Pennsic 2009 Diary: Tuesday, July 28

no spending
= $302.79

before breakfast — Marauders

In the end, I didn’t leave camp last night. There was some drama when Seraphina realized no one had washed the dishes after dinner, but it was all taken care of eventually. I felt very guilty that I showed up too late to help, so I promised to wash dishes after breakfast.

I didn’t sleep particularly well last night. It felt like I was awake in bed for hours. I got into my tent somewhat past midnight, got into bed around quarter to 1:00, but I haven’t the foggiest idea when I actually fell asleep.

On the upside, I’m fairly certain my bed does not have a hole in it. On the downside, I’m also pretty certain I didn’t fill it enough.

At around 6:45, the twin irresistable forces of morning sun in my eyes and a very full bladder forced me out of bed. John was already up and others trickled in over the next little while. I cracked eggs for Seraphina while John told the story of the Moose Hatcheries and I chipped in with the story of the Snow Snakes.

And now there’s breakfast. More later!

early afternoon — Your Inner Vagabond

Wandering is. After trying and failing to nap on John’s hammock and doing a few of the breakfast dishes, I took my Boreal Master paper over to High Rafters. Morgana, Huguin, and their campmates were my trial audience, and I call the recital an unmitigated success.

shortly after — same place

Where was I? Right, the Boreal paper. Everyone laughed in all the appropritate places, and it was great. I’m very much looking forward to the Symposium.

From there, I went off to Dione Sidhe. I love them. The fruits of bardic have been planted: I’ve been commissioned by Mistress Brid to write a song or poem about their kitchen house. I’ve also been inspired to write a filk about the rubber ducky breeding grounds of Pennsic. It might be to the tune of Cruiscin Lan.

I wandered in the merchant area and ran into Guiseppi, Dunstable, and their friend Mariette, who invited me out to Your Inner Vagabond, this time for real. I stopped in to say hi to Efenwealt and Rolant and then came over here. On the menu today: frozen sahlep. So tasty. As they were leaving, Rua showed up. She started naalbinding and I started journalling, and Unnr and Charles showed up with Morley. So I’ve been keeping busy. Played with the baby, then Unnr gave Rua a naalbinding class and I started writing again.

In about a half-hour, I’ve got my shift at Troll. Lunch has been sahlep and a piece of baklavah, but it’s too hot for me to be hungry.

Funny line of the morning, from Brid: “Are you like this when you’re not in persona?”

I should probably be heading out. This afternoon, I will get down to the Bog.

afternoon — Troll

Working Troll is actually a lot of fun. Even though it’s relatively quiet, things are still moving enough to keep my brain busy. It only took 2-3 times to get comfortable with the shpiel. My shift is more than half over, and the time has flown. And, as a bonus, there are many, many snacks that we can pillage if we want. (I took a handful of nuts to get protein, but otherwise haven’t wanted.)

I’ve been trying to remember the first line of Cruiscin Lan for the last hour and a half. Every time I think of the melody, I think of one of my filks. I’ll check after my shift is over.

And someone just brought us fresh-baked whole-wheat molasses bread. Can’t beat that! It smells so good. And now, having eaten the first bite, I must say that it is superb. Thanks, friendly Troll feeders!

before dinner — Marauders

Okay, I lied. I had every intention of going to the Bog this afternoon, but my muse hit me right after my Troll shift and I came back here to write “The Rubber Duckies of Dione Sidhe.” (Also to learn the first line of Cruiscin Lan, from which it’s filked.) And, of course, having written it, I had to go perform it. Brid and Dyrfinna really liked it, which is good.

From there, I realized I had only an hour or two before dinner, so I wouldn’t have time to do a Bog circuit. Instead, I visited Master Efenwealt and joined him as he and his sons shot mini-marshmallows out of mini-crossbows and catapults at passers-by. I fell a little weird as they “shot” me and may have twinged something in my shoulder or leg, but I think I’ll be okay. [Editor’s note: I was fine. No harm done.] I love that I’m now on Efenwealt’s hug list (and his wife’s).

The only thing I know is happening tonight is the jam session at Harpwood Hall, so I may take a shower before heading down there after dinner. I know Efenwealt will be there, but I don’t know who else.

The breeze feels so good.

I think my sleep dep from last night is finally catching up with me. I may make it an early night tonight to try to recoup before the War gets too busy.

after dinner — Marauders

A great evening so far. Dinner of perogies, warm shower, did some camp dishes with Angelle, and it’s cool enough now that I can wear my tunic and not walk around in just a chemise.

I definitely did something to my calf, though. I feel it when I kneel down or try to rise up from kneeling.

slightly later — same place

Annoyingly, I discovered that while washing dishes, I got black, oily grease-marks on the sleeve of my new, clean tunic. I got Danner to spot-wash it while I was wearing it, to no avail. Eventually I caved and decided I didn’t want to wear a wet tunic in the cool of the evening, so I put on another new tunic and left the wet one to dry. Ah, well. It’s field garb anyway.

I suppose it’s just about time to start heading down the hill to Harpwood. All things considered, a dirty tunic sleeve is not the end of the world, especially not at Pennsic.

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