Pennsic 2012 Diary: Thursday, August 2

before breakfast – Marauders

A mostly stationary night last night. After bigos and pierogies dinner (you’re so awesome, Seraphina!), I changed into my orange apron dress (annoyingly, the seams are already starting to pull) and escorted Edith down to Tegmata.

Got back just in time for Haakon’s circle to start and pretty much stayed there for the rest of the night. On the whole I thought the caliber was quite good: Morgana did a story about a Norse god giving the gift of the longship to man; Toki did the Lay of Thorpatrick; a young bard from Northshield named Gregor did a fantastic song about enemies joining each other as friends at Ragnarock… lots of good stuff. On the other hand, I think Haakon’s circle might be a victim of its own success: it was so big that most people only got to perform once. I was lucky enough to show up super-early and performed twice in the first 20 minutes or so, Hector’s “Pennsic Blues” and the story of St. Julian causing a man pretending to be dead to actually die, which is starting to get decently polished now. While I was preparing other stuff to do in case Haakon asked, he never did, and the circle closed out sometime between 11 and midnight.

I walked as far as the behind-the-barn merchants with some friends and walked back with Aife, and went to bed shortly after midnight.

Not much on for today: breakfast trash duty, John Lyttleton’s bardic coaching, and the bardic here in camp. There are other classes I may or may not take, and I should probably shower at some point. For now, though, breakfast.

morning – Marauders

Lovely morning so far. I am breakfasted, showered, and wearing clean clothes. We also had some impromptu bardic at the breakfast table and John is being very helpful and taking up the hem of my new surcoat. Add to that the beautiful weather, clear and slightly breezy, and it’s shaping up to be an excellent day.

early afternoon – Battlefield A&S Pavilion

A slowly meandering day so far. John measured me to take up the hem of my surcoat (and then finished it while I was gone), and then I went over to Dione Sidhe to tell saint stories to Mistress Brid. I didn’t get through all of them, but did four or five and they all seemed to go over well. Also, they fed me scones. Yay, scones!

After about an hour there, I went over to Concordia to hang out with a bunch of people there. They fed me a few spears of pickled green beans, which were unexpectedly tasty given that I don’t usually like pickled vegetables.

Then it was back to camp for a while and over to the food court with John McGuire. Well… circuitously, anyway. We stopped in at Oakwood Hall first, where John browsed painted plates and I went over to visit Erwilian. Given that things were quieter than this morning, I took the occasion to sing Hector’s “Pennsic Blues” and tell the story of St. Anastasia’s maidservants. (Yes, again. The Pocket Bard goal is to avoid having the same people hear the same piece twice, not to avoid performing the same piece twice. I just need to prevent overlapping audiences.)

We did eventually get lunch. John got a burger but I didn’t feel like hot food, so I picked up some hard-boiled eggs and a tomato-and-mozzarella salad from the produce vendor. (I also picked up two plums but ran out of appetite before I finished them, so I gave them to Reuven.)

I would have gone to the Vagabond, but at that point there was only an hour until John Lyttleton’s bardic coaching, so I decided to forgo it in favor of a brief visit to EK Royal and some of my merchant buddies. Then onwards to the battlefield to find the A&S tent, where I am now. I may have made a miscalculation, though: I didn’t bring water, thinking there would be some in the tent, and there isn’t. Oops. I may yet try to find a tent that has some.

For now, though, I think a 15-minute nap is in order. No one else is here. I really hope I’m in the right place.

after dinner – Marauders

Excellent, excellent semi-private class with Master John Lyttleton. It was only Katrusha and I who showed up, which meant we got quite a lot of workshopping time each. I started with “The Valkyrie” – main takeaways: don’t lean forward, remember the arc of the song and the imagery, and high notes need to “feel deep and root.” Second up was the poem I’m doing for the State Dinner. Master John recommended I do it completely serious, “just the facts, ma’am,” which apparently makes the “smokin’ hot” line absolutely hilarious. I’ll make my decision on that one later. And then I got a “projecting from the diaphragm 101” workshop. So… much helpfulness.

Got back just in time to meet up with Pierro (“Mr. Marian of Heatherdale”) and immediately decided to go to the Vagabond together. Which was, as always, lovely. Today’s sharbat choices: elderflower for me (light and refreshing) and milk rose and honey for him (OMG sweet!). Talked about storytelling and roleplaying, and got to watch A.J., Astrid, and a woman whose name I didn’t catch begin to play “Once Upon a Time.”

Then back to camp for a full Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, ham, two types of stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, and gingerbread pudding. Seraphina, have I mentioned how utterly awesome you are?

Then it was time to brush teeth, call Marc, and come back to the common area to be ambushed by a rogue Cerian and buy Lorelei’s CD. Write later!

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