Pennsic 2011 Diary: Friday, August 12

after breakfast – Marauders

There was a mighty flurry of activity last night after dinner as we all madly finished up the sewing for the various outfits we were making for the Casa Bardicci Hoity Toity party. Sisuile finished putting the trim on Reuven’s spiffy tunic; I needed to re-sew a couple of the ties on my sleeves, etc.

Then, of course, we all needed to get dressed. I needed help, like a true Renaissance lady. (I think my phrase “I need someone to tie me up” may have missed the quote book, but maybe not.) Sisuile did my hair in two rows of French braids, which were lovely. And, yes, there are pictures.

Then it was down to the Casa in a seven-person procession: me, Jeanne, Sisuile, Ki Lin, Reuven, Eduardo, and Eirik, each of us looking more beautiful/handsome than the last. I started speaking in a pretty ridiculous French accent on the way down, to better establish our cover story: the Baron’s charming cousin from France (i.e. me) was returning a necklace the Baron had left at her estates, as well as a guard he’d loaned (i.e. Reuven). The gate-guards didn’t hassle us too much (the necklace contained nine pieces of Bardicci gold), and in we went.

I met up with Katrusha, and she, Jeanne, and I wandered around, checked out Gaston’s apartment, and sat down in one of the entry apartments to people-watch as they came in. There was excellent food, as always, including a strawberry shortcake station that was utterly delicious.

Then the Baron was ready to make his grand entrance, a gaggle of beautiful women trailing him (including me). That number eventually dwindled to just me, but for most of the evening, they all followed in true fashion. [Editor’s note: See? When you’re a friend of the Bardicci, you get to do things like be on the Baron’s arm all evening.] We mingled, watched the Tynkers, Wolgemut, and court dancers, ate nibbles, and had a wonderful time. Until about three-quarters of the way through, I was speaking in my ridiculous accent and liberally sprinkling in French words.

Eventually, when it was just the Baron and I, we had our insta-portraits taken by the official house photographer. There’s a great shot of me kissing the Baron’s check that I absolutely want a copy of. [Editor’s note: It’s here!]

It was very, very cold last night, so I borrowed one of the Bardicci guard tabards to keep me warm on the walk up the hill. I got to bed sometime around 2:15 and slept in to a decadent 8:30.

And now the two camp toddlers are playing with a giant inflatable shark. It’s adorable. And hilarious.

Today’s plans include a noon class and ideally the Enchanted Ground circle tonight. Sometime between the two, Katrusha is baking cookies and I need to sing for Erwillian. Also, I need to cash my last two traveler’s checks and pack, just in case my allergies act up and I need to leave tomorrow morning instead of Sunday. For now, though, I should get dressed.

somewhat later – same place

With luck, that’s the last shower I take at Pennsic this year. Not that we’ve got a bad shower here: we’ve got good pressure and decent hot water (except this morning – that’ll teach me to shower while the breakfast dishes are being done). And it’s definitely better than trekking down to the solars or communal showers. Still, I’d like a shower where the shampoo-holder isn’t growing its own ecosystem, where I can let the water run without fear of overflowing a sump, where I’ve got conditioner for my hair. For a camp shower, the Marauders’ is very nice… but it doesn’t hold a candle to the one in my apartment.

In other news, I finally got my hands on a Calontir teaching CD! Yay! Thanks, Dorcas, and thanks, Sisuile, for making it happen!

mid-afternoon – Marauders

This is the part of War that makes me melancholy. The tents are coming down, the cars have reappeared in the streets, and when you say goodbye to people, you need to say, “And in case I don’t see you again, have a safe journey home.” That said, my camp-mates are doing a good job of entertaining me and my allergies seem to be mostly in check, at least so far. But still, Pennsic is clearly coming down.

I did a final little wander this morning, to EK Royal to visit Ernst and Freya, and to Efenwealt’s where I ran into Marian. I went to the roundtable on women and storytelling. I bought some more cotton thread, so now I have a wide variety of colors. But today has mostly been about saying goodbye and asking when people are leaving.

I miss Marc, but I also miss Pennsic, even though I’m still here. It’s just not the same now that teardown is underway. I really do think the last “real” day of Pennsic is Thursday War Week. By Friday, it’s only pseudo-War. I haven’t seen anyone in mundanes yet, but I’ll be surprised if I haven’t by dinnertime. On that note, I should probably pack a bit.

slightly later – same place

It occurs to me I don’t actually have that much to pack. Almost everything is still in bins, and the stuff that isn’t will get put into plastic bags, and then there’s just bedding. I don’t need to do a terribly good packing job; it’s just my own stuff and I’ve got plenty of space in the car. So… what to do now?

late afternoon – Marauders

I got to eat Katrusha’s hot-out-of-the-oven ginger-cardamom shortbread and play with Johann while he was in a good mood. Even for almost the end of War, I count this as a successful afternoon. (Johann’s new game for today: stand in the road outside the camp, shout “Go!”, and run down the road while giggling wildly. Fun!)

I’m somewhat congested, but if this is as far as it goes, I’ll be happy.

Also, Leonete fixed my cotehardie so it fits now. Thanks, Leonete!

Dinner tonight is leftovers, and hopefully after that Enchanted Ground is still running a circle. If not, I’ll go hunting for one.

somewhat later – same place

I got a couple of nice compliments today. One was from Aoife, who said (and I paraphrase, because I don’t remember the exact wording), “You’re the purest bard I know,” because I actually go around being a wandering performer. The other was from John Inchingham, who came by to visit. He asked me whether I had considered booking my own concert at Pennsic. I hadn’t, mostly because I don’t feel I’m at the point where I can stand up on stage by myself for an hour, but the thought that he thinks I might be at that level is very flattering. John mentioned that maybe I could tag-team a concert with someone, and that’s an idea I might pursue. For now, I think I might just continue posting individual pieces on YouTube (my channel here) and maybe iBards.

sunset – Marauders

All my stuff is packed and placed in two rough piles: stuff that goes into the car and stuff that goes into John’s tent. Next step: take down the tent, get the car, and put it where the tent currently is. (Potential intermediary step: figure out which cars are blocking my tent and get them to temporarily move.) Sadly, I can’t find John, who knows how to take my tent down.

I’m decked out in my full Enchanted Ground outfit, because that just seemed easier than making another pile of stuff I want for tonight. Yes, I’m still planning on going to Enchanted Ground. Fiana says it’s happening, even if Unnr and Charles are skeptical.

Beautiful full moon coming up in the east right now. Yellow and beautiful. I’ll miss the stars when I’m back home.

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