Pennsic 2010 Diary: Monday, August 2

morning — Marauders

I slept a glorious seven hours last night. It took a little while to fall asleep, since I was listening to the conversation in the common tent. (Did I mention I was right next to the common tent?) But sleep I did. I started dozing on top of the covers, but eventually crawled in.

I managed to sleep through until around 7, when my bladder told me that I must absolutely go use the portos now. So I did. there are a handful of people awake, and breakfast (at least eggs and bacon) is ready. It’s also ungodly humid and I’ve had to take my inhaler. Boo.

No plans for the daylight hours today. I’ll probably split my time between here and East Kingdom Royal.

late morning — East Kingdom Royal

It’s been a day of “hurry up and wait” so far. After eating breakfast, I found Ernst at the Beast & Boar and we made our way back to East Kingdom Royal. From there, we did a trip to Walmart, came back, set up a tent, and… waited. I’ve been helping with some embroidery for the Queen’s opening ceremonies garb, but otherwise we’re just waiting for a woman named Elspeth to show us the East Kingdom trailer. Ernst wants me to be his second (or third) when it gets unpacked early this afternoon.

mid-afternoon — Marauders

I got called away in the middle of writing last time and have just spent a very hectic few hours helping out East Kingdom Royal. First, I went up with Ernst, Elspeth, and Varju to check out the East Kingdom trailer. Then we all (minus Elspeth) got gas for Ernst’s car and water for the helpers. Then we came back and Ernst allowed me to get lunch for him. I was just finishing that up when the Cooper staff guy came by with a trailer, hauling a flatbed. About six of us rode up (on the flatbed) to haul stuff out of the trailer and then rode back to East Kingdom Royal to unload it. Then we did it again. I admit that my job through most of this could generously be called “supervision” and more accurately called “standing around looking pretty.” The flatbed ride was fun but kicked up lots of dust, which coated just about everything. I really, really need to wash my face and hands with real water sometime today. Preferably take a shower.

More to the point, though, I need to wander. I haven’t done a single proper wander yet, and I’ve been here a day and a half. So now that I’ve slipped away from Royal for a while, I’m going to take advantage of my free time. Until later!

late afternoon — Marauders

Wandering is. A lot of people weren’t home or weren’t in yet, but I managed to meet Efenwealt and Marian of Heatherdale (and her husband Pierro). Marian gave me a lift up the hill, where I met Maraha and traded hellos with him, and then it was back to camp. You wouldn’t think all that would take nearly two hours, but apparently it does.

Marian is interested in my idea of becoming her apprentice. We’ve decided to go to Your Inner Vagabond at some point and discuss it further.

Now I’m back at camp. In an hour or so, I’ve agreed to help with dinner prep (sloppy joes tonight), and then it’s bardic at Calontir. If I’d been smart, I would have checked the Bards by Day / Bards by Night books at Information Point. Oh, well. Next time. I don’t expect anything else is happening tonight, anyway.

I must be crazy to be out walking in the middle of the day. But we knew that.

somewhat later — same place

Very hot. Even though the day is actually slowly beginning to cool off, I’m still hot. Probably means I’m dehydrated. I started doing a bit of sorting with Derhilde, but realised if I want to have enough energy to help Isabella later with cooking stuff, I should sit down and rest.

A reflection, after being at East Kingdom Royal today: royal encampments really aren’t that different from other encampments, at least when the King and Queen are still incognito. A lot of the same sort of activities, the same sort of amenities. (Though, to be fair, East Kingdom Royal has a fridge. Soon it’ll have two. And I thought the Marauders went overboard!) Anyway. At least this early in War, it’s still pretty laid back around East Kingdom Royal. We’ll see what it’s like in a few days.

before dinner — same place

Look at me! I can make a salad without destroying the kitchen! Yay!

The shower is up and the new Salazar is ready, so people are discussing when to take showers. [Editor’s note: Salazar is the name for our propane-powered hot-water heater.] Some have taken already. I might take mine tomorrow morning after breakfast.

In an attempt to avoid the whole “supper dishes not done the morning” fiasco of last year, we’ve established a chore list for the meal plan. Everyone needs to take at least two shifts at something. The first week has been pretty much filled up already, and I’m sure week two will fill up eventually. I, perhaps foolishly, signed up to help cook breakfast tomorrow. Isabella would like me up and helping around 6:30. Given that I was out of bed at 7 this morning, that shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. We’ll find out tomorrow.

Dinner’s in fifteen minutes. Yay!

after dinner — Marauders

I’ve made a new friend. He’s 14 months old. His name’s Kailin. Sigh. I’m nothing if not predictable. He lives at Clan Lurkr, just at the edge of our block. I walk past there every time I use the portos. This is going to be a huge, huge time suck. I can tell already. But at least it’ll be a pleasurable time suck.

night — my tent

Pennsic is official: I’ve performed “Beowulf.” In fact, I performed quite a bit tonight at Calontir’s bardic. People came and went, but generally held at around 15-25 people, including such heavy hitters as Garraed and Marian. Ernst showed up and performed some very funny “No Shit, There I Was” stories; so did Liam. Drix’s Latin lessons were brilliant as always. I gave my first bead of the War to a woman who did a beautiful rendition of “Agincourt.”

My favourite compliment of the evening was from Liam. I’d just followed one of Rhodri’s songs with “Roland,” and Liam said, “That was perfect.” It’s those sorts of comments that really make it all worth it for me. I’m very much looking forward to Harpwood Hall tomorrow. (Also on the agenda for tomorrow: Troll shift from 4 to 6, saying hi to Erwillian, and probably another stint at East Kingdom Royal.)

It’s another warm night tonight — I’m in my chemise and not even the slightest bit cold. It’s 22 degrees (72 F) and 80% humidity according to my thermometer. It feels way warmer than 22. Time to lie down on top of my sheets again.

I’m helping cook breakfast tomorrow (where “helping” probably means “keep Isabella awake and entertained, and maybe crack a few eggs”), so I’ll be up early. Probably time to go to sleep now, given that it’s almost 12:30 and I’d like as close to six hours of sleep as I can get. G’night.

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  1. August 19, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    The Royals have a fridge? And you guys had a propane heated shower? Whatever happened to toughing it out in camping? When I went to Pennsic, I though we were really going all out with our sun heated shower pouches!

    • pocketbard said,

      August 19, 2010 at 1:56 pm

      I have always maintained that — at least for me — Pennsic is *not* camping. It’s a slightly rustic home away from home for two weeks.

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