Pennsic 2009 Diary: Friday, July 31

2.00 — handout
3.00 — snack
+9.25 — my handouts
80.00 — shoes
5.00 — Your Inner Vagabond
= $80.75
+ 326.79
= $407.54

morning — Marauders

Rain again. I was woken to the sound of it on my tent roof and absolutely no idea of the time. I waited for a while for it to dampen, but it didn’t. After a while, I looked at my watch: 6:30. Ah. Waited some more. After an hour or so, I decided I didn’t want to miss biscuits and got up just as they were coming out of the oven. (Yes, our camp has an oven. Two, actually. I love my camp.)

Today, I’m being smart: I took a pair of wool socks and put them in my bag, so that when I’m somewhere dry (like the camp’s common area) I can wear them and have dry feet. Yay, dry feet.

There are a few classes I want to take today, and I’m teaching my “Pennsic without breaking the bank” class this afternoon. Don’t know of anything happening tonight except the Chalk Man competition. I should really check whether the Bards by Day / Bards by Night books are at Info Point yet.

Anyway, I’m going to stay here for a while.

early afternoon — Marauders

Rain’s stopped and my class went well. What more could a girl ask for? Had about a dozen students, and we had some really good discussion. Have brain fodder for next year’s class if I teach it again.

And now to go buy shoes with Godwin.

late afternoon — Marauders

Irony of ironies: On the way to go buy new shoes, I stepped on some sort of stinging / biting insect. It hurt. A lot. It seems to have tapered off, and at least I’m now sure that it wasn’t a bee sting (stinger’s not in), but my toe is kind of swollen and it’s still reminding me that it’s there, if not outright hurting. [Editor’s note: It may, in fact, have been a bee sting. I really have no idea.] I’ve now washed it and put on a bandaid, but it’s really annoying. Hopefully, it won’t get worse. [Editor’s note: It got a lot worse before it got better.]

In any event, I now have shoes. They are pretty and more importantly water resistant.

(Because of the bandaid, I can’t bend my toe all the way, which is also really annoying.)

I got the shoes from Revival Footwear and they are very comfy. Wore them back to camp.

Got back to find out Lorelei arrived and spent some time talking with her and Maraha. Then Rhodri showed up and I talked with him while Lorelei and Maraha set up her tent. We traded stories, but he had to leave to do some stuff back at his camp (Calontir Royal). I’m just sitting around here watching my toe swell. If it gets worse or lasts past dinner, I’ll go to Chiurgeons’. In any event, I don’t know of anything else happening tonight. Not really.

On my way back to camp, we stopped by North Star Armory, where Godwin is friends with the owner. I got some information from Jesse, the owner’s wife, about what sort of Viking persona I’d like (to whit: late Viking, c.1030-1050), which was very helpful. I’ll have to do some more research. I’ll say one thing: it’ll make my persona research class interesting this year.

To backtrack a bit to what I was writing about before shopping: my class went quite well. I sort of surprised myself by using up the full hour, but it’s a happy surprise.

Fiana’s on-site. She stopped by to say hi. Sisuile will be here tonight. Yay!

just before dinner — same place

Went to Chiurgeon’s. Their verdict: looks okay for now. Keep an eye on it, keep it clean. Take antihistamines or the bee-sting gel if necessary. Come back if you get hives or have trouble breathing. So that’s that, at least for now. I’ll wear my new shoes for a while and keep an eye on things. Just took an antihistamine. Hopefully it’ll get better soon, ’cause not being able to walk at Pennsic would suck. Of course, half the discomfort now is coming from the pulling of the bandaid and the fact that because of it, I can’t bend my toe. [Editor’s note: I realized later that the reason I couldn’t bend my toe wasn’t the bandaid, but because my toe was really, really swolen.]

evening — Your Inner Vagabond

It’s been a hectic hour or so. A lot of “hurry up and wait.” Mostly this involved helping Lorelei get to Disability Point, up to parking (I moved one of the stakes so we could pull in without going through the very soft mud), and riding a cart back (once it finally showed up) to Your Inner Vagabond. I stayed here to order while Lorelei decided to go back to camp to get her bardic bag. Yay chai! Yay nibbly things!

The sun is setting at Pennsic, one of my favourite times of the day.

Didn’t spend much time in camp tonight. Wound up leaving right after I ate. Dinner itself was odd: something on my plate seemed to be attracting a horde of bees. I’ve already been stung once today and really didn’t need it to happen a second time, so I ate quickly, washed dishes, and went to help Lorelei almost right away. Which was, in the end, all for the good.

Speaking of bee stings, I’ve been keeping an eye on mind and it hasn’t gotten any worse. (No better, but no worse.) So at least there’s that. (Stupid bandaid.) The new shoes continue to be comfy, but I’ve got to figure out a way to prevent them from continually loosening.

It feels really odd to be at Your Inner Vagabond by myself. I’m almost always here with other people. Being here by myself just feels… odd.

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