Pennsic 2009 Diary: Monday, July 27

20.00 — Troll
60.00 — camp fees
33.00 — gear (Walmart run)
110.00 — meal plan
10.00 — Your Inner Vagabond (me and Rua)
= $233.00
+ 69.79
= $302.79

early afternoon — Pennsic!

Yay, I’m at Pennsic! Jeanne and I arrived around 9:45 this morning, found her camp much faster than last year, set ourselves up, did a Walmart run, and now we’re back for good. I’m in garb, which is always a wonderful feeling. I’m even wearing the super-cool satchel that John made me. Thanks, John!

In the few hours since I’ve been “really” on-site, I did a few logistical things like sign-in for teaching and fill out an “Oh, my God” form at Chiurgeons’. I also signed up for two shifts at Troll: one tomorrow afternoon to learn the ropes, one Saturday morning for the main rush. I also put myself down as a backup for Information Point on Wednesday. I hadn’t realized their shifts are 4 hours long. As a backup, I’ll probably not sit the whole thing, but we’ll see.

Marian of Heatherdale waved hello from the phones as I was making my way to Info Point, so I’m just waiting for her to finish up her conversation before running over and saying hi. That’s what journalling’s for.

I’ve given hugs to some people who are here, mostly in the Marauders, but not many others.

slightly before dinner — Marauders

I’ve spent the afternoon wandering with Marian. Took her back to the Marauders and extended an open invitation with the blessing of the rest of the camp. It was truly wonderful watching her face as we brought out John’s “attack laurel” garb: a “Leviticus” doublet and breeches with the best washing instructions ever! (“Immerse in river, beat with rock, wring dry, hang over small fire.” In Latin.) We also got treated to the story of the stolen Calontiri monkey from last year. (Which I knew parts of, but not the whole thing.)

Thence onwards to High Rafters to say hello to Morgana, Huguin, and Haakon. We discovered that Haakon’s circle isn’t invite-only or even hush-hush. It’s just that they figured it was well-known enough that it didn’t need to be advertized.

Then we went to Runestone Park to spend some time with people from Eoforwic and their children. Oh, so many children. Yay, children! Unnr and Charles have a 3-month-old son named Morley; Emmr has an 8-month-old daughter named Morgana; and there are a handful more children between the ages of 3 and 8.

More later: the dinner bell just rang!

after dinner — same place

So, after playing with the children for a few hours, I walked back up the hill and said hello to some of my favourite Bardicci: Guiseppi, Dunstable, and Simon. The former two invited me to Your Inner Vagabond later tonight, and I may very well take them up on it.

Anyway, got back to camp and found out from Derhilde that there’s someone on-site who’s lived vicariously through my past journals, and that I must meet her. Looking forward to it.

Dinner was pork with trimmings (baked sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, veggies, stuffing, and applesauce). Have I mentioned how much I love my camp? Thank you, Seraphina!

Speaking of loving my camp, there were three boxes on the table when I came into camp today: one had homemade chocolate chip cookies, two had gourmet dark chocolate bars. John is so awesome.

It might actually be cool enough to get my bed ready, so I’ll go off and do that.

Night — Marauders

A lovely evening so far. I did in fact get my tent set up, and with only a brief moment of frustration when I realized that I’d put all the blankets on the bed and forgotten the very first layer of polar fleece. But now my tent looks almost halfway decent. I’m a little worried that my brand-new air mattress might have a leak, but I’ll know for sure tomorrow. At worst, I’ll just buy a new one tomorrow.

Anyway. Convinced Rua to come with me to Your Inner Vagabond, where we did not find Dunstable and Guiseppi, but did find Owen Alun and had some lovely conversation with him. I brought them back here so Owen could give us a lesson about patronage as a bardic art. Interspersed throughout were some very funny stories and an impromptu performance of Owen’s song about Grendel. (Incidentally: it is a real War. I performed “No Longer Seventeen” earlier this afternoon for the Eoforwicians.)

I may yet go out this evening, as it’s only just past 11:00. That’s way too early to go to bed at Pennsic. I’ll write more either later tonight or tomorrow morning.

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