Pennsic 2010 Diary: Sunday, August 1

morning — Marauders

Even after sleeping in for what seems like a long time, it’s still only 8 o’clock. Welcome to a world where sun wakes you up.

early afternoon — Marauders

Haven’t had much time to write so far today. We’ve set up Jeanne’s tent and did a Walmart run, but there’s a trailer where my tent should be, so that hasn’t been set up yet.

Had breakfast with John, Jeanne, and (surprisingly) Ernst. It was really nice to see Ernst again.

It’s been very hot and humid, and I’m sweating a lot. Frankly, if I get sunburned all War, it’ll be from today because I don’t have a mundane hat. I was looking at Walmart, but didn’t find any I liked.

We’re all hanging out under the awning of Ki Lin’s tent, in mundanes for the most part. I’m definitely looking forward to getting into garb.

Y’know, I’d thought that having spent all summer without air conditioning, I’d be more prepared for Pennsic, but I was wrong. It’s brutally hot and humid. Even last night was warm enough that I nearly just slept on top of my sleeping bag.

Sad news: Seraphina won’t be at War this year! Sad! So sad! There’s still a meal plan, but many of us are very, very sad at this development.

Anyway, back to moving stuff.

mid-afternoon — Marauders

So this afternoon’s excitement is that Jeanne broke a tooth. I’m not sure what happened (I was on a brief walkabout), but she’s going to hopefully find a dentist tomorrow to fix it. Poor Jeanne.

I’ve done a small amount of visiting: East Kingdom Royal, High Rafters… I was going to add more, but that’s about it, really. I checked in with A&S Point and Troll, helped John set up his tent, and have been otherwise only as active as the 38 degree weather (100 F) will permit, which is not much. I don’t think I’ve been drinking enough water, which can’t be helping.

My tent is up but nothing is set up in it — too hot. I haven’t even transferred stuff from my purse to my satchel. And while I’m technically in garb (i.e. a chemise), I don’t have a single piece of jewellery on, which is practically unheard-of for me. In fact, it doesn’t really feel like Pennsic yet. Most people aren’t in garb, most of the landmarks I use to navigate aren’t set up yet, and most of the little camp amenities (like the ice-water bucket) haven’t been put together. I’m hot, sweaty, and tired. At least there’s a nice breeze.

I’m hanging around camp so I can be here when John gets back from storage, so I can help set up the communal pavilion. I’m waiting for it to be cool enough to have energy to wander and to set up my tent. Right now, I may lie down on the floor of John’s tent.

around sunset — Marauders

The big tent is going up. I did what I could in laying out the roof, and now I’ve been explicitly told that I shouldn’t be holding the poles because they’re heavier than me. So I’m just setting here waiting to be useful again.

Towards suppertime, it finally got cool enough that I could set up the inside of my tent. Yay! I’m super close to the common tent. So much so that I can’t use my main door because there’s a huge stake right in front of it. Oh, well. My tent has doors on three sides, so I’ll just use the side ones.

Now that the sun’s going down, it’s starting to get semi-comfortable, weather-wise. Maybe I’ll actually have dinner at some point. No idea what I’m doing after that — maybe wandering with Liam.

I think I’m getting hot spots on the pads of my fingers from all the lifting. Boo.

Now time to help out with the tent again.

night — Marauders

There was a great flurry of activity around camp in the sunset / dusk time. The big shade tent finally went up; people were moving gear to and fro, fro and to, and various other helter-skelter ways; and I decided to help Derhilde with the lanterns. There were only a few problems with this plan. One: we couldn’t find the oil lamps. Two: we couldn’t find the fire starter for the candles. Three: my matches don’t light. (Boo.) Four: even when we found a taper and Derhilde’s matches, I wound up getting hot wax all over my fingers. In the end, Ki Lin and I did it as a two-person job, with her holding the taper in gloved hands and me opening and closing the lanterns (a 2-hand job with the latch).

By the time that was done and I was actually hungry, it was nearly 10 p.m. The only food place still open was Medieval Munchies (replacing the Fruity Cobbler this year), where they were out of perogies. I had a philly steak sandwich instead: okay, but it would have been better without the cheese.

I decided to go walkabout, just for a change of pace. None of my merchant buddies were out and about, though Your Inner Vagabond was surprisingly open. I swung by Eoforwic, where it was a quiet night, but at least I got to say hi to Justinian and a few others before they went to bed. I contemplated going into the Bog, but my feet really hurt and I decided to just head back to camp. Much as the idea of going to bed at 11 at Pennsic seems fundamentally wrong, I’m completely wiped. It’s only 21 degrees out (69 F), but it feels warmer (maybe it’s the 75% humidity). I have a bunch of blankets on the bed, but I may throw them all off.

For now, though, I think it’s time to collapse.

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