Pennsic 2012 Diary: Wednesday, August 1

after breakfast – Marauders

Last night was the early bedtime that wasn’t. After a tasty stir fry supper (thanks, Seraphina!), I got Vikinged up in my new green-and-orange apron dress and headed over to the Vagabond to support Lorelei while she played her set. Yes, the Vagabond. Again. You’d think I only get to have it two weeks a year. Yesterday’s drinks: drinking chocolate (creamy and lovely but not refreshing) and mango and ginger (tasty!).

Had a great time watching Lorelei and occasionally feeding her lines and requests. I’m super-impressed with buskers, by the way. If I’d tried to play in a crowded coffee house for three hours, I would have blown out my voice and probably left fairly disappointed.

I was starting to fade so I decided to come back to camp, even though it was a ridiculously early 11:30. But I got drawn into chatting with Ernst, and then when I came back to camp I discovered we had guests (including Rhodri) and the chocolate library was out. Everyone had a great time watching newcomers sample the “Israeli ordinance chocolate,” which is an Israeli chocolate with pop rocks in it. Weird. After I’d had that, I definitely needed better chocolate, so I sat around trading “no shit, there I was” stories.

By the time I went to bed, it was past 1. So much for an early bedtime.

As an aside, my new boxers are not working as well as the ones I had last year. The waistband is too high, the crotch is too low, and the legs don’t go down far enough. Next year, perhaps I’ll use cut-off pajama pants if I can find some cheap ones. [Editor’s note: The boxers are part of my continual quest to find a cheap under-layer I can use to prevent my thighs from rubbing together and causing me pain. I obviously have not yet found the right solution.]

Today I’m teaching my saints’ lives class. I’ve been trying to hype it, so hopefully I’ll get a good number of students. After that are a few classes I probably won’t take, and Haakon’s circle tonight. Also, I should hit the merchant area to buy trim for my new surcoat, change over some money, and find out whether Efenwealt thinks he’s singing for his supper this week. Also, John’s gonna take up the hem of my surcoat when the sewing machine comes out.

Now to prep my class and stuff.

late morning – Marauders

Class went really well. I’d prepped about 30 handouts and actually ran out. Did about fifteen minutes on the Golden Legend and then launched into the stories. In an hour, I did 13, which means that they’re shorter than I’d anticipated, which is actually a good thing. Toki’s and Emer’s help was really apparent – the stories were way better than they would have been if I had tried to go it alone.

A lot of the storytellers I admire were there: Fridrikr, Owen, Aton, and (yay!) Marian and Pierro. Also a lot of people I don’t know at all, which was super-cool. Well, cool as in awesome, not cool as in temperature. The new A&S tents are warm. And filling them with 40 people makes them warmer still, even with the walls up. I don’t normally sweat much, but I felt the sweat pooling on the small of my back. (Charming image, I know.)

In any case, people laughed at the appropriate moments, clapped at the end, and no one lynched me, so I think that’s a net win. Now it’s time to go shopping.

mid-afternoon – Marauders

An edifying afternoon! I picked up some trim from Drix and said hi to Efenwealt (no new CDs in yet), dropped it off in camp, and headed out again. Ate “lunch” with Alethea (ice cream for her, devilled eggs and plums for me), and then went down to Eoforwic. Got to chat with Hector for a while, who sympathized with my need to rewrite the end of my State Dinner poem. Speaking of which, when Hector needed to go off to take care of the kids, I decided to do the actual rewrite, which was more annoying than anticipated, but I got it done in the end.

[Editor’s note: I was heralding Liam St. Liam into the Monday War Week State Dinner with a poem that described the events of his quest. Ernst decided to “hepp”, thus changing the events and necessitating the rewrite with five days’ notice.]

Then it was down to Shauna’s Camp, where I performed the story about St. Julian and got an impromptu lesson on brocade tablet weaving. The main takeaway for me was: “Brocade tablet weaving takes way too long, and you’ll never catch me doing it.” Still, very pretty.

Bardicci was in the middle of building, so I went on to Harpwood Hall and met Garraed there. Just as I was thinking of leaving, I ran into Maraha, and since neither of us were planning on doing much of anything, we went to the Vagabond (yes, again). On the menu: Moroccan mint tea for him, jasmine tea for me, both iced. I must remember not to get my tea sweetened again – way too sweet. Anyway, I helped him with versifying a bit of one of his stories, and we chatted for a while.

I hung out at EK Royal for a while after, waiting for Ernst to come back, but he never did and I got wanderlust. I’ll just have to perform the new ending for him later.

Now I’m back in camp but will probably move again soon. It’s been nice weather so far today, hot but with a nice breeze. Hopefully it stays that way.

before dinner – Marauders

I admit it: I’ve succumbed to technology. This is the first year I’ve owned a smart phone and, coincidentally, the first year I’ve really felt the need to check in on what’s happening at work, even on vacation. Normally, the matter would have ended there: I told my boss I wouldn’t be checking in and he was okay with that. I’ve never been into Mystic Mail and have no intention of starting. And roaming data rates on my plan are ridiculously high: about $10/meg. So I was planning on putting the phone away and not touching it until after War.

Then one of my campmates set up a wifi network.

Yes, welcome to the geeky world of McGuire’s Marauders: come for the food, stay for the internet.

It started with just a fast email check to make sure nothing had blown up at work. Then another. Today I figured that while I was online anyway, I’d check the “Flat Freya Goes A-Viking” facebook group I’d heard about and catch up on some LJ. I am a shamed Pocket Bard who has broken her 8-year trend of completely disconnecting from tech at War.

On the other hand, I plan to keep these email checks to no more than one a day, and I’ve only used up 12% battery in four days, which is less than I generally use on the bus ride into work, so it hasn’t been too bad. But still, I worry that this is a slippery slope and I will have to be very careful not to slide to the bottom.

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