Pennsic 2009 Diary: Wednesday, July 29

4.50 — lunch
3.00 — snack
0.50 — musician
= $8.00
+ 302.79
= $310.79

after breakfast — Marauders

The jam session at Harpwood was wonderful. Though the humidity was doing a number on my lungs, I had a great time anyway. I spent most of it just admiring the amazing talent of the other musicians while I tapped out quarter-notes on my wooden cup. Among other instruments played were 2 fiddles, 4 bodhrans, a mandolin, a flute, a whole bunch of recorders, and a set of bagpipes. At any given time we probably had 6-8 instruments going together. One of these years, I’ve really got to learn to play an instrument.

Towards the end of the evening, I was inspired by Efenwealt singing “Fair Lady Atlantia“… in a freestyle, “Freebird” style. God help us all. I decided to do “The Not at Pennsic Blues,” which was a smash hit. (Also one of those few songs I can do almost entirely in my chest voice.) The song really became something special with Cynric on the drums and a few others doing flourishes between the lines.

Left the circle before midnight, but not by much. Got back, filled up my air mattress (because I do learn my lessons), and slept through until about 6:30, whereupon my body told me, “You, porto, now!” I got there before the Mr. John truck came by (boo!), but also before the rain (yay!). Yes, sometime after I got back into my tent, I heard the pitter-patter of rain on my roof. It was pretty light until just a few minutes ago, but I don’t mind. Just about everything is in rubbermaids this year, and even though I left out my grease-stained tunic, I wasn’t planning on wearing it today anyway.

Note to self: don’t drink hot tea out of a metal mug.

While there are a few classes I may go to today and I’m backup for Info Point this afternoon, the only thing I’ve really got scheduled is Haakon’s circle tonight. If the rain keeps up, I’ll go barefoot and stay on the ‘Ghetti. Maybe window-shop for new shoes. If it stops, I’ll probably go by the Casa today. But it’ll be a quiet day, all things considered.

somewhat later — same place

Raining quite hard now. Very glad I got dressed and left my tent when I did. Also very glad I don’t have anywhere to be for the next little while.

Being in the rain under a nice, big communal tent is way better than being in the rain in a little pup tent. Though both are better than being in the rain in the open.

There’s something to be said for a day when I can wear a wool tunic and cloak in the middle of the day.

slightly later — same place

I just realized I oopsed. I deliberately didn’t bring my cell phone charger, thinking that I’ve brought my car charger and wouldn’t be using my phone much. And, anyway, where would I charge my phone on-site? Completely forgot about Mystic Mail. Oops.

late morning — Oakewode Hall

For the last little while, I’ve been here kibbitzing and singing with Erwilian, Maggy, Simon, Captain Thorn, and whoever else happened to be around. I also restrung my necklace with one of the quartz beads I got from Gunthar and an as-yet-not-to-be-discussed token from the Bardicci. It’s been, as always, quite a lot of fun.

Normally I’d be heading out now, but the rain has been quite heavy for the last little while and I have no desire to walk in it. I’m very, very glad all the important things in my tent are safety in their rubbermaids or under my bed. The sound of the rain is nice, but I don’t need to experience it in my clothing bins.

I’m oh-so-tempted to bow out of my shift at Info Point. I won’t, but I’m tempted. I may just go by and sit for an hour or two before the “crying camp” class.

And that’s the sound of thunder! Whee!

My necklace has reached that momentous stage where I can’t see all the tokens while I’m wearing it. How exciting!

Anyway, just hanging around here until the rain lets up.

afternoon — Marauders

Lots of wandering this morning, despite the rain. I’d stop in at various merchants and move on when it was lighter. Erwilian is finally in (as you can tell from the last entry), and then I went by Danner’s, Fettered Cock, and Efenwealt’s. I went by Info Point, but they have enough people and didn’t need me. Instead, I got lunch with Owen Alun and Cedric (a fiddle and mandolin player) and came back to camp. It’s raining very hard now, and I don’t want to leave.

