were beginning to recognize it.

I assisted on a few other songs, most notably a few of Marian’s where I think I was one of the few people at the circle who knew all the words, and the “Anti-Sing-Along Song,” where I helped Grim out with the gestures. It felt weird singing with Marian when no one else was, but she didn’t seem to mind, so I guess it’s all right.

I sang “No Longer Seventeen” just before leaving. I can always tell who hasn’t heard it yet by who laughs at “statutory crime.” Anyway, I left sometime after 1 a.m., and Huguin was kind enough to escort me home. I would have stayed longer (indeed, I think the circle only closed around 3 a.m.), but I knew my tent would wake me up around 7:30, as in fact it did. I think I got to bed around 1:45.

About 4 a.m., we had super-heavy rain… for about 5 minutes. I was just happy I was in my tent rather than outside it.

Foot update: it was very, very itchy last night when I was going to bed, but is otherwise doing quite well. I think I’ll see how I fare today without Benadryl.

Lorelei’s leaving today, which makes me sad, but such is the way of Pennsic. I’ve got 3 full days left and a bit of Saturday, and plan to take advantage of it.

Oddly enough, I’ve got $180 left of spending money and not much idea what to spend it on. Efenwealt mentioned that Ken and Lisa have a new CD I’ll need to pick up, and I’d like to see if the booksellers have the new translation of The Golden Legend. Otherwise, I don’t know. Maybe some glass beads or some amber. I haven’t actually done a real wander of the merchants’ area yet. I may try doing that this morning. (Though not yet — it’s only 9 a.m.)

PI just arrived. More later.

around noon — Your Inner Vagabond

Pretty chill morning so far. I went shopping with Alethea and picked up a book and 4 more CDs, bringing the total up to 9, which is much more typical for me. I still have about $120 left to spend, and I’ve been looking for gifts. Still not sure what I’m going to get.

Then Alethea and I came here to Your Inner Vagabond to partake of hot beverages (it’s still not too hot out) and a veritable orgy of sugar. Baklava! Cashew fingers! Pistachio burma! Oh, my goodness, the sugar! I’m having unsweetened mint tea, because I’m not sure I could handle a sugary drink right now.

Alethea went off to a class, and I just wanted to finish some embroidery (and my tea) before mailing some postcards, finishing my shopping, and heading back to camp for the song swap.

early afternoon — Marauders

An interesting moment while shopping: I was walking past Auntie Arwen’s Spices when a woman walks up to me and asks in an urgent voice, “Did you sing at the Aethelmearc filk night last week?” I hesitantly agreed that I had. Then she grabbed me by the shoulders and said, “Don’t move!”

She went off to get Aethelmearc’s royal bard, who told me that I absolutely need to go to the open mike night tomorrow because she has a token to give me. I promised I would. And, just for good mesaure, performed “The Scottish Champion,” which was very well received. [Editor’s note: My version is kind of like this.]

Now I’m back in camp and waiting for people to show up for the song swap. Still don’t quite know what I’m getting for presents, but at least I sent out the postcards.

mid-afternoon — Marauders

I’m hereby calling the song swap aborted. The only person who showed up was Dahrien and (briefly) Lucia and Lorelei. It’s been two and a half hours since the announced start time, which leads me to believe no one else is coming. It’s my own fault, I suppose. I didn’t advertize at all except on the bardic list before the start of War. I’ll know for next year.

Given that I’ve got an extra hour or two I wasn’t anticipating, maybe I’ll check out the class list or go down to Bardicci.

evening — Heather Dale concert

C’mon people. Flash photography at any concert is bad enough. But at a medieval-themed concert at Pennsic? You should know better.

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