Pennsic 2010 Diary: Saturday, August 7

morning — Marauders

I slept about six hours last night, which is probably the longest I can expect at Pennsic.

I have a rash on my arm. I’m hoping it will go away on its own. If it’s still there after my Troll shift (or maybe after Ernst’s class), I’ll go to Chirurgeons’. I’ve marked it on my arm in pen to see if it gets bigger (because I learn!). If I have to take Benadryl, I’ll be really unhappy.

around noon — Ernst’s class

The rash is, in fact, going down. I’m working on the theory that it was some sort of bug bite. My arms are still somewhat red, but I think that’s mild sunburn through my tunic.

I decided to start my Troll shift an hour early, on the theory that they might need me. It started off steady but with occasional moments of lull, and eventually picked up to much heavier towards noon. It was fun. I finally checked in a few kids, and other than one or two minor mistakes, I think I did okay.

Now I’m at Ernst’s class. there are a lot of people with shiny hats here. The class is on creating coronations, so I guess shiny hats are to be expected. It’s not a class I’d usually go to, but because Ernst is teaching, I decided to come. I should probably start paying attention now.

before dinner — Marauders

For an afternoon that seemed fairly relaxed, a lot got done. After Ernst’s class, I did some shopping and bought four new CDs from Efenwealt. In the process, Efenwealt mentioned he’d never heard “The Wild Eastman Spam” and requested a performance. He did a really cool counterpoint of “spam, spam, spam” while I sung the main melody.

Then I spent some time at Dione Sidhe and took back the $100 (still don’t know what I’m doing with it), and then walked down the hill with Grim. No one was home at Harpwood Hall, but they were at Casa Bardicci. And, in fact, all the pieces clicked into place in the Gaston story and I wrote a new poem called “The Lady Bardicci.” It’s probably the most courtly thing I’ve ever written. I managed to perform it (separately) for both Seamus and Erwillian, and they both liked it, so all’s well.

From there, I had just enough time to climb up the hill for Ernst’s protegeing ceremony. He took two new proteges, Angelina and Malcolm. In typical Ernst fashion, the ceremony was attended by various and sundry nobles, including Their Royal Majesties. It was (for the most part) very courtly and solemn, except when Angelina presented Ernst with a t-shirt which says, “Judge me by my size, do you?” and on the back, “You must be this tall to ride the ride.” [Editor’s note: Click to see a picture of it.] It broke the Queen. It was hilarious.

Now I’m back in camp, tired (probably from sleep deprivation), but satisfied. I still have no idea what I’m doing afterwards. Choices include the East Kingdom teaching circle, Ealdormere, Efenwealt’s period-oid circle, and Enchanted Ground. Or, of course, an early night to catch up on sleep. But that’s crazy talk!

o’dark — Marauders

I got to spend an hour after dinner playing with Katrusha’s 8-month-old baby Johann. While it meant missing the East Kingdom teaching circle, I’m not disappointed at all. Playing with new babies is definitely worth it.

I think my plan now is to hit Efenwealt’s, poke my head in at Enchanted, and then go down to Ealdormere. Like all plans, I expect it won’t survive contact with the enemy.

Looking like it’ll be another cool night. It’s already 18.5 degrees (65 F) at o’dark. I put on my wool and am bringing my cloak with me.

night — Marauders

In the end, I went to Efenwealt’s, then briefly to Enchanted, then brainstormed with Fiana. Efenwealt’s circle was small but extremely high calibre. To mention just the people I know, there was Efenwealt at Aenor, Kenneth and Adelaide, Fiana, Dorigen, Simonetta, and Rosalind Jehanne, whom I finally met and got to thank for inspiring me. As might be expected, the performances were awesome. There was the “battle of the Battle of Maldon” (two versions of the same story, one by Rosalind and one by Kenneth), some epic poetry from Fiana, and some exceptional singing. I did “The Tale of Reprobus” because I’m no longer doing it at the East-Mid circle and I wanted do to it at least once this War, damnit!

The circle was still going strong when I decided to slip away. I was enjoying myself, but the knowledge of other circles beckoned and I didn’t have all that much more appropriate material for a history-centric circle, ironically. I decided to hit Enchanted Ground because it was closer, and Fiana decided to join me.

We got there towards the tail end of the evening. There were maybe only 6 or 8 people there. Cariadoc did a few stories, one notable one whose punch line is, “It’s no more strange for me (a male judge) to have a period than for your cow to birth and nurse a foal.” Fiana did a poem / story, and I told “Judah and Tamar,” more seriously than at Northshield last night. Unfortunately, I find it very hard to read the mood of Cariadoc’s circle when it’s small, so I have no idea how it went over. Shortly thereafter, Cariadoc did the first night of “The Arabian Nights” and closed the circle.

I contemplated going down to Ealdormere, but it was almost midnight and Fiana tempted me with the prospect of brainstorming more of the sequel to “The Angel of Death.” So I walked her to Club Aed and we brainstormed. It’s really amazing to watch as the story comes together. Most of the stuff I perform is either shamelessly stolen with only minor alterations or written in one sitting and rarely changed afterwards. To watch the slow shaping of this piece from the seed of an idea to a few key characters to the rudiments of a plot is really fascinating and I feel privileged to be part of it.

And now I’m back home. It’s cool (15-16 degrees / 60 F) and clear, and I think I may even have seen a few of the meteors of whatever shower we’re having this week. I’m going to be smart tonight and wear my wool socks to bed. Next year, I either need to buy new shoes or get insoles or both, because my feet are really starting to get sore. Oh, well. Such is the price of Pennsic, and I pay it gladly.

Tonight’s going to be an early night, by which I mean, “bed before 1 a.m.” I suspect that between the Bardicci low party and Eoforwic tomorrow, it’s gonna be a late night, and I’d like to do it on at least six hours of sleep. Until tomorrow!

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