Pennsic 2009 Diary: Thursday, August 6

1.75 — PI
5.30 — gift
4.00 — lunch
+4.00 — my handouts
10.50 — gift
= $17.55
+ 660.64
= $678.19

morning — Marauders

Last night was awesome. After writing last, I meandered my way down the hill to sing for a half-dozen or so of Bardicci. They were, as always, an appreciative audience. Seamus offered me his arm at the High Party, which I happily accepted. Benvolio offered me a party token, which I gracefully declined, seeing that I already had one.

Then it was back up the hill, making a brief stop at Norseland to delivery a message for Toki, and at Sea Chameleon to find Michael Kelly. He was surprisingly there and agreed to walk back to the ‘Ghetti with me.

I stopped in at High Rafters to remove some rocks from my shoes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s a camp of much wrongness. They have a beer-giving cow. With a splintered rowing bench. (So they can row it to Orkney?) Every time I’m there, something happens that makes me laugh uncontrollably. Last night it was my cameo as the superhero “Tillerman.” Don’t ask.

I stopped off in camp just long enough to put on a wool tunic and say hi to the people who were beginning to enjoy chilli night. And then it was off to sing for my supper.

Now, Flamingo Bluff is about what you’d expect: a very silly, good-natured camp. Airlaine (sp?) had only expected me to sing two songs or so. But I got there early and the food was a little late, so I wound up performing for almost an hour straight. (It’s easier to grandstand than make small-talk. This I declare.) Mostly silly songs, a few stories. It went over well. My only problem is that my voice was gone by the end of it.

On the other hand, the food was excellent. I ran out of plate before I ran out of food to put on it. Among other things, I was able to sample paprika chicken, a really great fennel-and-onion dish, swordfish… and hand-churned chocolate milk ice cream. Which was about as awesome as you’d imagine.

I left dinner early to arrive just in time for the Heather Dale and friends concert. Which was also awesome. My only problem was that I didn’t have the voice left to sing along.

I could tell Heather was having a good time doing her SCA songs that wouldn’t really be understood by a wider audience, stuff like “United at War.” I, for my part, found it really cool to learn the stories behind a lot of the songs, like “White Rose” and “Stone Soup.”

Other people who performed included Emer, Mary-Hannah (whose song about apprenticeship I’d heard all war without realizing it was about Heather), Naga, and Vince. But probably the stage-stealer was Cedric with his song about the sparrows. Lucia was sitting next to me, and Cedric completely broke her with the line about “couldn’t keep them down.” Even now, I can break her by holding up my hand and going, “Cheep, cheep.” (You had to be there.)

I stuck around after the show, chatting with all my bardic friends. Around 11:00, they all went off to Northshield and I went back to camp for to put on a cloak. Because it was very cold last night. Thank goodness for my new shoes and new cloak.

I decided I wasn’t in the mood for a circle (gasp! shock!) and instead headed out to catch the tail end of Midnight Madness. I can’t remember if this was the first time I’ve ever made it out to Midnight Madness, but it was certainly one of the first. It was fun. A decent amount of people were still out, though less (I’m told) than earlier in the evening. I said hello to a bunch of people, stopping for a while at Camelot Treasures. We were all kind of punch-drunk, and Sophia the Orange and I spent a lot of time playing with the puppets. I told Efenwealt about Dahrien’s service organization, “Will Eat for Food.” Efenwealt was suitably stunned.

It was so cold that getting ready for bed took significantly longer than normal, but I finally crawled between the covers (wearing wool socks, I might add) around 1 a.m. Full night of sleep, awakened at 8:00 by the sounds from the common room.

Plans for today: give back Katrusha’s book (Maggy had borrowed it), check on the car, maybe take a few classes or swing by Bardicci. I’m teaching my persona class at 3:00. This evening is court, and then I’ll go by Aethelmearc’s open mike night and then Bardicci.

And now the PI is here.

somewhat later — Marauders

The car starts. Huzzah! I had a brief moment of panic when I misremembered the row, but I found it in the end. Yay!

Soon, John will show me how to fix my tunic.

late afternoon — Marauders

It’s been a semi-solitary day, which is odd for Pennsic. John patched my green tunic and showed me how (so I can patch the other one) and then I was off. I was hoping Huguin would be home so I could go bead shopping with him, but he was still sleeping. Instead, I went off shopping for presents.

Along the way, I ran into Unnr, who asked me to go down to Enchanted Ground with her and help process the miniature longship up to the Dance Tent. So I did that, playing a little with Morley at the same time.

Came back to camp for a while before my class, again tried and failed to find Huguin (though Unnr agreed to go bead shopping with me tomorrow), and then it was off to teach.

Class went well and pretty much cleaned me out of handouts. It was an intermediate class — no really new people, no super-experienced people. Not until Grim showed up, anyway. He was a nice addition and someone to bounce ideas off of. And that was that.

Went off to buy some gifts for my brother and an apple dumpling for me. I was just walking back to camp, wondering what I was going to do for dinner, when Jeanne informed me that there was chicken at Calontir. She neglected to mention that Calontir was presently holding court. So I was particularly gauche and went over, got dinner, and brought it back here. The apple dumpling was tasty, though.

Now I should really start thinking about getting ready for court.

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