Pennsic 2012 Diary: Sunday, July 29

after breakfast – Marauders

In the end, it took us just over four hours to get through Troll. Which meant that instead of arriving with several hours of daylight in which to unpack and set up, we arrived in the muddy dark. And while my tent is already set up for me (thanks, Marauders!), there was nothing on the ground, and I didn’t really feel like setting up in the dark anyway, so I set up my air mattress on the floor of John’s tent, with a wool blanket beneath me and my cloak on top. I would have pulled out my sleeping bag, but it was more-or-less inaccessible.

I said hello to the Marauders in camp – John, Ki Lin, Alethea, and Edith – and then went on a mini-wander to say to to Ernst and the folks at High Rafters. Got lots of hugs, which is always appreciated. By the time I was done that, it was somewhat after 12:30 and I decided it was time to sleep.

It was a cold night last night, though the wool below and above me worked well. As expected, my body forced me awake around 6:30, both because of a full bladder and, annoyingly, calf cramps that I suspect were due to dehydration. We don’t really have water set up in camp yet, though there are bottles I should partake of.

I finally convinced myself to go to the portos, went back to bed, and slept until the decadent hour of 8:45. I’m still wearing yesterday’s clothes because my garb is not super-accessible yet and there’s still no floor on my tent. I’ll probably get the stuff out of the car soon, even if I can’t quite put it in the tent yet.

So far today I’ve eaten breakfast (eggs and sausage from Seraphina and home-made bread with home-made jam courtesy of Edith); tried to fill out an oh-my-God form at Chirurgeons’, only to be informed that they don’t have them anymore (annoying!); helped set up Jay’s merchanting tent (I’m helping!… minimally!); and said hi to Benvolio at the Tudor house. Also moved my car because it was in the way. I really want to get dressed properly, but for now I should probably help set up camp.

around noon – Marauders

I can hammer stakes! Very poorly! And tie clove-hitches! Somewhat better!

In related news, the big tent is about half-up (stakes and half the poles are in, but not he middle poles), and now everyone is off on a storage locker run. My car is unpacked but nothing is in my tent due to the aforementioned lack of flooring. Eh, it’ll happen.

I really dislike setup Sunday. I just wish everything was up and ready. Of course, so does everyone else. I am hardly unique in this.

Now watching Aethelmearc Royal being set up. Fun!

somewhat later – same place

A brief wander to Dione Sidhe and Concordia later, and I’m back. The truck is unloaded. The big excitement right now is that the shower floor nicked one of the main seams of the big tent so that we’ve got an area that will leak when it goes up. I have no doubt it’ll be fixed… eventually.

mid-afternoon – Marauders

Lunch acquired (tomato and mozzarella, hard-boiled eggs, a nectarine, and an apricot cookie). It was tasty, light, and not too unhealthy.

The big news is that the big camp tent is up, as well as the hammock, and my tent is (finally) set up. According to my thermometer, it’s about 36 degrees in  my tent… in the shade. [Editor’s note: I’m Canadian. All temperature values are in Celsius. So 36 degrees is really annoyingly hot.] But it’s set up, and that’s the important thing. Still not in garb, but I’ll get there eventually. Right now I’m taking a water break.

I realize I’ll have to go back to my car today or tomorrow. It’s parked in a lovely spot in row 8, but I need to put my jeans and mundane hat in there, and take out my teddy bear. Sorry, Grunty! I didn’t mean to leave you in the car! I just have heat brain!

I’m very tired now. That’s probably a sign I haven’t had enough water. I’ve had a liter and a half, which is almost certainly not enough. Also, sweating a lot. Stupid heat.

before dinner – Marauders

Shortly after writing last, I got myself garbed up – finally.  Decided to wear my one sideless surcoat because my apron-dresses are too tight for the heat. I may need to borrow some from Edith again, or buy more of my own. (Or maybe ask John to make one or two for me.)

Being properly dressed, I decided to wander farther afield than the food court, which is as far as I’d made it to that point. Sadly, I first needed to go in entirely the wrong direction, up to parking, to deposit my jeans and take back my teddy bear. I stopped in at Dione Sidhe to play with Johann (who was very happy in his kiddy pool), and then got a lift up to row 8 of parking from a random kind gentle.

Then it was back to cmap to drop off the teddy bear, over to Troll to sign up for shifts (tomorrow and middle Saturday afternoons), swing by EK Royal (Ernst wasn’t home), try and fail to find Herald’s Point (closed until Wednesday), and check out the merchants behind the barn (didn’t find anyone I knew). As I was contemplating trundling down the hill to Eoforwic, I encountered Toki going exactly there, so I caught a lift with him. I gave hugs to some friends, then heard Emer calling my name and suddenly found myself in the midst of small children coloring. I love Eoforwic! I stayed there for a while, enjoying the cooling-off air and the presence of small children, but around 6:15 I decided to come back up to camp because dinner would be served in the moderate future.

Coming up the hill, I encountered Connor from our camp, who had never been to the Vagabond, so we went over to see if it was open. It was! Huzzah! Connor ordered a Turkish coffee as I chatted with the staff, and just as we were about to leave, who should walk in but some of my favorite Harpwood Hall people: Marian of Heatherdale, Pierro, Garraed, and Vincenzo. They were taking advantage of a new Vagabond offering: curry. They invited me to join them. I nearly said no, but I figured I might not have the chance again, so I said goodbye to Connor and joined the bards as they had supper and I stole some of their nibblies and had a (super-refreshing!) iced Moroccan mint tea. It was great seeing them all; I’m so happy I had the chance.

Came back to camp around 7:00. Ran into Alaric along the way and a bardic friend of his, Elie. He mentioned there was gonna be a major push at the Casa tonight, so I went by Dione Sidhe to tell Katrusha, only to realize everyone was out. So I left her a note tucked into a loop in the rope at the front of her tent, and came back to the Marauders. And now dinner’s served – more later!

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