Pennsic 2012 Diary: Monday, July 30

before breakfast – Marauders

Lovely, somewhat quiet evening yesterday. Supper was tacos (thanks, Seraphina!), during which Dolan and Owen Alun stopped by to say hi. Owen went back to his camp to sleep, but Dolan stuck around for a mini-bardic with me and Lorelei, with a few Marauders in attendance. The theme was mostly “stuff that happened at Pennsic,” with John providing a few stories for punctuation.

After a few hours, I got wanderlust, so Dolan joined me in a meandering to High Rafters, where we hung out for a while, and then Inner Vagabond, where we met up with Connor and a friend of his whose name I have sadly forgotten (sorry, m’lady!). I had a very tasty drinking chocolate. Yes, this does mean that I went to the Vagabond twice in one day. Because it’s Pennsic, and I can.

Got back to my tent in the dark, only to discover that my electric lantern wasn’t working. I don’t know if it’s the batteries or the lightbulb… I’ll have to figure it out later. [Editor’s note: It was the batteries. I fixed it later.] But it was quite late, I had no water, and I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet. I managed it in the end, but I really do need to get my routine down and settled.

Got to bed slightly after 1:00 a.m., woke up at 7:30 with a very full bladder. Honestly, it was later than I’d expected. No one was up yet, at least not that I could see, so I went back to bed for a half-hour. And now I’m up and journaling in the common area, waiting for breakfast.

Plans today are fluid. I don’t have anywhere to be until my Troll shift at 4, and later there’s Rhodri’s bardic at Calontir. Camp is… well, not set up per se, but set up enough that I’m willing to wander without too much guilt. So I may go down to the Bog for the first time this War. Yay, more hello hugs! Maybe I’ll do a shift at University Point also.

early afternoon – Marauders

A lovely, meandering day so far. I figured that since I didn’t have anything to do until later today, I’d got out the camps I don’t normally get to. First on the list: Sharcpit. There was chai, though I didn’t get any (boo!) and also hugs, which I did (yay!). Also, Thorson hired me to provide “theme music” to Duke Bronos (sp?) of Darkyard. It’s a long and apparently hilarious story. I stopped by Darkyard, but Duke Bronos wasn’t there; I guess I’ll have to go back later.

Then it was on to some more usual haunts: Dione Sidhe to play with Johann, Concordia to visit Magnus and Finula, and High Rafters to say hi to everyone. Then down into the Bog for the first time with War. I got to visit Tadea and Angus and hang out for a while with Pierro, Garraed, and Vincenzo at Harpwood Hall. Casa Bardicci was having a mini-push of building so I didn’t stay long, but I did hang out for a while with the small children of Eoforwic. (I love that camp!) They didn’t invite me for lunch, though, and it was getting on lunchtime, so I grabbed Ernst and brought him to Your Inner Vagabond. I got a hummus plate that I couldn’t finish on my own, and a pomegranate-passionfruit julab that I think was actually a sharbat. It was very refreshing, anyway.

By the time I was done there, it was about an hour until my Troll shift, so I checked in at University Point (this year’s medallion: “the lamp of knowledge”) and brought my Inner Vagabond leftovers back to camp.

I’m kinda tired. It’s hot out, though not the unbearable heat that Pennsic can sometimes be. I just sorta feel like lying down for a while. Can’t, mind you, because of my imminent Troll shift, but maybe after.

before dinner – Marauders

After a brief stop off at High Rafters with Toki and Emer, I went to my Troll shift. Things were just slow enough that I couldn’t really have conversations with anyone but there was a lot of downtime. I spent most of my shift prepping site books, which was fine. Pierro showed up to join me on my shift, which was very cool. The one downside was the station I was at (parking tag validation) got direct sunlight as I was there, making me extremely hot towards the end.

Got back to camp to find the kitchen set up, the shower more-or-less set up, and the shelving in the process of going up. I ran a brief errand to the Coopers Store to pick up some lamp oil funnels, which we had lost.

Then I did something I have never done at Pennsic before: I checked my email. Normally I wouldn’t, but I wanted to make sure nothing had exploded at work. Thankfully, nothing had.

And now it’s dinnertime.

o’dark – my tent

Sang for Duke Bronos after dinner. Two songs: “Pennsic Blues” by Hector and “Serious Steel” by Leslie Fish. It was a bit intimidating walking into a totally foreign camp to perform, but it seems to have gone over well, and I can tell Thorson that the job’s done.

Came back just in time to help put up some tents. I wasn’t able to be super-helpful, due to my shortness and my puny arm strength. Thankfully there are stronger and taller people on hand. I got light-headed towards the end, though, and decided to lie down on the floor of my tent.

Now it’s very dark and I can barely see the words I’m writing. Sooner or later I’ll put on my wool overtunic and head down the street to Calontir, but maybe I’ll lie down a little longer.

shortly after – same place

The good news is that I got my electric lantern working again, so now I can see my writing. The problem was two depleted batteries, which have been swapped out for fresh. Yay, light!

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