Pennsic 2010 Diary: Wednesday, August 11

morning — Marauders

So, the big news of the morning is that I’m now Marian’s student. We talked for a while after dinner last night and we both like the idea. At least for the moment, we’re keeping it student / mentor instead of apprentice / laurel, and we’ll feel our way into the specifics. But I’m very excited about the idea.

I stayed at Harpwood afterwards for the jam session (obviously). Scary talent, as always, and a ton of fun. The running joke of the night was, “This ring has an ancient lineage!” (The longest lineage was a truly ancient and epic three days.) I gave the one I got from Aoife on Monday to Loreeta for doing Katrusha’s “Anti-Singalong Song.”

Other highlights included Garraed doing “The Veil” (love that song), Cerian’s new atrocity, Gwen doing “Scarlet,” and the ever-popular “Rise.” Also, Vincenzo getting into a speed contest: him on hammered dulcimer, Marian and Cerian vocalising. We all thought the dulcimer would catch fire, he was playing it so fast.

Last night I also discovered that my bead pouch makes a pretty decent percussion instrument, like a shaking egg.

I waited a few hours before performing, then did Hector’s “Pennsic Blues.” I tell ya, hearing that song done in five-part harmony lends it a whole new level of wrongness.

I left early and made it to bed by midnight or so. I really needed that sleep.

This morning, it’s cool and we’ve got fog. My day is free, except for Fiana’s saints’ lives class, but the evening will be full. Cerian’s concert, Marian’s concert, and then hopefully pick-up bardic back here. There’s also Ansteorran chilli night (which I’ll be attending), East Kingdom court (which I probably won’t), and Midnight Madness (we’ll see whether bardic happens).

I’ve been inspired to write about the Ansteorran pavilion seeds. We’ll see what happens.

shortly later — same place

It’s been written. Another half-hour song, courtesy of the Pocket Bard.

mid-afternoon — Marauders

Too hot, can’t brain. According to the sign outside Chirurgeons’, it’s a heat index of 105 F, which they say is 33 C but I’m pretty sure is about 40 C. It’s so hot, I don’t even want to leave camp, which is nigh on unthinkable for me.

I found out this morning that the shower drains into a separate sump, and that’s draining quite well. If I’d known, I would have taken a shower yesterday. There’s no point now. I’ll have to wait until tonight.

It’s been an oddly solitary day for me. Alethea joined me in some shopping earlier, but mostly I was shopping alone. I don’t think I’ve wandered any further than the merchants’ area all day. And I suspect I won’t for the rest of the day. With two 40+ degree days in a row, I’m ready to go home. I hope, hope, hope that the next 3-4 days are cold and dry. A girl can hope, can’t she?

In terms of shopping, I picked up enough linen for four more apron-dresses, a drinking horn for my brother, and a book on Queen Emma, wife of King Cnut. I’ve still got $80 left (or $180, if you count the $100 I found — still don’t know what to do with that) and no idea what to spend it on. There’s a really cool, completely mundane decorative object I may get for $30 (a twisting double helix with a trapped facetted jewel), but I’ll decide later.

I don’t want to move.

somewhat later — same place

I hereby vote that the Chirurgeons’ misting tent is the most wonderful thing in the entire world. Followed closely by ice cream.

somewhat later — same place

Cold showers are officially tied for first place as most wonderful thing in the entire world. Heat rashes are way down low at the bottom.

just before dinner — Marauders

Amazing how difficult it is to find Easterners right before East Kingdom court. You’d think that they were busy or something. Thankfully, much of Dione Sidhe is skipping court like me and I got to play with Johann and do bardic at the same time. That’s high on the list of most wonderful things in the universe.

Derhilde lent me her surcoat, because it’s looser than my apron dress and doesn’t rub against my poor, heat-rashed stomach. Thanks, Derhilde!

The plan for this evening: dinner, Cerian’s concert, Marian’s concert, (hopefully) bardic back here, sleep. Time to get in line for chilli.

early evening — Performing Arts

Tasty chilli. I ate with the Marauders, then sat with Marian and Pierro as they ate dinner. Marian got the royal treatment from the Ansteorrans, and we kept getting interrupted as people came by to say hi. I get the sense that this is pretty standard procedure for Marian. It was fun, though. Apparently a lot of people in Ansteorra know me as “that girl who keeps coming over to sing songs about us.” There are worse ways to be known.

Now I’m at Cerian’s concert and realise I forgot to mention Zoph’s performance a the East-Mid circle. A very cool story about a man who decides to don the king’s armour so the king can escape from a helpless battle and raise new troops. I think it’s Hungarian. She’s doing it again now, and it’s very, very good.

Anyway, back to the show.

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