Pennsic 2011 Diary: Friday, August 5

morning – Marauders

Shortly after I wrote last, the camp was descended upon by a gaggle of bards: Maraha and his lady, Dolan, and Cerian, in addition to Lorelei and I. We all sat around chatting for a while, then decided to fire-hop. We stopped off at High Rafters and lost Maraha there, but the rest of us continued bravely on, trending towards Eoforwic. We stopped at the across-the-barn merchants to sing “The Feast Song” for a merchant who’s hosting a “siege cooking” contest. Sounds interesting, though obviously I won’t be entering. [Editor’s note: Trust me, you do NOT want me cooking for you.]

We went down to Eoforwic but most people had already gone to bed. We stayed long enough to sing “Of Cabbages” as a bed-time song to one of the few people left. Lorelei sings it faster than I do, but it was fun anyway.

Then we trundled back up the hill. Your Inner Vagabond was busy, but Odyssey looked like it was a prime target for a drive-by barding. Dolan had actually written a song just for them, which was pretty cool. Cerian did the song about the Polar Cows, which I followed up with “The Wild Eastman Spam.” (video performance here) Lorelei sang… something. I don’t remember what, but it was fun too. We didn’t stay too much longer than that because many people were smoking and it was getting to my lungs. At least they gave us free beverages. (Thanks, Odyssey people!)

We came back to camp and I went to bed while Lorelei stayed up with the other bards. By the time I got into bed, I think it was about 1:00. Woke up at 6:20, rolled over, and slept until 8:25. Sadly, that meant there wasn’t too much breakfast left. I had the tail end of the eggs, and after I’d sat down for a while some hash browns came out.

Today’s kind of interesting. There are some morning classes that might be interesting, and a few at 4:00, but I don’t have anywhere I need to be until after dinner, with the bardic workshop and peerless amoeba. I really should write the piece Alaric commissioned, though. Maybe I’ll do that first. Maybe even in my tent. (There are advantages to being in a canvas tent, far from the common area.)

So… on to that.

early afternoon – Your Inner Vagabond

A mostly unexpected – yet fun! – day. I wrote the piece that Alaric commissioned and went over to the Tudor house to see if he was there, but Erwillian told me he usually sleeps late. Instead, I went to a class on how the various Pennsic streets were named (Interesting!) and ran into Marian. I’d been hoping to do some Beowulf rehearsing with her, so I followed her over to a dance class where the instructor had choreographed an Italian Renaissance dance to “Mordred’s Lullaby.” I didn’t feel like dancing, so I sewed and chatted with Pierro (who’d shown up) while Marian played the recorder along to the music. The dance was quite beautiful, and I was pretty impressed at how the choreographer had worked the story into the dance. Cool stuff.

I followed Marian over to Efenwealt’s, where she was apparently going to spend some time rehearsing, and agreed that I’d meet her at her camp at 3:00. And then I walked back the way I’d come.

My plan was to go over to Concordia and see if Aoife was around and wanted to go to Your Inner Vagabond. She wasn’t, but Toki and a bunch of others were, and they were actually on their way to Your Inner Vagabond, so I decided to tag along. I had an iced Moroccan mint tea (yum!) and shared a hummus plate and a spicy feta plate with the rest of the table. Ana taught me how to play a spinning top game (the goal is to get four little balls to land in numbered holes, gaining points) and Toki taught me to play a game that’s set up kind of like Chinese checkers but plays like actual checkers (it’s a solitaire game whose goal is to have the fewest pieces left at the end of the game). Fun times. Then they all left, I settled up, and I think it’s about time to head down to the Bog to find Alaric and meet up with Marian.

On an annoying note, I seem to be developing blisters and other similar ailments. One on the bottom of my right fourth toe, and a raw patch on the inside of my left fourth and fifth toes. Grumble. At least they’re just annoying and not debilitating.

Anyway… onward!

before dinner – Marauders

New and nifty stuff at Pennsic: 1. Shauna’s camp has a new Tudor bathhouse. It looks fancy enough that it could be a noble’s house, but no, it’s a bathhouse. It’s so spiffy, both outside and inside. And to one side, curtained off, an actual tub-and-shower. So cool!

2. Gaston has improved his house, as if it wasn’t awesome enough already. He repainted lots of the terracotta purple, updated the columns to be marbled with golden capitals, and made a railing on the second floor patio. There’s a new wardrobe upstairs and a little closet (actually a water closet) and new bed curtains. And downstairs, a 15th-century-style hand-washing basin. Amazing! [Editor’s note: You can see lots of pictures of Gaston’s upgraded apartment on his blog.]

Also, Gaston is giving out pilgrim badges to people who tour his house. How cool is that!

So, obviously, I was down at Bardicci this afternoon. I performed my new piece (tentatively entitled “A Knight to Remember”) for Alaric and his friends, and they all liked it. My work here is done. (Also, I met Gui. He’s on his vow of silence until sundown, but at least I know what he looks like now.)

I also got to practice Beowulf a bit with Marian. It’ll be fun. It was good to sit down with her for a while. I’m glad I got the chance to just chill with her for a bit.

Then it was back up the hill. I found Aoife, Toki, and Cerian, and we all went back to the Marauders. There’s some interesting conversation going on. I really don’t feel like moving because it’s very, very hot. Maybe I’ll take a shower after dinner. (I’d do it before dinner, but I don’t want to get food on my clean tunic.) So I think I’ll just stay here.

After supper, it’s the Bhakail bardic workshop, then the “peerless” amoeba. Should be fun. I have no idea where we’re going, but then again, I never do.

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  1. Edith said,

    August 22, 2011 at 11:25 am

    I meant to ask you for a copy of the streets class handout, thanks for the reminder! –Edith

    • pocketbard said,

      August 22, 2011 at 11:42 am

      She didn’t give out handouts at the class but said she’d email people after War. When I get my copy, I’ll forward it to you.

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