Pennsic 2009 Diary: Thursday, July 30

10.00 — veil
6.00 — hat
= $16.00
+ 310.79
= $326.79

after breakfast — Marauders

Haakon’s circle last night was wonderful. Owen and I went over after we had dinner with Garraed and Michael Kelly, and Garraed taught us “The Sealskin Jacket.” Haakon’s circle started silly and it kept going that way until about 3/4 through. One unofficial theme of the evening was “battles involving Calontir on one side.” I contributed two pieces to this effort, “The Clash of Three Armies” and “I Charged the Calontiri Army.” (The latter was loud enough to be hear in camp, apparently.)

After I finished “The Clash of Three Armies,” Rhodri of Calontir piped up from the pack, “We didn’t cringe! We were having a great time!” To which I replied, without missing a beat (and quite surprising myself in the process), “This was a commission for the East. If Calontir wants to commission a piece, we can talk.” Which got a great laugh and the reply from Haakon, “Now she’s a bard.” So, for the rest of the night, the fact that I take commissions was a running joke.

Among the other notable stories and songs of the night were: 1. a very funny Irish story about Patrick and Mary, who was giving birth to triplets, whose punchline was, “I don’t know if this is a good idea, Doc. Do you think it’s the light that’s attracting them?”

2. An utterly hilarious, true story about the only king ever killed by bardic subtlety. Involving, among other things, a marzipan raven coated with black gel food colouring. When the king ate a piece, his lips were stained bright blue and everyone assumed he was having a heart attack.

3. The poem (and story) of “the half-ton of angry pot-roast.”

All told, it was a fun evening and ended sometime past midnight. Slept all the way through until 8:00 this morning and could have slept longer had it not been for the voices from the common area.

There are a few classes I might want to take today and the Aethelmearc storytelling circle tonight. Otherwise I don’t know what’s going on today. I’d like to buy the $10 silk veil and maybe go by the shoemaker’s. The sky is overcast but (thankfully) still dry and seems to be clearing. It’s supposed to be nicer today than yesterday. My shoes — along with just about everything exposed in my tent — are somewhere between damp and wet, so I’ll probably go barefoot again today. And at some point I need to try on the gown again to test the gussets. And, damnit, I will get down to the Bog today!

So that’s that. Time to start getting ready for today.

afternoon — Marauders

So far, it has been a day of meandering. Got a veil and a straw hat this morning, the latter an attempt to see if I can get by without sunscreen. [Editor’s note: It was surprisingly effective.] So far, results are encouraging, but it’s a bit too big. Also it has a tendency to fly off my head. So I’m still trying to get that to work. [Editor’s note: No luck yet. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.]

I just kind of wandered around, otherwise. Found Vince busking with Heather, visitied Erwilian and Efenwealt (note to self: giving Ainor, Efenwealt, and I hand puppets is a dangerous, dangerous proposition). Just doing my rounds of the merchants.

Took a class about the medieval calendar. Surprisingly interesting. I’m impressed at how precise ancient and medieval astronomers were able to be, given that they were calculating with less-than-completely-precise tools and Roman numerals.

From there, I went over to Dione Sidhe to give them a copy of my song and to have lunch. I like people who feed me. Thanks, Dione Sidhe!

Did a tour of the Bog, but mostly fruitlessly. There were people at the Casa, but they were working and busy. No one was really around anywhere else.

And now there’s a baby in camp. Yay, baby!

somewhat later — same place

Baby’s gone. Where was I?

Oh, yes. After my meanderings and a fast drink of water at High Rafters, I came back to camp. I think I was mildly dehydrated. So I’ve just stuck around here a bit, sipping water and doing some housekeeping. Opened the windows of my tent and took out the sheepskin and welcome mat to dry. Checked on my drying mundanes. Helped bring in some food from Seraphina’s van.

Annoyingly, I think all the barefoot walking has yielded me a cut on the bottom of my toe, and my shoes aren’t quite dry yet. Oh, well.

It’s a little cooler now but I worry that it’s because it might rain again. I really don’t feel like going walkabout just yet, and the class in 20 minutes just seems less appealing now than it did this morning. I may go get a snack in the food court, thought.

