Pennsic 2012 Diary

Pennsic 41: The Pocket Bard Goes Green

This year, I was honored to receive a green (apprentice) belt from Mistress Marian of Heatherdale. I’d been her student for two years, since Pennsic 39, and this year Mistress Marian approached me about formalizing the relationship. I naturally said yes. There may have been a bit of squeeing involved too, but only very quietly so as not to scare her off. Otherwise, Pennsic was very pleasant other than the heat and occasional downpours… which is to say, pretty much par for the course at Pennsic.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

sunset – in line for Troll

The good news is that the drive down to Pennsic was entirely uneventful. Even the border crossing was quick and painless. I picked up Jeanne around 8:00 a.m. and we arrived on-site around 6:30 p.m. Even the detour directions were clear and extremely well marked. There didn’t seem to be much damage from the multiple thunderstorms to trees or power lines. Both of us were extremely happy to see the tents as we turned onto Currie Road.

The bad news is that the storm this afternoon apparently knocked out the generator to the new electronic troll-in system and we haven’t moved in two hours. I’d call Ernst or John to come out and meet us, but the roaming fees are so ridiculous ($1.45 / minute, $0.75 / text, $10 / meg data) that I’ve been hesitant.

So instead we listened to the last hour and a half of my audiobook (Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys; next year, I definitely need to burn it to CD and not rely on the FM transmitter), said hi to Danr who was parked a few rows over to the left and Wheezie who was parked a few rows to the right. Jeanne had some tuna and crackers, but I’m (thankfully) still not hungry. I worry the Beast and Boar will be closed by the time we’ve finally trolled in, but on the other hand, I seriously doubt I’ll go hungry at Pennsic. And Jeanne has just informed me that they’re letting people stuck at Troll buy things at the food court, so there you go.

The porto nearest us is seriously disgusting, but thankfully the ones a little further down aren’t.

There are cars moving – slowly and sporadically – so hopefully they’ve fixed the tech issues. But maybe I’ll buy some food anyway. I’m not really hungry, but I haven’t eaten in seven hours and I probably will be by the time this is all done.

It’s so frustrating to be so close to Pennsic, and yet not able to enter. In a few days, I’ll be laughing about this. It’ll be a good “only Pennsic is worth the frustration that only Pennsic causes” story. For now, though, irritation.

half-hour later – same place

Food has been acquired and eaten. For someone who wasn’t hungry, I certainly ate it fast enough. No one stopped me when I walked to the food court, which is tantamount to permission, anyway.

Jeanne went as far as the Marauders and brought back a cookie for me for dessert, courtesy of Edith. And so the tradition of tasty-but-unhealthy Pennsic eating recommences.

The row to the right of us is moving now. I just wonder whether we’re going to be next, or whether – due to some weird stacking – they’re going to go to other rows first.

Also, my windshield is completely fogged up from the inside and there’s barely any light left. So much for arriving early and unpacking during the day.

On the other hand, there are situations one can do things about, and situations one can’t. The foggy windshield can be (and has been) fixed. The waiting in an unmoving Troll line cannot. The most I can do, maybe, is write bluesy or satirical songs about it. “The Waiting at Troll Blues” or something. Not really in the mood for song-writing right now, but if another row starts moving before ours, the gall much press me into it.

later – same place

We were not next, or even after-next. Song has been written and performed for Queen Avelina (parked a few cars behind us) and for other people. Because I’m the Pocket Bard and that’s what I do.

Also, Marion’s here. I told her to say hi to Ernst for me, ‘cause I doubt I’m getting father than camp today.

Also-also, there are reports that Troll was hit by lightning during the thunder-storm, hence the hold up. I will at least admit that this probably counts as unforeseen circumstances / acts of God. [Editor’s note: It was actually a merchant extremely close to troll that got hit by lightning. Thankfully no one was hurt.]

Forward to Sunday, July 29


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