Pennsic 2011 Diary: Thursday, August 4

after breakfast – Marauders

I must be a bard; I performed before breakfast. A woman in the camp across from my tent was at the bardic coaching yesterday and liked my saint story. She flagged me down this morning on the way back from the privies to introduce me to some of her camp-mates, so I offered to do my St. Christopher story (video performance here), which went over well for so early in the morning. I think I’ll have to write more saint stories for next year.

So far the sky is clear, but there are threatening clouds in the west. Here’s hoping the weather remains nice so I can wander down to the Bog today.

late morning – Marauders

Shower wound up happening early than anticipated. While doing dishes, an unfortunate string of events ended with an egg carton that had been floating in the sump accidentally being thrown at my head. It was so disgusting that Lorelei (who was on dishes duty with me) told me I was relieved and should go take a shower. Which I did. So now I’m clean, in all-new clean clothes, and feel wonderful. (Thanks, Lorelei!)

Class went well. We started off with about five students and ended at around ten, plus two kids, which is about par for the course for “Pennsic Without Breaking the Bank.” I got a few good tips, there was good audience participation, and we ended with only ten minutes to spare. All told, I’m pleased.

There are classes I could take this afternoon, but I think I’d rather wander until my Watch shift. So… off to do that.

mid-afternoon – Marauders

Twenty minutes until my Watch shift. Had a lovely meander, spending some time at Enchanted Ground and at Harpwood Hall with Deb, whose full name I’ve forgotten. [Editor’s note: It’s Derbighail.] I saw some of the non-Montreal Quebecois and then Toki at Concordia. Then I listened to Lorelei busk for a while and ran into Alaric, who took me to visit his friends. They gave me fodder for the piece Alaric commissioned, which I’ll try to write tomorrow.

Had tasty ice cream with Simonetta (and a peach cobbler – not as good as Fruity Cobbler but still tasty) and saw Marian and Vincenzo. She said she’ll try to come by tonight. I hope so!

I decided to switch back to my sneakers. The period Viking shoes were making my lower back hurt again, and health comes before looks. I also (temporarily) fixed my hat so that it’ll stay on my head during the Watch shift. Which I should probably get over to, really. [Editor’s note: The fix didn’t work. I’ll have to figure out something better for next year.]

o’dark thirty – Marauders

Utterly beautiful weather tonight. Moreover, I think this is the first Pennsic evening in… years, probably, where I have no plans. Efenwealt left around dusk, and I have no idea what else is happening tonight.

Security shift was fun, for the most part. We cycled through the Bog, the B-blocks, and the ‘Ghetti, about an hour each. My cart partner, who drove, was a Knight named Guido (silly name, very nice guy), who knew quite a few places I didn’t, out in the middle of nowhere, and showed them to me. The Bog and the ‘Ghetti went quickly; the B-blocks were boring. A lot of the security shift included driving around until we found a camp one of us knew, then stopping to chat.

I’m not sure I’d do it again this year, because I don’t think I’ll have three free hours in a row for the rest of War, but it was still fun.

Got back to camp to find Efenwealt already performing with his wife Ainor, and a plate of chicken-fried steak and a bowl of peach cobbler set aside for me. Let me tell you, that was awesome. Private Efenwealt concerts for the win! We were about ten people in the audience, and he played until about dusk, punctuated by bouts of chatting. He pulled out some funny stuff, some period stuff, some wizard rock… good times.

Then I called Marc and sat down to journal. And just at that time, Maraha and his lady showed up, so I’m half-journaling, half-chatting.

No idea what I’m doing tonight. Ideally finding people to go to the Vagabond with me. So exciting! A completely free evening! No idea what’ll fill it!

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