Pennsic 2011 Diary: Thursday, August 11

after breakfast – Marauders

The Marian concert was great as always. Marian did a bunch of songs I haven’t heard in a long time, and two from the album she’s releasing later this year. I love hearing all the stories, too. They’re the sort of thing you don’t hear at her non-SCA concerts. There was also a huge pop when she came out after the last “and friend” performer in a new dress she put the finishing touches on while she was backstage. Pretty silk!

The focal point of the show, of course, at least for me, was when I took the stage. I was the second of the four “and friends,” the others being Simonetta, Sisuile, and Owen’s apprentice Orla. Simonetta did a war song and her new one about Ardren’s cider; Sisuile did her new piece about Clarent, the sword in the stone, and Ave Maria; and Orla (who has a stunningly awesome voice) did a three-part harmony for her second piece that was just gorgeous. My two pieces were, as planned, “No Longer Seventeen” (video) and “The Not at Pennsic Blues.” (video)

It was really, really weird getting on stage. Unlike Lorelei’s conert, when it was still light when I was performing, the sun had already set when I took the stage for Marian’s and the spotlights were on. I absolutely could not see the audience beyond a few people in the front row. I knew they could see me, because I’d been watching Marian, but I couldn’t see them. Moreover, I knew that it appeared to them like I was making eye contact when I looked out randomly into the tent, but I totally was just playacting.

I will forever be grateful to Liam, who was right there in the front row. I used him as my anchor. Thanks, Liam!

Despite my nervousness, it actually went really well. People laughed in all the right places (so much so that I needed to stop my first song at the “statutory crime” line to let the laughter die down) and I even got a few softball hecklers. (I think one was Liam, and I know one was Dahrien.) I got compliments from my friends at the end, which is always nice. I’m pretty sure my voice carried, and I loved getting the pop from the audience. Thanks, Marian, for inviting me!

Last night was the first actually cold night of War. The forecast called for a low of 12 C (low-50s F), and I don’t know if that’s what it was, but it was certainly cold enough that I needed my cloak. A bunch of the bardic types came back to camp after the show to chat, and I stayed up for a while with them, but I was falling asleep at the table and eventually decided to go to bed.

I woke up with icicle-cold feet, but at least the weather’s warming up a bit now. (Hopefully it’s won’t reach early-War brutal heat levels.)

Leonete came by this morning with my cotehardie. [Editor’s note: I commissioned it before War.] I love the color! The fit is quite loose, but Leonete is going to come by this afternoon and take in the back seam by about two inches, which will be perfect.

Now I’m going to go catch the bulk of Liam’s “Having Fun in the SCA” class, then later is the Beowulf roundtable and, of course, the Hoity Toity party. Onwards!

mid-afternoon – Marauders

For a day in which I’ve been moving around a moderate amount, I haven’t actually got that much accomplished. I started the day by going to Liam’s “Having Fun in the SCA” class, where Ernst was a surprise guest presenter.

Then I did a bit of wandering: up to Northshield in an attempt to give a ring to Orla (she wasn’t home), Dione Sidhe to play with Johann and perform the rubber duckies song, down to Concordia (also no one home), and over to Erwillian’s (couldn’t perform because someone was singing outside) and Efenwealt’s (no new CDs). In the end, I bought Vince’s new CD, checked out booksellers’ row (only one book I wanted, but it was $250), and headed over to “Beowulf: the Roundtable.” Most of the stuff discussed I’d already heard in various venues, but it was fun anyway.

At camp, I discovered we were having a mini-potluck lunch, the highlight of which was a goat-cheese cheddar. I also discovered Marian, whom I had just enough time to say hi to and then she disappeared. I performed “The Scottish Champion” for Maggie over at the Tudor House, and now we’ve got some tea just off the stove. Yes, it’s slightly warm for tea, but surprisingly not unbearably so.

Oddly, I’ve got about $100 of spending money left and no idea what to spend it on. I was planning on spending it on CDs, but there really aren’t any new ones. (Efenwealt assures me that next year there will be.) Maybe I should get someone to go shopping with me.

late afternoon – Marauders

Alethea answered my call for a window-shopping partner. We wound up (eventually) at White Wolf and Phoenix, where I considered buying a card- or heddle-woven belt. But they’re expensive, so then I thought about just buying thicker yarn than I’ve got now. Long story short: a lot of back-and-forth wandering later, I discovered a place right behind the barn, across from Rolant’s, that sells 100% wool skeins in the size I want for $4 each. They’re kind of scratchy, but for a belt, I don’t necessarily care. The thing is, I know I’m not very crafty, and I can get wool back home. Yes, it will be cheaper than buying a belt, but will I actually get around to it? I could just buy a much-nicer-than-I-could-make belt and actually have something wearable. I’ll think about it. I could also just save my money so I can go to more events in the States.

I’ve got an hour and a bit before dinner. Where the heck do I want to wander?

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