Pennsic 2012 Diary: Tuesday, July 31

after breakfast – Marauders

Bardic last night was fun. Given that it was the first bardic of War, just about everyone came out to it. There was some wonderful stuff: Morgana did two great stories: “Thor marries the king of the giants” and “Utah.” (The latter about one of her early Pennsics when she was working at Troll. It’s hilarious.) Emer did “Come and Be Welcome” and a great Irish angry woman song I hadn’t heard before. Johannes did a hilarious song about a calligrapher that I absolutely must learn. Lorelei’s “Drums over Pennsic” went extremely well. I performed once near the beginning with “Emperor Nero Gives Birth to a Frog” (soon to be posted on YouTube) and then waited for the circle to come arund again… and waited… and waited. It was probably about two hours, a consequence of so many great bards showing up. Eventually I performed my new “Hours at Troll” song.

I ended the evening by heckling Wolgemut, which they seemed to invite but then I pushed a bit too hard and got politely told by the lead to shut up. I hung my head and did an exaggerated shuffle to stand in the corner. Lorelei seems to think that I’m some sort of bardic hero for standing up to them, but I’m not entirely certain why. On the other hand, there may need to be a song based on the line, “The difference between a professional and an amateur is a tuna.” (A tuner. You had to be there.)

Got to bed around 1:30, woke up around 8:00. My body thankfully seems to have passed through the “you, porto, now!” stage. Thank God. No real plans for the day except doing breakfast garbage, taking a shower, and shopping for fabric with Katrusha. I don’t even know anything happening this evening. I should fix that.

somewhat later – same place

I am fed, showered, dressed in clean clothes, and full of the joy of new knowledge. Amie taught me how to fingerloop braid – yay! It’s so pretty! Thanks, Amie! (I may need to get thicker yarn now…)

mid-afternoon – Marauders

Looking back on the day so far, it sort of feels like I should have done more, even though I know I’ve done quite a bit… I think. I headed over to Dione Sidhe after my fingerloop braiding lesson and spent some time playing with Johann. Also, they gave me scones. Because they’re awesome. I managed to keep myself to just one, but I really wanted a second. So tasty!

Then I went off shopping with Katrusha and Johann. We said hi to the various merchants we both knew, and picked up enough linen for Katrusha to make me two tunics/dresses: one dark purple, one turquoise. Also a half-yard of extremely un-period sky blue for trim, just because I could and it was gorgeous.

Calontir Trim was closed, so we went over to Your Inner Vagabond for a light lunch. Today’s julab combinations: blood orange and jasmine (strong but refreshing), lemon and mint (highly refreshing if you like mint), and lime and coconut (starts with a refreshing lime and then punches you in the taste buds with coconut). I also had my first baklava of the War… yum!

Johann found a friend at the Vagabond, about a year younger than him. It was hilarious. Defeintely my quota of laughs for the day. Also ran into Unnr, Charles, and their two kids, the younger of whom is young enough (8 months) that this is his first Pennsic.

From there I said hi to Ernst, checked out Calontir Trim again (Drix is there but only opening later this evening), and went back to the northern merchants to buy a sideless surcoat I’d seen earlier in the day. On the way, I ran into Alaric and Dunstable. (There may yet be “an edifying class on the lives of the saints” offered at the Casa this year. We’ll see.) Then I bought the lovely sage-green linen sideless surcoat, so I’ll have a second light-and-loose overdress to wear during the day when I don’t want apron-dresses. The two problems: 1. It’s unadorned, so I’ll have to buy trim, and 2. It’s much too long, so I’ll need John to hack off the hem for me when he’s got his sewing machine set up. Given that I’m now sitting on his bed in the middle of the common area where the sewing table usually is, that probably won’t be until later.

Efenwealt isn’t set up yet, but I’ll definitely need to get CDs soon. I may not wind up getting a loom; we’ll see.

Other things I should do: go back to Troll to get trained on the stuff I didn’t do yesterday, change money (to be done tomorrow), buy trim, and get farther away than the merchant area. Still not sure what’s happening tonight. I may try to get to High Rafters or the Bog. Only time will tell.

late afternoon – Marauders

After writing last, I took a little nap until John got back and needed some help unloading his van. I figured that would be an opportune moment to get trained on the new Troll system, so I grabbed some water and did that. I figured since I was out anyway, I’d check out Herlad’s Point (which I finally found) and introduce myself to Geese (sp?), the woman in charge. The system seems to be that there are no set shifts, and you just show up whenever you have time. They don’t open until tomorrow, though. [Editor’s note: I never did wind up working a shift there. That’s the problem with me and nebulous time commitments.]

I was on my way back to camp when I ran into Toki and Emer and followed them back to Eoforwic and got a private workshop with Toki on some of the more problematic saint stories I plan to tell tomorrow. Very, very helpful! Now I just need to do a few run-throughs. Or maybe not. I’ll see how industrious I’m feeling.

I heard Northshield is doing an informal bardic tonight, so at least now I have options.

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