Pennsic 2011 Diary: Sunday, July 31

morning – McGuire’s Marauders

I’m here, I’m here! I got in around 7:30 p.m. I didn’t really stop for dinner. I’d planned to stop in Meadville, but the exit looked closed as I approached, and I only realized too late that it was just a weirdly-drawn strip of paint in the middle of a lane. The next exit had a sign for food and gas, but after driving five minutes in the direction of the arrow and not seeing anything, I turned back. I stopped for gas and peanut-butter crackers at the next exit and then straight on to Pennsic.

I tell you true: seeing the tents as I crested the hill was one of the happiest sights in my recent memory.

I arrived on-site around 7:30, and it took about a half-hour to Troll in. I’ve never Trolled in on land-grab Saturday before, at least not during the daylight hours, and it was… busy. But I didn’t care: I was at Pennsic! I discovered Ernst in the line a few cars behind me and gave the first hug of War. Yay, hugs!

No one was around at the Marauders, but I found them at the food court having dinner, which I rapidly joined. Chicken-fried steak from the Beast & Boar… yum! I got to say hi to (and hug) John, Ki Lin, and Reuven, and geek out with Lorelei about bardic. Then we all came back to camp to finish setting up for the night.

For the very first time, I’m staying in a canvas tent, and it was already set up for me when I got here. It’s a cute tent: like an A-frame but with low walls (2-3 feet) below the bottoms of the A. At the moment, it’s about 1/4 full with Derhilde’s Edith’s stuff, making getting around the center pole a bit tricky, but that’s a temporary situation.

Lorelei sat with me as I partially unloaded the car and set up my bed (forgetting, as always, the very first layer of polar fleece and needing to redo it) and then we worked on the wording for one of her new songs. It’s got a great chorus. It looks like we’re going to be trading private classes: I’m going to teach her meter while she teaches me how to sing harmony. Yay!

I did a very, very brief walkabout. No one was around at Dione Sidhe, but I said hi to Hobbe and Magnus and his lady Finula at Concordia, and sat around for a while at High Rafters, which was surprisingly hopping.

Even thought I left High Rafters around 11:30, it took a good half-hour to brush my teeth, go to the bathroom, and crawl into bed. It took even longer to fall asleep. A bug had somehow crawled under my covers, but eventually I caught it and threw it out.

I’d set my alarm for 7:45, but I was up long before that. After lying a while in the pre-dawn silver light, I checked my watch and realized it was about 6:45. By 7:10, I decided to get up.

Oh! And it looks like there’s another baby for me to play with, right in the tent next to mine! Aaron is 14 months old, and I heard his mom Elaine talking to him as I was still in bed. I introduced myself, naturally.

Journaling in the entranceway of my tent is really cool. I could get used to this. No firm plans for today except helping John set up the big tent, my first (and hopefully only) Walmart run, and maybe walkabout. The big question is: do I wear garb? Garb covers me better, which means I need less sunscreen, but I only have so many tunics and I’m not sure I want them to get dirty in set-up. We’ll see. For now: breakfast!

shortly after – same place

I forgot to mention: John bought me a new pouch, and in it, a set of thorn dice. So awesome! Now I’ve got dice I can kill people with! Thanks, John!

after breakfast – Marauders

Erwillian and Maggie are here. Yay! Seamus is not coming, due to him being a brand-new father. I wonder who’s in charge of setting up the Casa this year. [Editor’s note: It was Alaric.]

around noon – Marauders

Big tent is up, for certain values of “up.” Some of the side poles are apparently too long, so we’re cutting them down. I helped a bit tying the ropes to the stakes. I felt a little bad, though. I’d practiced the clove hitch on horizontal surfaces at home, not vertical. So I had to be completely retaught how to do them for the stakes. Oh, well.

We’re apparently going to the storage shed at 1:30, so there will be lots more loading/unloading work then. Maybe, maybe I’ll get a wander in between now and then.

My body still hasn’t adjusted to Pennsic heat. I’ve drunk at least a liter of water so far but I think I’m still dehydrated. But it’s much more comfortable here under the shade tent.

Eduardo was regaling us with stories from his time in the Navy. Wow, he’s got some great stories!

mid-afternoon – Marauders

We now have “stuff” in the common area! Admittedly, none of it is really set up, but it’s in here nonetheless. I didn’t go out to the storage shed, but I helped unload. Look, Ma, I’m helping!

Before that, I did a mini-wander to Dione Sidhe, Concordia, and High Rafters. Performed Rathflaed’s “Beowulf” for the first, because some of them had never heard it before. Oh, the seeds of wrongness have been sown. My work here is done. For now, anyway.

John’s still planning on doing a town run later, so I’ll go with him for that. I wonder if I have time to do some errands and check-ins first.

a few hours later – Marauders

Still waiting for the town run. I went to say hi to Ernst and helped Edith set up her tent, and hung out in the common area. John’s delivering a huge pile of charcoal bags to Danr and says as soon as he comes back, we’ll go on the town run. When we get back from that, I’ll probably take the last of the stuff out of the car. Maybe tonight I’ll go walkabout to Eoforwic and the Bog. We’ll see what the weather is like and how I’m feeling.

I really would like to take a shower, but ours isn’t set up yet. Maybe part of my evening will involve going down to the communal ones.

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  1. John said,

    August 22, 2011 at 3:09 am

    Actually I made the pouch. 🙂

    • pocketbard said,

      August 22, 2011 at 7:11 am

      Nifty! Thank you!

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