Pennsic 2010 Diary: Sunday, August 8

morning — Marauders

It’s not even 9 a.m. and it’s already been a productive morning. This might have to do with being woken at 6:30 by sounds from the common area. I thought my clock was broken, but no, people were just up that early.

Anyway. I’ve so far taken notes on the Calontir / Ansteorra monkey debacle, and also written an article for the Pennsic Independent on bardic circles. Liam’s going to type it up for me. We’ll see it if winds up in the paper.

Today I’ve got a Troll shift at 10, teaching at 2, and there are a few classes I want to take. Tonight is the Bardicci low party and bardic at Eoforwic, as well as Efenwealt’s concert. I may even break out the wench garb, depending on how cool or warm it is.

I should probably get dressed.

late afternoon – Marauders

It’s been a busy and eventful day. I left my Troll shift early because I was bardically inspired and it wasn’t busy. I spent until about 1:30 writing a piece I’m tentatively calling “The Great Calontir / Ansteorra Shrieking Monkey Debacle.” It’s 72 verses of ballad meter. God only knows if I’ll ever get it memorised. It took almost 10 minutes to perform it the first time.

After that, I ran into Toki, Grim, Aoife, Shivaan (sp?), and a Midrealm bard named Zoph and had lunch with them. Thence quickly to my class, Pennsic without Breaking the Bank. I had about 15 students and it went pretty well, I think. Some good comments and ideas.

In the hours that followed, I ran around a lot. John was making scones (yum!) and asked me to run to the Coopers’ store to get flour. On my way back, I ran into Simonetta, who mentioned that Marian might not want her jam session publicised in the Independent. So I ran back, past the Coopers’ store, to the Pennsic Independent office and edited that paragraph so it features something else instead. Then back to the Marauders for more scones.

I discovered that Cariadoc was teaching a class on techniques and sources for in-persona storytelling and headed over just in time. It was a good class, and he even remembered me and the story I told last night. Yay!

Then back to camp and quickly back to the class to deliver a plate of scones for Cariadoc. Now I’ve got just enough time to journal before heading over to East Kingdom Royal to see Ernst’s ward, Elizabeth, get her AoA. And then I’ll probably get back just in time for dinner. I’m sweaty and want a shower, but Efenwealt’s concert is at 7. I have no idea when I’ll get to take it. Maybe I’ll need to wait until tomorrow morning.

Anyway, better get a move on.

slightly later — merchant area

It turns out we were a half-hour late. Oh, well. At least I got to congratulate her.

Got back to camp and decided it was really time to do something about the stabby nail in my shoe. So off I traipsed to Revival Shoe Shoppe and Anne kindly hammered it back in for me. So yay, no stabbing in my heel! Thanks, Anne!

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  1. Mórag filia Scayth said,

    August 25, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    If “Shivaan” is Irish, then it is spelled Siobhán.

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