Pennsic 2012 Diary: Saturday, August 4

after breakfast – Marauders

It was hot last night. Very hot. I started the night lying on top of my towels, on top of my covers. That was tolerable for a while, and eventually I pulled the covers over me, but I pretty much tossed and turned until past midnight. Then I came up with the bright idea of tossing my heavy cloak off the bed, and then things were okay. Well, except for the couple of bugs I found crawling around in the bed and tossed out. I was too tired to be angry or freaked out.

It’s supposed to be an equally hot day today, and I’m contemplating wearing my brown tunic on its own, at least until I do my official stuff this afternoon.

It’s getting to that point of War where I no longer know the names of all my campmates. We’re got the big influx of people today, and while I’m sure they’ll tell me their names, I’m equally sure I’ll forget many of them as I try to remember them all. Oh, well. Hopefully people will forgive me.

slightly after – my tent

It’s only 8:30 and already 29.5 degrees in my tent. Today is definitely a one-layer day. [Editor’s note: As a reminder, all temperature values are in Celsius.]

slightly later – same place

My belt really, really doesn’t fit me anymore. Time to go back to Plan B: two layers in light fabrics.

early afternoon – EK Royal

Lovely wandering morning, despite the heat. Stopped briefly by Concordia to say high to people and then down the hill to Harpwood Hall. Everyone was still there, so I got to hang out with everyone and play with the two babies. (Adrian, almost 2, Silence’s son, and Miles, 6 months, Simonetta’s son.) I took Adrian on a walk so we could go look at the cars, which was super-cute. Finally got to see Marian again; she made overtures about buying me a green belt to up my status to full apprentice. I think that would be super-cool, but I need to check that Ernst is okay with it first. Marian and I are going to talk more, maybe tonight.

Then it was over to the Casa to hang out with Gaston in his house overlooking the lake (I love his house!) and tell him the story about Emperor Nero giving birth to a frog. I then entertained a few more Bardicci that were sitting around, because I got my party token from Erwillian yesterday and feel I need to earn my keep.

I gave hugs to Grim, who was just arriving at Shauna’s Camp as I showed up. Then up the hill to Eoforwic to watch Hector and Sara make cheese – so cool! (In brief: heat and salt whole milk, pour in lemon juice, strain out the curds into a cheesecloth, and hang it up. Eventually add the flavorings you want. Apparently it’s super-awesome.)

I played with some of the Eoforwician children until they all went for lunch and it was time for me to greet people coming to Liam’s class at EK Royal. There were a few hiccups around that, but it all worked out in the end. I stood around sweating and smiling as people walked in, until it was long enough after start time that it was time to come sit and take the class.

My bead necklace just broke, but I was lucky enough to save most of it. I’ll need to restring it, though… again. With something stronger… again.

I don’t think I’ve been drinking enough water today.

after dinner – Marauders

Class was good, Troll was busy enough to not be boring, and I’m contemplating going down to Eoforwic for a second supper. (They’ve got 60 lbs of lamb and lemon cheese, among other things.)

Now I’m just waiting around in camp so we can present Seraphina with “Eggscalibur”: a frying pan with a sword hilt for a handle. (Slogan: “Anyone can pull a sword out of a stone. Only you can pull a kitchen out of a cornfield.”) Danr made it. ‘Cause he’s awesome.

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