Oh, and I performed “Beowulf” for the first time this morning. The people at Pillaged Village remembered me from last year (which is really to their credit, given how many people must pass through their doors).

I’ve been noticing weird things that really bug me, in terms of anachronisms. Some things, I really don’t care. But some small things just bug me. Like cigarettes. I don’t know why, but seeing someone in garb smoking a cigarette just sets off my anachronism-o-meter. Also stuff in terms of bardic. Goodness knows I’m not period with my stuff, so it kind of feels like throwing stones, but hearing someone perform the theme song from Pochahontas, no matter how appropriate the message, just raises my hackles. It really does. Not sure why that sort of thing bugs me when obviously-modern filks don’t, but there you have it.

I’m contemplating getting a snack from the food court. I wonder if anyone will join me in eating it.

afternoon — Marauders

Aanndd… we have rain. Again. I was hanging out at High Rafters, chatting with Haakon, when I hear the first pitter-patter on the roof. Knowing that there was still stuff outside my tent, I bid a very hasty farewell and high-tailed it back to my camp. Derhilde, bless her, had tossed the stuff back in my tent and was closing up my windows whe I showed up. I took over my tent and she dealt with hers, and we had just finished and gotten back in the communal tent when the heavens opened, and indeed are still opened.

Based on the sky, I think it’s gonna be temporary. Only time will tell. On the upside, I know that there’s nothing currently exposed in my tent that shouldn’t be, except for the sheepskin and welcome mat. But there’s not much I can do about those.

So I guess I’ll just stay here until it lets up. No point leaving now, not even to my tent. Thankfully, almost everyone in camp got in before the downpour.

shortly after — same place

Shh… don’t say it too loud, but I think the rain may have stopped. Lots of water fell down, but in only about 15 minutes. Not leaving camp just yet, but the sky is looking blue again.

after dinner — Marauders

I may have spoken too soon. Rua and I went off and meandered around the merchant area when it started drizzling again, then raining. And it’s been raining all through dinner. And this doesn’t necessarily look like it’s passing quickly.

And now John’s standing outside in his medieval-style raincoat and shouldering a sledgehammer. My camp is awesome.

Anyway. Dinner of breaded chicken, macaroni and cheese, and veggies was wonderful. I went back for seconds of the macaroni and cheese. If the rain lightens up, I’m going to go get an apple dumpling.

A combination of weather and sleep dep means that I’m kind of tired now. The only thing I know of tonight is the Aethelmearc circle, which at least is nearby. That’s good, because I really don’t want to move.

somewhat later — same place

In the continuing saga of “stuff going wrong with my body”: sore throat. Not sure if it’s from doing bardic or because the weather is starting to make me sick. Feh.

night — Marauders

Tonight my body decided to tell me it hated me. After dinner, I lay down to doze in John’s tent, and the next thing I knew, he was coming in to tell me it was 10:10 and check on me. I was a little asthmatic and fatigued, but the rest did me well.

Not sure what specifically caused my body to hate me. Probably a combination of walking around barefoot in the cold and damp ground, the humidity, and just the general sleep dep. It can’t help that my body still isn’t completely comfortable with the idea of defecating in the portos.

Anyway. After John checked on me, I decided to get up. Aethelmearc has been quiet all night, and I suspect the storytelling circle was cancelled. Only Droen was up, almost everyone else having decided to turn in. I went off unsuccessfully in search of apple dumplings (the ice cream place was closed). I followed the sound of guitars but it turned out to be something like a concert of two guitarists and a recorder, but I wasn’t really in the mood to be an audience tonight.

Came back here and chatted with Droen, and later Collin joined us.

And now it’s 11:30 and I’m thinking of going to bed. I don’t remember the last time I went to bed before midnight at Pennsic. But maybe it’s for the best, given how I’ve been feeling.

The annoying thing about going to bed is that the grass is wet between here and my tent, so my feet are going to get wet again. Ah, well. Nothing for it.

It’s a 60% chance of rain tomorrow. Bother. I’m hoping for the 40%.

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