Pennsic 2011 Diary: Monday, August 8

morning – Marauders

An altogether enjoyable evening, which ended relatively – but fortuitously – early.

The Beowulf meeting was more-or-less what I expected: a little pep talk, a little logistics, a little schmoozing. The people who showed up were more-or-less the ones I knew were coming, about 20 of the 30 people who are performing.

Then it was back home to shower and change. Sadly, the bodice makes my lower back very unhappy. I wore it anyway, because it’s the low party, but my body wasn’t happy with me.

I went down to the Casa right around dark, but the party hadn’t quite started yet, so I meandered over to Harpwood Hall and chatted with Michael Alewright and his lady for an hour or so.

By the time I got back to the Casa, a few people were trickling in, but not enough for me to want to go inside. Instead, I stayed outside, heckling the guards when there were guests in line and chatting when there weren’t. I got to talk in an extraordinarily horrid Italian accent. One day I’ll get Alaric to show me how to do it properly.

Eventually, I did go inside. It was slow but growing. I did a song for some of Ernesto’s friends, wandered around for a while, and eventually found Grim’s lady Isabel. We got flirted with by a guy I wasn’t particularly interested in flirting with, so when Grim showed up, I decided to go back outside and hang out with the guards. For a while, I sat at Alaric’s side and watched him work (and added color commentary, of course). When the line started getting bigger, I decided to go entertain the people further back in line by looking pretty and providing witty commentary in my horrid Italian accent. If I was a less honest person (and enjoyed alcohol), I could have walked away with several bottles of booze. But I didn’t, and instead meandered back up the hill when I felt my voice going.

Said hello at Calontir, where it seems there had just been a major exodus. I was planning on just leaving, but Dolan asked for a song and I was still in wench mode, so I did “Small Miracles” by the Whiskey Bards.

Then back home for a relatively early (12:15) bedtime. About 30 seconds after getting horizontal, I heard the pitter-patter of rain on my roof, which proceeded to get heavier over the next half-hour. This proves that there is a God, and she is merciful. (Of course, to prove that she also has a sense of humor, I completely forgot I had a tunic and towel out drying in front of my tent.)

Slept straight through from 1:00 to 6:45, and stayed in bed for another 45 minutes. Bliss!

Woke up to find breakfast almost ready, and immediately demonstrated that I am not a good southerner: I eat my biscuits without gravy. Also, I discovered that there are the makings of mimosas. I’m not having any, but it makes me happy to know this is the sort of thing that happens in my camp.

Today is going to be pretty chill. There are classes I could take, but none I absolutely 100% want to be at until 5:00, and none I even sort-of want to take until 1:00. So Alethea and I are going to the Vagabond at some point. Maybe I’ll see if Katrusha wants to come, too. Tonight is Beowulf, and that’s really all the commitments I have today. I suppose I should get dressed at some point.

somewhat later – same place

Changing the sheets on my bed was not actually as straightforward a process as I’d expected. For one thing, it seems my fitted sheet shrank and wouldn’t fit on the bed. For another, there’s a hole in my flat sheet. Next year: buy a new set to replace them. Also, my big cloak that I’d had on the floor because it was too hot for it on my bed seems to have developed a few damp spots (I assume condensation, not actual leaks) and I had to hang it up somewhere. (“Somewhere” wound up being John’s tent.)

I’ve got an hour and a half or so before going to the Vagabond with Alethea and maybe Katrusha. No idea what I’m doing until then. But drinking water is probably high on the list.

early afternoon – Marauders

That tunic I accidentally left out on the line? The good news is it’s dry. The bad news is it’s now tie-dye. Also, there are two light horizontal stripes across the belly where it was hanging on the rack. Oh, well. I’ll have to re-dye it at home for next year. Shame, too. I really liked that blue.

slightly later – same place

A relaxed day so far. I caught the very end of Katrusha’s “Women in Medieval Russia” class and followed her back to her camp to play with Johann. (He got to play with Play-Doh for the first time ever. It was ridiculously cute.)

Then it was off to the Vagabond with Alethea and Katrusha for beverage and baklava, stopping only briefly to pay my daily song at the Tudor House and somewhat longer at the A&S Exhibition. There’s some really beautiful stuff there. Sadly, the sheer amount of people made it quite stuffy.

At Your Inner Vagabond, Katrusha had a vanilla-mango milk sharbat. It tastes like ice cream. I’ll need to remember that if ever I want ice cream but the ice cream place is closed. On Mhari’s suggestion, I had a sekanjabin-rose sharbat. It was refreshing, but perhaps somewhat sweeter than I’d wanted to go along with the baklava and cashew fingers.

Now John’s getting dressed so we can go shopping. I want to find something nice to wear for the Hoity Toity party and I’ve got about $150 left of spending money. I’ll see if anything can be done. There’s a class at 3:00 on self-patterning I may go to, and Fiana’s saints’ lives class at 5:00. And then, of course, dinner and Beowulf. And at some point I should really figure out what I’m singing at the concerts on Wednesday.

before dinner – Marauders

The weather has made this afternoon’s shopping… exciting. John and I went out to find me something to wear for the Bardicci high party. We hit pretty much every single garb merchant at Pennsic, only to decide the one I was going to get was back at the very first place we’d visited. We got caught by a downpour once and took shelter at Beast & Boar, but got back to camp mostly dry with our spoils. My foot was kind of hurting by this point, due to all the slow walking, but nevertheless I stood up on the table and let John measure the hem for me.

But then it was out again, this time alone. My mission, if I chose to accept it: 1. Find trim to match what was already on the dress, 2. Find something to tie the sleeves, 3. Find a white skirt because my shift is too short. Location: Calontir Trim. I found the exact trim I needed there (yay!) and some cord that John has subsequently told me isn’t quite right (I’m only out $3 – no biggie), and then I tried to find the skirt. It turns out almost no one at Pennsic sells solo skirts. Of those, maybe three have white ones. And all of those are hideously modern monstrosities not worth the $15 it would cost to buy them.

I was at the penultimate merchant when the heavens opened and I decided I might as well stay right where I was. The rain slackened a bit and I tried to get the block and a half home, but only got three storefronts further when I had to take shelter at the Basket Man. I stayed there about five minutes until the rain stopped as suddenly as it started and I walked the last block home. And now the sun is out, dinner is almost ready, and my foot is throbbing. Thankfully I’ll be able to sit for most of Beowulf.

Sadly, this meant I missed all the afternoon classes I wanted to take. But on the other hand, I’ll have a new outfit for about $60 (John’s got material for a skirt), and I think I took Fiana’s saints class last year. On the whole, I call it a net win, except for the foot thing.

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