Pennsic 2011 Diary: Tuesday, August 2

after breakfast – Marauders

Calontir bardic was quite a lot of fun. It’s always interesting doing bardic at Calontir, because their unspoken rules are different from just about anywhere else. Instead of “pick, pass, or play,” Calontir follows the law of “the quick and the silent,” and most of the songs are sing-along songs everyone around the fire knows (though I generally don’t). I was perfectly content to sit around for a while, just listening to all the new songs and saying hi to bardic friends I hadn’t seen yet this year.

Eventually Rhodri took over as major domo and the repertoire widened out a bit. I performed three times: “Roland” by Rosalind Jehanne (unsurprisingly well known in Calontir), “The Wild Eastman Spam” (on request from Dolan, click here to see a video of me performing it), and “Captain Oh Captain,” from Samantha Moore’s Iron Hart album (it seemed appropriate at the time). Rhodri actually complimented me on this last one, for standing up and grabbing the audience after the circle had broken up a bit.

Calontir does something very interesting with “Cruiscin Lan”: everyone stands in a circle around the fire and bounces their mugs back and forth in time with the music. Then, on the last verse (“let’s not part with lips so dry”), everyone drains what’s in their mug and holds it upside down so everyone can see it’s been drained. It’s fun, though I’m glad I was only drinking water at that point.

I should note that I continue to be hugely impressed with Morgana’s storytelling. I love how she injects humor into her stories without breaking the period feel. Toki does it too.

Anyway, the circle had greatly diminished by around 12:30, and I walked the one block back to camp, took off all my bling (yes, I did actually get all decked out with apron dress and jewelry last night), and went to bed.

4:30 a.m. and my body needed to use the portos. I tried holding it off as long as I could, but it was no use; I had to go. I’ve got it down to a fine art, but sadly a rather long fine art: put on tunic, socks, shoes, and cloak, shuffle over in the very clammy, foggy dark, and shuffle back. Then I slept through to the decadent hour of 8:15. I love my canvas tent!

Breakfast was eggs and bacon, and then I was on dishwashing duty. I’ll say this: I much prefer breakfast dishes to dinner dishes. Better timing, fewer dishes.

Now I’m going to play dress-up with the clothes John thinks might fit me. Nothing official on the docket until 4:00 when I have my Troll shift. I don’t even know of any circles tonight. I’ll have to fix that.

somewhat later – same place

Thus ends dress-up time with John. My spoils include a shift and an indigo-blue sideless surcoat. I’d hoped the beautiful green Elizabethan would fit me, but whoever it was made for was 1-2″ narrower around the waist and bust. Damn you, weight gain! Oh, well. It looks like John found someone it’ll fit, which is good. I’ll just have to keep looking for me.

I’ve got over five hours of absolutely free time ahead of me. Unthinkable! I think this calls for a wander, maybe punctuated by Your Inner Vagabond.

mid-afternoon – Marauders

A lazy, meandering day of the sort I don’t usually get at War. I started off by saying hi to some of my merchant friends and cashing one of my travelers’ checks. Then I spent some time at East Kingdom Royal with Ernst and Freya. Ernst gave me one of his old Father Scrimaldi “absolutions” and (more meaningfully) a cup he won at his first bardic storytelling competition, when he was still new to the SCA. If you can believe it, I’ve never actually won a bardic competition, but I seem to have a knack for people giving me their bardic competition prizes.

From there, it was over to Eoforwic to play with the children and allow the parents to clean up a bit and breathe for a while. The kids were all going down for their naps, though, so I hopped across the street to visit with Unnr, Morley, and Rebecca. Morely was also about to go down for a nap, though, so I spent some time with Rebecca and drank her sekanjabin. I realized I’d never really spent much time with her, despite the amount of times I’d been to the Enchanted Ground circles.

I met Garraed as I was walking down the hill and walked with him the “wrong” way around the lake, turning right instead of left after Shauna’s Camp so that we went past Ealdormere Royal. I don’t really know too many people down that way, but it was nice chatting with Garraed.

I walked a little further around the lake to Bardicci, which is much more structure-like than the last time I saw it. Most people were busy, but I entertained a few guys who were on break. They asked for “something offensive,” so I did “The Ancient and Old Irish Condom” and “Fairy Story,” and also “The Sick Note,” which wasn’t so much offensive as appropriate for the builders.

Then back up the hill. Not too many people in High Rafters or Concordia, so I made my way to Dione Sidhe. Only Jacqueline and Deirdre were there, but they were just about to break for lunch and invited me to join them, which was sort of what I was hoping would happen. Yay, lunch!

I’ve got around an hour and a half until my Troll shift and I don’t really know what to do with it. It’s quite warm out. Not so much that I can’t move, and there’s an occasional nice breeze, but enough that I’m feeling kinda lethargic. I’ve been drinking lots of water, so it’s not dehydration. I’m just tired.

Lorelei is asking for company at Your Inner Vagabond. Yay, something to do!

before dinner – Marauders

A lovely end to the afternoon. Lorelei and I went to Your Inner Vagabond, which has about double the space as last year and a somewhat expanded savories menu. Lorelei and I both had iced chais (yummy!) and I also had hummus and pita, getting a few calories into me. (Truth be told, probably a few too many calories.) There were also board games scattered throughout the common area, so Lorelei and I played mancala. I won each of the four games we played, but I was also being pretty silly, so at least we were laughing. And I offered to pay for her chai as a conciliatory gesture for trouncing her, so I think all is forgiven.

Then it was my first Troll shift. It was mostly quiet. I probably checked in a dozen or so people, including a very cute baby. Meanwhile, I took out my sewing and managed to get another seam of the apron-dress finished, making three (of nine). So that’s pretty decent progress.

Just as my shift ended, it started to drizzle, so I came back to camp to find Edith had battened my tent down. (Thanks, Edith!) It’s been on-and-off drizzling since, but I don’t mind. A little drizzle is fine, and it cools things off. There’s supposed to be a thunderstorm later, but I hope it waits until after I turn in for the night.

Speaking of tonight, the only thing I know of is the Harpwood Hall jam session, which won’t start until probably around 9:00. No idea what I’m doing between supper and then. More Inner Vagabond? Probably overboard, but we’ll see.

I also managed to score myself some blue and green wool plaid. No idea what I’m going to do with it. Maybe a sideless surcoat, if I can figure out how to sew one. It’ll probably go with most of my chemises, but it’ll be darn hot for Pennsic.

Anyway, time to go back to the common area and be sociable.

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