Oh, and I’ve got a lead on shoes! When I was at Danner’s, I asked Godwin (who was also there) where he got his shoes. It turns out that he — and everyone in Danner’s family — got their shoes from a woman who was also visiting, right at that very moment, Anne from Revival Footware. They’re even on the cheap side ($80 per pair, approximately) of shoes I’ve been researching. So that’s good. I may not buy them today if the rain keeps up like this, but soon, precious.

Also, I need a cloak with a hood.

Oh, a moment I forgot about from last night. Right around when I was inspired by Efenwealt and said as much, Garraed looked at me and said, “Bad apprentice!” To which I replied, “I’m not an apprentice!” And Garraed pretty much said, “Well, get on it!” It was just really funny to see a whole circle full of Laurels boggling, since I think most of them thought I was apprenticed to someone-or-other.

late afternoon — Marauders

The rain slackened off after a while, and Jeanne agreed to come help me shop for veils. Not too-terribly-many places were open (a combination of rain and early in the War), but a few were that sold veils. I think the winner is going to be Likely Lotus, which has 1-yard hemmed square silk veils for $10. Which is far and away the best price I’ve seen so far for anything but cotton.

On the way, we stopped in at Ice’s armoury, and the only people there were His Majesty Ice and His Highness Konrad. After making introductions and re-introductions, I mentioned my new poem (“The Clash of Three Armies“) and offered to perform it whenever they were available. Well, said, His Majesty Andreas, why not now? So I did. Thank goodness I’ve got it memorized, ’cause it was a rather nerve-wracking performance (though, thankfully, I don’t think I let it show). It was well-received, which was very heartening. Andreas asked whether I’d write anything about this year’s battles. It was very cool.

My foot’s itchy, hopefully not a sign of anything more than an itchy foot. Finger’s crossed.

Konrad said it’s supposed to thunderstorm tonight and blow the rain away. Fingers crossed again. We’ll see what sort of funky weather we get for Haakon’s circle.

somewhat later — same place

John faced me a little while ago with the line, “So, how do you feel about going into my tent and getting naked?” It is a credit to our camp that just about everyone assumed this had something to do with sewing. And it was! John measured the hems and sleeves and tweaked the sides to be even tighter than they already were, and now he’s got the sewing machine out.

John set up his bed today, out in the common room, so I’m sitting on it, and it is glorious. Now to put this journal down and flop.

after dinner — Marauders

Not the best hour and a half of my life. I thought I’d learned this lesson already, of not having stuff exposed in my tent. And, indeed, almost everything is protected. Key word: almost. The one thing that wasn’t was my bad with my mundane clothes. I had put it in a place away from the dripping mesh. I had not counted on the fact that this was the low point of my tent, and a huge puddle formed underneath it, waterlogging all my mundane clothes. Seraphina was wonderful and lent me her clothes-drying rack. Note to self: buy one for next year. It’s supposed to rain again tonight, so after wringing out all the clothes and sopping up the wet spots in my tent, I brought the drying rack inside. There are many clothes now drip-drying in my tent, but at least they won’t spend the night in a rainstorm.

Coming back from that, I found out that I needed to try on the gothic dress again so John could re-measure the sleeves and double-check the fit (it needs gussets).

Then, sitting down to write this, I knocked my ankle against the bench loud enough for someone at the far end of the table to hear it and to draw tears. It didn’t actually hurt so badly, but it was a huge physiological reaction.

Anyway, now that I’ve journalled and know that I’ve done everything I can, I’m feeling better. Haakon’s circle will be soon and right across the street, and this is a very happy-making thought.

(By the way, dinner of vigos — Polish hunter’s stew — and cake was very, very tasty.)

Overheard at the bardic:

Female bard: “My guitar’s persona is a lute.”

Male storyteller: “This was so much fun, we waited six years to repeat it.”

Male storyteller: “We had a brilliant tactical plan for this battle: ‘Get ’em.'”

Gwen: “How late is stagger o’clock?”

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