Pennsic 2009 Diary: Friday, August 7

1.50 — PI
15.00 — gift
8.00 — Your Inner Vagabond
8.00 — beads
5.00 — beads
20.00 — camp fees (water heater)
2.00 — ice cream
= $59.50
+ 678.19
= $737.69

morning — Marauders

Long but satisfying night. Court was… long. About 2.5 hours. I wound up leaving right before the last (and apparently most entertaining) order of business, thinking that we had about 10 more to go. No matter. I didn’t really know any of the people getting awards, but at least I got some embroidery done.

From there, I hung out at Dione Sidge for a while until it was time for the Aethelmearc circle. I took Katrusha over, too. It was an odd circle in that I didn’t know most of the people there. I did the “Wild Eastman Spam,” which I hadn’t really done yet this War, and Katrusha did her “Anti-Sing-Along Song.” Margarita, the royal bard of Aethelmearc, gave me a lovely little token, and I’ve got to figure out how best to wear it.

After an hour or so, we went down to the Hoity Toity party at Bardicci. Alaric wasn’t guarding the gate and the guards who were just let us right in. I guess they weren’t really given instructions for how to treat newcomers.

Once inside, I showed Katrusha around and introduced her to the people I knew. We cut quite a couple, I must say, her in her gorgeous Russian garb and me in my new gown. Eventually Seamus found us and offered us his arms. He gave us a sneak peak at the Baron’s private chambers (the Baron had not yet arrived) before disappearing again.

Once the Baron made an appearance, I got Katrusha a 30-second audience, and then we decided it was getting too crowded for our tastes and left.

Instead of leaving immediately, we meandered further to Regnesfolk, where Katrusha had some friends. They were having deep-fried everything night. Michael Kelly was there. Harvey was about halfway throug his recital of “The Regnesfolk Pit Pig Roast,” so we sat and listened. When he finished, Michael and I did “If I Was a Blackbird,” which is probably the only song we’ll sing together this War. But at least we had the one song.

Then I escorted Katrusha back to Dione Sidhe. My feet were quite sore by this point, so I went to bed around 12:45. Very cold night. Even with wool socks on, my feet were cold.

But now it’s morning again. We had biscuits for breakfast. Yay!

Not much planned for my last full day at Pennsic. Sciath’s class at 2:00 and shopping with Unnr at some point, maybe Adelaide’s concert tonight. Not much on the bardic front tonight that I know of.

I haven’t decided if I’m taking down my tent today or tomorrow. It’ll depend on the weather report. John has offered me a corner of his tent to put my air mattress if I want. So we’ll see what happens.

Now to wait for the PI to get here, and maybe to get dressed in the meantime.

early afternoon — waiting for class

After a bit of miscommunication about meeting times, I met with Charles and Unnr at Your Inner Vagabond and spent some time with cool beverage. Now Sciath is here to teach, so more later.

somewhat later — Marauders

Where was I? Ah, yes. Your Inner Vagabond with Unnr and Charles (and Morley). Then Unnr and I went off bead shopping. I got a few strands of mixed beads and got Unnr to show me which ones were right, which were wrong, and (more importantly) why. So now I can look at an individual bead and be about 75% sure I’m making the right call on whether I should include it on a necklace. Unnr also told me that I would probably be from southern Sweeden or Gotland. I’ll have to research that when I get home.

Didn’t get any amber — the stuff my persona would have worn is far too expensive for me right now.

Then I went to Sciath’s class. It wasn’t what I expected it to be (my own fault: misread the description), but it did inspire me for a class to teach next year: developing a group’s combined persona history. My brain is going 100 miles a minute right now.

A few other miscellaneous things: I cashed my last traveller’s cheques and bought a gift for my boyfriend today. So that’s the last of the shopping. Still have $80 left, in addition to the $200 of going-home money. I’ll just save it for my next US event, because there’s nothing else I particularly want to buy (how odd is that).

Now to start tearing down my tent, I think.

late afternoon — Marauders

Spent most of the last few hours packing up and tearing down my tent. Just finished. Now all my stuff is either sitting just outside where my tent was or in John’s tent. Many thanks to Leery f(sp?) or helping me fold up my tent.

Now I’m just summoning my courage and strength before going up to get my car. After everything is packed up and the car is back in parking, I’m so getting ice cream.

after dinner — Marauders

Car’s packed and returned to parking. Got back just in time for dinner. Yay vigos! (Polish hunter stew, made with real hunters. They’re a dying breed.) I was good and didn’t get perogies. Vigos is enough.

Still contemplating ice cream, though.

There’s a bardic amoeba starting at 10:00. Don’t know what I’m doing until then. Maybe taking Katrusha to Enchanted Ground.

somewhat later — same place

Got ice cream. My tummy is happy.

There’s quite a chill in the air and I worry that it’s going to rain soon. I put my wool tunic in the car when I packed, so I hope my new cloak is waterproof.

Pennsic is ending. You can tell just by looking around. Tents are coming down, people are wearing mundane clothes, and cars are everywhere. Even though there’s technically two days left of War, almost no one stayed through until Sunday, especially in our camp. Aethelmearc, across the street, is almost completely dismantled. I can’t navigate by the red walls anymore.

I’m feeling both tired (I blame the packing) and contemplative. One year I want to stay all the way through to Sunday. This year, a lot of people (me included) decided to pack up or even leave today to avoid tomorrow’s rain. I feel guilty that I won’t be here to take down the big tent (at least, I think I won’t). But I need to be back at work on Monday. This is the first year ever that I have to be at work the day after getting home. It’ll be a huge, huge culture shock. More so because I know I need to hit the ground running and start apartment hunting.

On the other hand, it’s that stage of War when I’m really looking forward to some 21st century amenities: showers with hot water and water pressure; air conditioning; dry places when it rains; my bed. And, of course, Internet. I haven’t really missed it, but I have an itching curiosity about what email I’ve gotten over the last two weeks.

I wonder what it says about my mundane life that I eat way better at War than I do at home.

night — Marauders

Random fact: it takes about 100 pumps using my manual pump to fill up my air bed.

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