Pennsic 2010 Diary: Monday, August 9

after breakfast — Marauders

A busy evening, to follow a busy day, and also the first time all War I blew out my voice. (It was bound to happen.)

After dinner, I performed the monkey epic for the Marauders, and promptly got escorted into the Ansteorra side of the common area to perform it for all of them, including Ebby and Ulfstead, who were the monarchs at the time. It was somewhat intimidating, but I think it went over quite well. And now I’ve been told I need to perform it for Calontir. I’m trying to arrange for guards.

From there, I walked the half-block to Performing Arts to catch the tail end of the Efenwealt concert. I remain in awe of his ability to take a room full of people, all of whom know all the words to every song, and make them all laugh uproariously.

Just by chance, I happened to be sitting next to Marian and Pierro, so when the concert was over, I dragged them and Silence back to camp. I changed into wench garb, Marian borrowed John’s scissors, and then we all traipsed off to Your Inner Vagabond with Alethea in tow. By the time we were done, Garraed had joined us too, and Eleanor at the very end.

It was starting to get late, so Alethea and I headed down to the Bardicci low party. Alaric was in fine form, and there was a great jester out front giving the name of “Next.” I’ll need to ask Erwillian what his real name actually is.

My favourite exchange from getting into the Casa: I’d handed over my coin-and-bead string to Alaric…

Alaric: “You trusted your property with the thug?”
Me: “Of course. You know why?”
Alaric: “Why?”
Me: “Because if you don’t give it back, there will be songs about you. And you’ve heard my songs.”

He handed it back pretty quick after that. I even got to bring in three people besides Alethea, who happened to be friendly acquaintances of hers. So that was fun too.

Once inside, I got to give Alethea an exclusive look at the top floor of Gaston’s apartment, which was way cool. We got to pass the velvet cord on the way down. I found Erwillian, and Alethea said hi to Duchess Isabella, and then I decided I really should be heading out to Eoforwic.

Despite getting to Eoforwic by around 11:30 or so, it was already getting towards the tail end. I watched Hector give someone a spear (shtick I missed the beginning of, unfortunately). Then there were some great pieces, including “Welcome Home” by Dorigen, a masterful story of Isu Odinson by Fiana, and the tale of an old Norse warrior by someone I thought was Huigin but was in fact Dov. White-grey beard, floppy hat. Anyone could have made that mistake. I followed this last by “Valhalla,” which I don’t think I’ve performed for at least two years. Despite that, and despite the sore throat from the monkey epic, I remembered all the words and my voice held. It was very well received, so that makes me happy.

On a related note, I’m incredibly pleased I’ve managed to go an entire week and I don’t think anyone has heard me do the same piece twice this War. I think that’s a first for me.

Today I’m teaching the two persona classes and performing at the East-Mid circle, which I should really figure out the time for at some point. I’ve also got some classes I want to take, and I haven’t done a wander in a few days. We’ll see how much I get done.

I’ve still got nearly $300 of spending money left. I know I want at least 2-3 CDs, but no idea what else. Maybe some fabric. Or feast gear. Or something. We’ll see.

Now to get dressed. If it’s not too hot, I’ll even change my sheets.

somewhat later — same place

I’ve got clean sheets on the bed! And also a song stuck in my head. (“Ba-da-da-da-da, This ain’t vacation, this is War”). I’ll have to ask Hector for the lyrics.

late afternoon — Marauders

It’s been a long day, though not a lot has happened. I blame the heat. The brutal, brutal heat.

Anyway, after writing last, I went down to Eoforwic and got Hector to write the words of “The Pennsic Blues” into my notebook and run through it a few times. That sort of turned into a private master class, which was way cool.

After that, I hung out at Dione Sidhe for a while, then taught my classes. Your Persona in an Hour had about the same 25-30 people as always, but I misjudged the timing and ended 15 minutes early. The group persona class had about eight students, but they were enthusiastic and interested. I ended that class early, too.

Then it was back to Dione Sidhe to play with Johann and perform “The Sign of the Duck.” From there I went to Morgana’s storytelling tips class, and then came back to camp. I took a shower (yay clean!), and suddenly it’s 5 o’clock. I just had a late lunch of one of those tuna-and-cracker packs. I bought one at Walmart on my first town run, and maybe next year I’ll pick up three or four. They’re a nice snack / small meal when I can’t handle anything else.

I’m trying to figure out what to do now. It’s very, very hot and I don’t want to move, but there’s still an hour and a half until dinner. I’d love to lounge at the Vagabond, but I’m not sure who’d come with me. Maybe I should drink some more water.

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  1. August 19, 2010 at 10:44 am

    “Because if you don’t give it back, there will be songs about you. And you’ve heard my songs.”

    Each of us since Homer sung
    Has earned his bread by the work of his tongue,
    But Messer Pietro the Aretine,
    The cleverest poet the world has seen,
    Has learned to live, and live quite well
    On the price of the stories he does not tell,
    Is offered by princes, north and south,
    Gold to silence a mischievous mouth.

    • pocketbard said,

      August 19, 2010 at 10:54 am

      Very nice. I don’t know if you’ve ever met Liam St. Liam, but he also is occasionally paid *not* to sing. (Though, in his case, he claims it’s because he sings very poorly, not because the songs are in any was mischievous.)

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