Pennsic 2010 Diary: Thursday, August 5

after breakfast — Marauders

I came out of my tent last night to find a young woman named Kaera (sp?) waiting for me. She was looking for the bardic circle, and people around the camp told her I’d know where it was. And, indeed, I did: right across the street. Kaera is here for her first Pennsic; she flew in from Alaska. Many people — including me — have taken her under their wing. She’s got a lovely voice and is very enthusiastic, and it’s great watching her reactions to all the songs I know (but are new to her).

Haakon’s circle was small but fun. Fiana showed up shortly after it began and did “Belt of White.” [Editor’s note: Link goes to a recording of Fiana performing this song.] Owen was there, and Maraha. The 12-year-old, Anna, did “The Storybook Beowulf.” Even though she needed the words, she had clearly prepared and was hilariously funny. Morgana gave her a ring for it. I performed three times. First was the story of Love and Madness, the first time I performed it for an SCA audience. [Editor’s note: I do a very similar version to this one, by JD Hobbes, from whom I stole it.] I think it went over quite well, actually. Later in the evening I did “I Charged the Calontiri Army” and “The Not at Pennsic Blues.” Towards the end of the evening, it looked like we were winding down, but then people started riffing on a theme and we kept going for another hour or so, mostly very silly.

We wrapped up the circle around midnight, and Owen and I decided to walk Kaera home to the Kingdom of the West. The West is right across the street from Your Inner Vagabond, so we stopped in for some tea. Unfortunately, while we were there, it started to rain. Heavily. Owen very nicely lent me his poncho and we walked Kaera the last block or so to her camp. Then we went back to Marauders, pausing occasionally when the rain was heaviest and there was shelter.

By the way, I love my new shoes! They keep my feet dry! This is the first time I’ve been to Pennsic with clean, dry feet. Yay! My only problem with them is that there’s not much ankle support, so the side of my left leg is getting a bit of a shooting pain. If Rua shows up, I’ll get her to massage it. [Editor’s note: Alas, Rua was not at War this year.]

When I got back to my tent, I discovered that the waterproofing did not, in fact, work. On the other hand, I’ve gotten so good at setting up my tent that it doesn’t really matter. Also, the clothes drying rack is a really useful purchase. I may buy a new one when I’m home that’s slightly sturdier, but overall I’m very pleased with how it’s working out.

I got to bed around 1:30, in the driving rain. There were a couple of drips on my bed, but none of the pillow and none that penetrated the melton wool cloak.

This morning we have blackberry pie for breakfast, courtesy of Richenza. I love my camp!

Now to have a few more biscuits, get dressed, and see what Ernst needs. It’s cloudy, humid, and threatening today, but is supposed to be dry and nice tomorrow. Here’s hopin’!

early afternoon — Marauders

You know you’ve made a lot of friends when, after a 4-hour meander, you still haven’t hit all the camps you want. I stopped by East Kingdom Royal, but there wasn’t much for me to do today, so I just hung out and played with some of the children. From there, it was still early enough (about 9:30) that I thought I might be able to catch Unnr and Charles before they left for the day. Indeed, though the tent was mostly closed, Morley came out to greet me, and I hung out there for a while playing with the baby.

From there, I went across the street to Eoforwic and hung out with Hector for a while and played with his son. (Noticing a theme?) I warned him that I was trying to get bards together there tonight, and he was very happy with this idea. (Hello, my name is Katherine, bardic instigator.)

I rolled further down the hill to Shauna’s Camp and spent some time there. Grim and Isabelle had arrived, so I grabbed a mug of tea and we traded Jewish jokes for a while. I told Grim about the Eoforwic plan, too. Ajax showed up, reminding me that I missed the roasted goat, but apparently they’re turning the leftovers into goat curry. I may have to try to get some of that before it’s gone.

Then it was over to the Casa. I did a bit of performing (“Love and Madness” and “Serious Steel“), said hi, and then accompanied Maggie back up to the Serengeti. She went off to Oakwood Hall and I stopped in at East Kingdom Royal. Still nothing for me to do, so after saying hi to Ernst, I went to visit my merchant friends and spread the word of Eoforwic informal bardic. Eleanor and Menkin have arrived — apparently they’ve been here since Monday and I just haven’t passed that way — and I spent some time with them. Then I went by Oakwood Hall myself, performed “The Sick Note” in honour of someone who got seriously injured at the Casa, and got my performer’s medallion. Erwillian didn’t even try to string me out for a few days. But he knows I’ll come back. I always do. Now I just need to collect silver. Actually, I’ve got so much silver saved up at home from previous Pennsics that I can probably buy something really nice. Maybe I’ll bring it with me next year.

Now I’m back in camp. The day was very cool (or at least comfortable) until about a half-hour ago, when the clouds broke and the sun came out in all its heat. Boo. On the other hand, John has his bed set up. Journalling on John’s bed = decadence. We’ve also got more blackberry pie left. Maybe I’ll have some after lunch. I should really get lunch soon, then head over to High Rafters, Concordia, Dione Sidhe, and Northshield. So many places, so little time.

before dinner — Marauders

For the most part, a nice and relaxing afternoon. I spent a few hours at High Rafters, brainstorming a sequel to “The Angel of Death” for Fiana (yay!) and a new Boreal Master paper for Morgana. It was a fun couple of hours.

Then it was off to my Troll shift. It was a mostly steady trickle, with a few baby-rushes. The guy in charge mentioned their promotion track, which I politely (but decisively) declined. I have no desire for more responsibility at War.

And now I’m back home, as dinner is in the final stages of getting cooking. I’m quite pleased that the Eoforwician impromptu bardic seems to be spreading. Rhodri says he’s coming, so is Maraha, and Marian expressed interest. Should be fun.

I have to decide if I’m taking a shower tonight. I had one yesterday and I don’t feel particularly icky, but my hair does. I’ll decide on the spur of the moment. I’d like to get to Your Inner Vagabond for longer than yesterday, but we’ll see.

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