Pennsic 2009 Diary: Sunday, August 2

3.50 — PI (today and yesterday)
47.00 — CDs
21.20 — CDs
15.90 — CDs
10.00 — to Jeanne for hotel
+18.25 — my handouts
= $79.35
+ 428.79
= $508.14

after breakfast — Marauders

Would you believe that we had rain again this morning? That makes five days in a row with rain. Pennsic, dry out please!

My foot seems to have graduated from very sore to kinda sore and oh-my-God itchy. I take this as a good sign, but it’s so uncomfortable! And I can’t walk fast or far, which is really annoying.

So. Last night.

The filk party wasn’t open yet when I came by, so I stopped by Erwilian’s to be plied with cookies and sing “Roland” and “Serious Steel.” I had been remiss and not sung for them all day. You’d think I was distracted or something.

By the time I got back to Aethelmearc, people were milling around and a few were sitting by the fire, but no one was singing yet. I sat next to Freidrich (sp?), made small talk, and finally said, “There’s at least two of us now. If we start singing, we’ll at least enetertain each other.” So Freidrich started singing, and all the milling people sat down. It was a lot of fun and very high-energy, just as I expected. I stayed long enough for the circle to go around three times, which wasn’t that long, given that there were only a handful of performers. I sang “No Longer Seventeen,” “The Not at Pennsic Blues,” and “The Feast Song.” (This last in response to a song about everything going wrong in the kitchen.) Note to self: tapping time on your gimp foot is a stupid idea, but probably unavoidable.

The rain started shortly after I performed the third time, so I limped back to camp to grab my cloak.

From there, I went down to the CD release party. It was awesome. First, tons of food including nut butters made with made-on-site cheese, a Turkish coffee cart, and chocolate. Next, a really energetic and talented circle. I arrived just as the whole circle was performing “Rise.” Eoforic is wonderful in that there really are songs that everyone knows and can sing, and a lot of people are really talented at harmonies. Just about anyone who was anyone in the bardic community was there: Marian, Garraed, Efenwealt, Morgana, and on and on. Spent a while just socializing and listening to the music before eventually performing “Serious Steel,” which went over quite well. I think I’ve just finally figured out which songs I can’t do that well in a circle (to whit: soft, slow, pretty ones) and avoid them, and it’s made my performances much less hit-or-miss.

Lord Rhodri offered to escort me back to camp (through the recently-restarted rain), and I gratefully accepted. We were both walking like cripples, him breaking in new shoes and me on my gimp foot. I spent a few moments at Rhodri’s tent, icing my foot and chatting, before deciding to come home and go to sleep.

I was awakened this morning by rain on my tent roof. It was actually cool enough that I could have slept in, but my foot was super-itchy and I needed to get up to take a Benadryl. The rain seems to have tapered off, for now, but I’m not holding my breath.

Plans for today include fabric-shopping with John, teaching my class, maybe taking a few, and a whole bunch of stuff in the evening. Off the top of my head, there’s Efenwealt and i Sebastiani performances, Enchanted Ground is open, the Debatable Lands circle, and the Bardicci low party. The way my foot is now, we’ll see how much I can get to.

If I’m smart, I’ll buy my first batch of CDs first, and then I’ll know how much I have left for fabric.

early afternoon — Marauders

Stupid foot. Even walking as far as Efenwealt’s was enough to make it act up. I suspect part of that is that it’s just swollen enough that it’s hitting the top of my shoe and exacerbating things. It can’t help that I’ve been walking on it. I really wish I knew what the normal progression was.

I decided to move my class here instead of going to AS 1. My campmate Christian was very, very nice and took care of it for me. Thanks, Christian!

Anyway, I went CD shopping this morning. Only got five, if you can believe that. Three from Efenwealt and two from John ap Wynne.

I’ve decided I’m just going to stay in camp most of the day. It’s not what I want to do, but it’s probably the smart thing to do. Hopefully it will help.

This is the first time since my first year when I’ve really wanted to be at home more than Pennsic. I never though I’d want to be somewhere other than Pennsic, but there you have it. I just want my foot to be better.

If this keeps up, I really don’t know how I’m going to drive home.

late afternoon — Marauders

Class was surprisingly fun. I got my campmate Eric to go over to AS 1 to lead everyone back here, and it was quite a crowd. Judging by the number of handouts I have left, I figure I had about 30 students. They pretty much took over the camp. Thankfully, John didn’t seem to mind.

Grim showed up just as the class was ending and we chatted for an hour until it was time for the poetry in the SCA roundtable, which was fun.

I got back to camp in time to catch the tail end of Sisuile’s High Tea. It was fun, involving Grim’s commission piece for Alethea (about last year’s woods fencing battle) and other stories.

Now people are helping Seraphina unload and I’m feeling guilty that I’m just sitting here, but I know my limitations and so do other people in camp. Speaking of which: foot update. I think the swelling has pretty much stopped since noon, but I’m not sure. Sometimes I think the pink isn’t so pink anymore, but other times I’m note sure. The toe itself is still really swollen and I can’t bend it. Hopefully it’ll get better soon. If it stays stabilized like this, I’ll go about my evening plans. If it gets worse, I’ll go back to Chiurgeons’. Again. I hate this wound. Hate, hate, hate.

I told (or had the message sent to) Erwilian that I would only go to the low party if he found someone to carry me down and back. We’ll see what happens. If he doesn’t, I’ll probably go to i Sebastiani and then Calontir or something.

I took out my embroidery earlier, so at least that’s getting done.

before dinner — Marauders

Just as the firewood got here, Derhilde tripped over a chair and landed weird on her elbow. There are five EMS technicians to my right and a bucket brigate firewood line to my left. I feel useless.

after dinner — Marauders

Went to Chiurgeons’. Again. Found out all the physicians left at 7:00, so I was seen by an EMS technician. Who told me to pretty much continue what I was doing, gave me some antibiotic ointment, and said if the swelling hadn’t decreaesd by tomorrow evening, to come back and see a physician. So… I still don’t know what’s going on. I want to stay in my tent all night and cry. No Bardicci low party for me: I’m not in the mood.

Jeanne’s not coming home with me, so I’ll be alone for the drive. I guess that means I can at least listen to podcasts and stuff. I really hope I can drive by Saturday.

slightly later — same place

Soaking my foot in a tub of water. I looked at it and saw the black dot that had been obscured by the swelling. I’m hoping that the water will let it rise to the surface so I can get it out, if it needs to be gotten out.

The tub was quite hot when I got it, but now it’s kind of lukewarm.

slightly later — same place

I think the hot water increased the swelling. Hopefully it goes back down. The sun is low enough that I can’t actually tell what area is swollen anymore.

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  1. Catanea said,

    September 8, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    A couple of observations: First: At least your experience of the sting and the pain are genuinely something you can share with medieval people. And they had no antihistamines. Second: The reason I can never attend Pennsic is that I teach something else somewhere else at precisely those times. This summer, my husband and I were advised NEVER to go barefoot (as one usually does) in the monastery or its gardens because this summer there have been [italic] freulons [italic] not just about, but even on the grass… A freulon sting may be fatal for the very young or the elderly… So you’re lucky. And you’ve had a genuine medieval experience. It could’ve been gout, y’know!

    • pocketbard said,

      September 8, 2009 at 1:28 pm

      Well, that just makes me doubly-glad that I bought my new shoes, then.

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