Pennsic 2011 Diary: Tuesday, August 9

after breakfast – Marauders

Beowulf was, as last time, epic. The space didn’t quite have the ambiance of March’s mead-hall, but we had more hall-sitters and, after all, this is Pennsic with its own special magic. I found, personally, that it started a bit slow. A lot of the early performers were up at the podium, reading. (In one case at least, this was perfectly understandable, as Emer only got her lines the day before at 10:30 p.m.) In my mind, things really started ramping up with Dahrien’s piece. He started, as last time, from his bench-seat, speaking in the voice of Beowulf. But at one point he leapt up, bounded across the room, and tackle-hugged “Hrothgar,” i.e. His Highness of the Midrealm. It was hilarious.

From there, a lot of people were off-book. The back-and-forth playacting that Marian and I did went really well; we got lots of compliments and lots of pops from the hall-sitters. My favorite part was when Marian, as Unferth, snuck away as I finished berating “him.”

The second and third sections I felt were stronger on the whole than the first. Many more people were off-book, or at least able to walk around and only glance down occasionally.

There was a beautiful harpist in the second section, and I have to admit that her voice was so melodious and the harp-music so soothing that I was starting to nod off. Sorry, harpist whose name I don’t know!

Even though we ended before midnight (barely), I was tired. Also, I had a minor catastrophe. Just after the performance ended, my treasure-necklace broke, and all my beads fell onto the grass. Thanks to my friends, we managed to collect all of the pieces I cared about (i.e. everything but the spacer beads), but it was scary. I’ll really need to learn how to string it so that won’t happen again. Maybe crimp beads. But that may need to wait (sadly) until I get home.

Went to bed early, battened down because Cynric said there was another storm coming before dawn. It woke me around 5:00, but I went to bed and slept through almost until 8:00. Decadent!

On the other hand, my body is starting to very much annoy me. I’ve got blisters on both feet, a sore throat, a pained lower back, and a sore right foot. Oddly, I’m already ready to not be camping. Maybe that’s because I’ve got a grass floor in my tent and have been paranoid about not walking barefoot. I’m tired of the heat and the humidity and really want my apartment back with walls and floors and fans and flush toilets that don’t have lines of people waiting to use them. On the other hand, I eat much better here and I definitely have a much better social life.

Lorelei’s teaching a class on harmony at 10:00, and I’m teaching my last section of my persona class at noon. I haven’t thought far enough ahead to know what I’m doing in the afternoon, but this evening is my uber-busy evening: two vigils and the Harpwood Hall jam session. I’ll see what I get to.

mid-afternoon – Marauders

An altogether fun and productive day so far. It started off with Lorelei’s harmony class, which was quite informative. We did a little bit of practice, though it was mostly demonstration. She gave me two good tips: 1. Find an ear training book or class; 2. Record myself singing at half speed and sing harmonies to it. I’ll try those at home. Sadly, nothing that can really help me for the next four days.

We all retired back to the Marauders to continue chatting and finish up the class, and then I left to teach the second session of “Your Persona in an Hour.” It went remarkably well, actually. So many students I ran out of handouts, and so much student participation I had to hustle to make sure I didn’t run out of time.

I got back to camp with just enough time for a brief rain shower, but then I went out shopping with Sisuile. We got beading materials and came back to camp for her to show me how to re-string my bardic necklace properly and for her to make me jewelry for my Hoity Toity outfit. It picks up all the colors from the trim and has a huge honkin’ gold pendant in the middle. It’s awesome. She also make me matching earrings. Hopefully my ears will hold up okay. Thanks, Sisuile!

Then Eduardo and I went out to the lost & found auction but decided we didn’t feel like standing in line to get a bidding card. So instead I took him to visit Rolant, who I suspected would have an answer to a question Eduardo had about his drinking horn, and indeed he did. Yay, resources!

I visited Freya on the way back to camp, and now I’m back. Dinner will be an hour late, so I may go off wandering. I may also take a shower. The weather has been remarkably pleasant today, despite the rain. Very windy, but much cooler than it has been.

late afternoon – Marauders

I love my friends. I stopped into Concordia to say hi, only to find they’re having a potluck dinner and they invited me to partake. Thanks, Concordians!

Dinner is going to be late, so I think I’ll take a shower first. It’s cool enough that I may not immediately sweat through the fresh-out-of-the-shower cleanness.

before dinner – my tent

The plan to use Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap to wash my hair shall officially not be repeated next year. I’m sure it’s clean, but it’s also impossible to brush out. Next year: biodegradable 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner.

after dinner – Marauders

Is it? Could it be? Yes, it might actually be cool enough that I can wear the wool apron dress tonight without roasting! Huzzah! Tonight’s plan: Zsof’s vigil, then down to Harpwood Hall, then swing by Dahrien’s vigil on the way home. It’s a grand plan.

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  1. catannea said,

    August 22, 2011 at 6:02 am

    Do you know the product “Compeed”? It’s not cheap, but it is brilliant. Every summer not just I, but my daughters as well, stock up. The transparent things you stick over blisters are excellent; but my favourite is a sort of thing like a glue-stick, but it’s a silicon lubricant, and you rub it on places you think you MIGHT be going to get a blister (it even works if you’re wearing nylon stockings – rub it right through them) and you don’t get the blister (also works if the blister is starting to form); and it doesn’t leave a grease spot and…(probably they should pay me!).
    Only drawback: when you carry it with you in hot weather, watch out! I’ve opened it suddenly at the beach and the silicon “waxy” lipstick-ish bit has fallen out into the sand. Picking all the sand grains out of it is boring.
    You will recommend it to all your friends!

    • pocketbard said,

      August 22, 2011 at 7:12 am

      I may try that. Thanks!

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