Pennsic 2012 Diary: Friday, August 3

after breakfast – Marauders

Yesterday’s circle was excellent, and ended very, very late. We had a lot of big-name, heavy-hitting bards: Duke Cariadoc of the Bow, Yaakov, Cerin, Dolan, Rhodri, Owen, Fiana (though she didn’t stay long enough to perform), Michael Alewright… lots of excellent performers. Truth be told, even the newish performers were quite good. We got a lot more people than we were expecting – I think we topped out over 40 people and had a pretty consistent 30 for most of the evening, which was way cool.

Of course, the flip side of having so many people (like at Haakon’s) is that it took a long time to go around. I didn’t really mind too much, but for a circle that started at o’dark and ended around 2:30, we only went around twice plus one more time late in the evening when the circle had thinned to about 15 people. I did the Virgin of Antioch story early-ish in the evening and “Bloody Rotten Audience” later.

Around 12:30, I was starting to nod off, and if the circle was anywhere else, I would have gone home, but since I was one of the hosts, I had to stay up. I got a second wind around 1:30, but by the time I went to bed, it was almost 3:00.

And today I rediscovered that my bed does not let me sleep in, and I was up at 8:00 as usual. Oh, well. I don’t have anything on this morning or this evening, so it’ll be slow to ramp up (with lots of tea… strong tea) and probably an early bedtime. I don’t do well on less than five hours of sleep.

This afternoon I’ve got a bunch of classes: Toki’s, Maraha’s, and mine: “Your Persona in an Hour.” It’s good I can teach that class in my sleep, because I may have to.

morning – Marauders

Alethea planted plot-seeds in my brain and now I have a song called “Sixteen Shirts.” I blame Alethea. And now I must share it. This much wrongness can’t stay in one camp.

somewhat later – same place

Took a half-hour or so lie down on the floor of my tent, until the sun moved enough to be on my face. I didn’t really sleep per se, but I’m feeling slightly more functional, which is a good thing.

So. After writing this morning, I went around and performed my new song at Concordia, High Rafters, and for a bunch of merchants. Roland the Basket Man even let me pick out a pair of socks for free because he liked it so much. Thanks, Roland!

I had just enough time to head over to Toki’s “Storytelling to an Audience” class, which was mostly a refresher but fun nonetheless. Then it was time to teach “Your Persona in an Hour,” which had fewer students than I expected but also went pretty well. Did a bit of one-on-one coaching with one of my students after and then went to the food court, not because I was hungry but because it had been quite some time since I’d eaten anything and I felt I should. Ran into Pierro who told me Marian wants to go shopping with me. Not quite sure what that’s about.

I went to Maraha’s “Text to Voice” class. It only had two students, so we retired back to the Marauders instead of the stupid-hot A&S tent, and I left after 45 minutes or so to lie down. Still really wish I had somewhere air-conditioned to sleep for a few hours; I’m melting. (And sweating. A lot.)

Pennsic Independent came out today and I still haven’t seen it. I’ll have to get on that at some point. Later.

before dinner – Marauders

Spent an hour looking through the PI and then went out to get ice cream. I must say, it was one of today’s better ideas. Also got to play with Simonetta’s baby Miles. Ice cream and babies! Yay!

somewhat later – same place

My camp has a shark with a frickin’ laser on its head. Because we’re all geeks.

after dinner – same place

Apparently Val came by camp with enough material for a (third) shirt and everyone started smirking. My work here is done. At least until I write the next one.

o’dark – Vagabond

Took a shower and put on a new tunic and feel almost functional again, albeit very, very tired.

Random amusement: Aaron the 2-year-old, who spent the first few days of War being super-shy around me, has suddenly decided I’m his new best friend, to the point where he decided to come play in my tent and cried when I left camp. Kids are awesome.

I performed “Sixteen Shirts” for Val et al. Wrongness achieved.

I also got Ernst to introduce me to his grand-protégé Lissa, who’s running EKU. I agreed to come by around 12:30 tomorrow to act as a greeter. Not sure if I’ll stay for Liam’s whole class or not; we’ll see. I’ve also got a Troll shift at 4, so the afternoon may be kinda packed. Hopefully not as hot as today, though.

Speaking of hot, even though we’re an hour or so after dark, it still feels like it’s in the mid-20s. I may sleep on top of my covers tonight. I’m totally wiped, and much as the thought of going to bed before 11 at Pennsic is fundamentally wrong to me, it may be what happens anyway. I’m having trouble keeping my head up without being propped up by my hand.

Also, beautiful red full moon tonight. Blood moon for sure. It must mean war is coming.

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