Pennsic 2011 Diary: Saturday, August 6

morning – Marauders

Last night was fun. I wound up grabbing the first shower after dinner. (Dessert was uber-tasty cake. Thanks, Isabelle!) So I am clean now! Well, as clean as one can be at Pennsic. For the last 20 seconds, I turned it all the way cold, and I hope no one was listening to the little moans of pleasure from the shower tent.

Then it was over to the Bhakail bardic workshop. I got there just as Magnus finished performing. I got to say hi to Zsof and Fiana, who I hadn’t seen on-site yet. Fiana had a great new Iesu Odinson story. I love those! [Editor’s note: “Ieus Odinson” stories are stories told about Jesus, but as though a Norse persona were telling them, where Jesus is the son of Odin and a gothi.] She issued a challenge for other people to write some. I’m not sure I have the immersive background to do it properly, but I may try.

Finula did “The Peasant Knight,” Dolan did Rosalind Jehanne’s “Deus Vult” (which I’d never heard before, but is awesome, as so much of Mistress Jehanne’s stuff is), and a young lady (Siobhan, I believe) did the beginning of an interesting Spanish story about El Cid.

I did my new St. Basil piece, and got some good feedback. I must make sure I don’t speed up. I have a tendency to, and when I do, I fall into the dum-dum of the meter. Other tips: find places for dramatic pauses and places to stretch out words, emphasize the word “God” more (to show proper reverence), and slow down more (or did I mention that?).

Afterwards, I went off with Magnus and Finula. Our original plan was to amoeba, but instead we headed over to Your Inner Vagabond for cool beverages (it was a hot night), where we were joined by Mhari and her lord Phobos, and waited for Dahrien, who had just arrived on-site a few hours earlier. It wasn’t quite an amoeba, but it was just to just sit and chat. (Iced drinking chocolate: tasty, but not necessarily thirst-quenching, and very rich.)

We walked Finula back to her camp just as Dahrien showed up, so we walked back to rejoin him and his friends. Dahrien’s such a riot! Also, he let me try his drink. (Blood orange and… something. Tart but tasty.) His friend also let me try hers: passion fruit and pomegranate. Refreshing and sweet!

We hung out until a little past midnight, but when one of Dahrien’s companions – Marguerite – decided to head back to camp, I took that as my cue to turn into a pumpkin and walked her back as far as the Marauders and go to bed.

Woke up this morning at 7:20, to find about 15 Ansteorrans had shown up about a half-hour before and the pavilion seeds were already sprouting. It’s overcast right now, and quite humid, but so far at least not raining (tap wood). I had to take my inhaler last night for the first time… but I went a whole week at War without my inhaler! I think that’s unprecedented!

Lots of people showing up today, obviously. Which means I’ll have to learn a whole bunch of names. Again. Oh, well. I’m a bard; I’ll do it.

My day starts around 10:00 today, but that’s still an hour away. I think I’ll wear my chocolate-brown tunic today. I love the color but am annoyed at the splotchy light bit on the side. [Editor’s note: it folded over itself while I was dyeing it and I only realized afterwards.] Oh, well. Uneven dyeing is period.

Incidentally, I saw my face in a mirror yesterday, for the first time since War started. I’m slightly pinker than at the start of the week, my hair looks particularly horrid (though that might just be because it was still damp from the shower), and I think my cheeks are rounder. You’d think with all the walking I do, I’d lose weight at War, but I more than counterbalance it by the huge amount of tasty (and often unhealthy) food I eat. Oh, well. Pennsic is not the time for diets. [Editor’s note: This year, I wound up coming home at exactly the weight that I left. Which is about what I expected.]

Anyway. Time to get dressed, I think.

mid-afternoon – Performing Arts Pavilion

Busy, busy, busy! I went to a class on center gores this morning. It was a kind of nifty technique, though sadly it won’t work on side gores, as I’d hoped. Then I taught my “Group’s Persona in an Hour” class, which only had five students. We did some good workshopping, but in the end left after a half-hour. If I have my saints’ lives class ready for next year, I think I’ll swap out this one.

From there, I went shopping with Lorelei. She got some trim and buttons. I got some CDs: the new Viking Home Companion, the Bardic Kitchen Party II, the new Moonwulf, and “Get Even Odder” from Inchingham. I don’t know of any other CDs I want to buy, and I still have about $145 of spending money left. Who knows, maybe I will have some left over for Italian Ren garb after all.

From there, I had a small lunch back in camp and headed over to Troll for my shift. It was hoppin’! I actually stayed a half-hour late, busy through the whole thing. Sadly, I blew out my voice a bit and am also somewhat dehydrated. But now it’s Mhari’s improv class, so I’ll write later.

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