Pennsic 2010 Diary: Tuesday, August 10

morning — Marauders

In the end, I bought some CDs from Morgana and then attended the Bardic Symposium, interrupted for a half-hour for dinner.

The bulk of the evening was taken up with the East-Mid circle. The invitational performances part took up almost three hours, split into two sets. To say that the performers were talented would be an understatement. These were some of the best bards at Pennsic, bringing their A-game, because they were performing for at least three sets of royalty. I wasn’t the best performer there, but I wasn’t the worst, either, so I’m satisfied. (Don’t ask me who the worst was; I don’t think I could pick.)

Among some of the notable performances (and I’m sure I’m missing some):
– His Royal Majesty of Ealdormere opened the first set, and His Royal Majesty of the East opened the second (I love my king!)
– Brennon of Trimaris performing the most creative version of “Bedlam Boys” I’ve ever heard
– Eleanor Fairchild performing a song about a woman fleeing from her wedding, where everyone had been murdered
Garraed performing “The Veil” (I love that song!), which closed the first set
Grim’s verse praising Her Majesty of the Middle
Cerian’s new atrocity: “Barbara Allen the Vampire Slayer”
Marian closing the second set with “Bow to the Crown

I did “The Clash of Three Armies” towards the very end of the second set, which went over pretty well, I think. I’m only sorry that my article in the Pennsic Independent doesn’t seem to have brought in any new audience members.

I left before the open circle because my lower back was really hurting. I went up to Northshield but only stayed for 3-4 pieces. Dahrien did a hilarious story about Maraha, Ganesh, and double stuf Oreos. (Yeah, try to figure that one out.) Dahrien kindly allowed me to jump the line to perform “The Wild Eastman Spam.”

From there, I walked up to my car to get my sneakers (arch support is your friend), my shampoo, and the confirmation number for my Blue Cross plan (which I’d forgotten to write down beforehand). Then I came back and got to bed around 1:30.

Rain woke me up around 5:30, and I had to get up to put the cloak on my bed. It rained hard but briefly, but it seems clear now. I was awakened around 7:15 by noise from the common area and dozed for another half-hour or so.

Today is pretty light on plans. I told Danr I’d go perform for him around noon, and in the early afternoon I think I’m taking Katrusha to Your Inner Vagabond. At 4:00, there’s a fairy tale and legend workshop that looks interesting. After dinner I’m heading to Harpwood Hall to talk to Marian, and staying for the jam session, which promises to be amazing as always. It’s already shaping up to be a hot and humid day, but at least it looks clear.

before dinner — Marauders

A long day, involving a lot of sitting and not much walking. It’s been brutally, brutally hot and humid. I haven’t wanted to move much.

I started off the day at Casa Bardicci, performing a few pieces. (Including, thankfully, “A Warning to Thieves.” Finally.) Danr was there too, and I walked back up the hill with him to perform the monkey poem for him and Katriona.

From there, I stopped off at Dione Sidhe to pick up Katrusha and Loreeta and go to Your Inner Vagabond. We had a wonderful time, talking about bardic and other stuff. It was definitely a day for julep. The drinking chocolate is lovely but not refreshing. A mango-and-ginger julep, on the other hand…

We did a bit of shopping after Your Inner Vagabond, and then Loreeta and I went to a really interesting class on fair tales and legends. Cool stuff. Not sure how much is directly applicable to my bardic, but very cool.

Then a bit of window-shopping with John. He taught me how to distinguish between different qualities of linen.

A Pennsic moment: watching as the Queen of Calontir, sitting on a large shield, was carried down the road by four members of her guard. I have no idea where she was going, but she looked very regal doing it.

Dinner was just called. I may wait for the line to go down a touch, then eat, then visit Marian.

I don’t think I’ve sweated this much in a single day… ever, really. The heat index was over 110 F today (43 C). Whew! I keep telling myself Ill make this an early night. If I say it enough, maybe I’ll even listen to myself.

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