Pennsic 2012 Diary: Sunday, August 5

after breakfast – Marauders

Obviously the lack-of-rain thing was too good to last. I’m only surprised that I got through all of first week without getting rained on.

So. Yesterday night I did indeed have second dinner at Eoforwic. They had salad, rice, home-made cheese, dried fruit, olives… and 70 lbs of lamb. This, kids, is why I don’t lose weight at Pennsic. I may go back for today’s lunch to partake of leftovers, just because I can.

I got to play with the kids for a while as bards and friends trickled in and ate. The circle proper started around o’dark, but was mostly the same three people performing with occasional punctuation from others. Mostly silly, mostly filk. I did my new “Sixteen Shirts,” which went over quite well, and yet again finished about five minutes before Marian showed up. She wasn’t feeling well, though, so we’ll talk later.

Speaking of not feeling well, I was very, very tired and falling asleep very early. So much so that I went into Runestone Park and (unsuccessfully) tried to nap. By around 10, I decided I could either have a second super-early bedtime or I could have caffeine, and I decided on the latter. Ran into Lucien and Dreda and brought them back down to Eoforwic.

The circle was pretty small, though there was a ton of people at the camp. Mostly, people were just sitting and chatting and catching up. It was a lot of fun.

Somewhere around 11, the skies suddenly, unexpectedly, and violently opened up. Thunder and lightning and rain! Everyone ran under awnings and tents, whence broke out several independent mini-circles. I happened to be in a small group with mostly Eastern bards of the Dorigen/Fiana line, so we did “Welcome Home” and some other fun stuff. As the rain slackened, everyone came out from under the awnings and tents and we had a rousing rendition of “Rise.”

At that point, Fiana was worried that there would be another storm, so I walked her up the hill as we brainstormed for a sequel to her Angel of Death, which is super-cool. I love being part of the creative process.

On my way back home after dropping Fiana off, I saw the white-clad procession I saw a few years ago, dancing and weaving to flute and violin music. Hauntingly beautiful. I was also impressed that none of the white clothes seemed wet or transparent.

Got back to my tent around midnight, and now I had a problem… two problems, actually: 1. It was still ridiculously hot and humid (24 degrees, 90% humidity), 2. I’d had very strong tea about two hours earlier. This, my friends, does not make for easy sleeping conditions. I tossed and turned until at least 2, and was awake enough to be fully conscious when the next storm hit around 3:30. I think I fell asleep before the end, because I don’t remember it stopping, but my body did wake me up at 6:50 to use the privy. I managed to go back to sleep until 8:30, thankfully.

Woke up, had breakfast, and started journaling. I was contemplating going to opening ceremonies when the heavens opened up yet again and I decided dryness was the better part of valor. I’m staying right here for a while. When the rain slackens, I’ll go back to my tent long enough to brush my teeth and get dressed the rest of the way, but there’s no rush. At last the rain is making it kinda cool.

slightly later – same place

Dressed, with clean teeth. (The rest of me, maybe not so much. But at least the teeth are clean.) I’m risking potential heat stroke by wearing my wool apron-dress, but so far it seems okay.

I’m starting to get annoyed with the various physical ailments I’m experiencing: heat rash over most of my torso, especially in the last two days (and this, kids, is why the Pocket Bard does not wear bare-midriff bellydancing outfits. One of the reasons.); blister on my right foot and a twinged left ankle (don’t know how I managed that); and a number of smaller things. On the upside, I’ve managed to mostly avoid the constipation and accompanying black pain that have plagued me the last two years by visiting the flushies at least once a day. (They may not be air-conditioned, but neither are they plastic saunas. The only way to make a 40 degree day seem cool is to spend some time in a porto.)

I’m glad I don’t have too much planned for today other than our high tea at 2, Efenwealt’s concert at 8, and Enchanted Ground tonight, if the rain stops. For now, I think I’m going to read the paper.

mid-day – Your Inner Vagabond

Rainy mornings apparently yields CDs and sahlep. Cerian came by camp and we decided a rainy day needs beverages, so we meandered off to YIV. On the way, we stopped by Efenwealt’s so I could buy a bunch of CDs (lots more new ones than earlier in the week – I got eight). I also saw some magnetic flying pigs that are super-cute and Cerian found a plush Tardis.

Since it was raining pretty hard, we stuck around and sang for a while. Cerian performed a new piece about zombie gnomes and broke Efenwealt (it was hilarious); I performed “Sixteen Shirts” (Efenwealt said it was one of the better filks he’s heard to “Sixteen Tons”); and Efenwealt performed a new song he’s working on about Pennsic that’s very sweet.

From there it was on to the Vagabond, where Cerian got a vanilla and raspberry milk sharbat (milkshakey!) and I got a hot sahlep. Sadly, for all the fondness with which I remember the sahleps, it’s better hot than lukewarm and is now sadly undrinkable. Oh, well. My trend of not having the same drink twice means I probably won’t have it again.

It’s raining pretty hard now, but when it slackens I’ll head over to John ap Wynne and the Independent to do some more shopping. It’s so weird that I have a ton more spending money. I wonder whether I’ll spend it before the end of War.

early afternoon – Marauders

So I just spent over $200 on CDs. Yay CDs! I’ve got one more coming from one of the Eoforwicians, which will bring the total up to 16 Because I like supporting SCA musicians. On the flip side, I’ll need a new bookcase for my CDs.

Now I’m back in camp awaiting the “Memorial Marian of Edwinstow Scone Scarfing.” First scones are out of the oven, we’ve got jams and lemon curd, and the teas will be ready moderately soon. This is why I didn’t have lunch today. (Plain scones for lunch, currant for dessert.)

Feeling much better now that I’ve changed into the linen apron dress. And there are scones.

somewhat later – same place

All those people who say that thunderstorms cut the heat and humidity afterwards? I don’t know what thunderstorms they lived through, but that’s certainly not what happens here.

late afternoon – Marauders

I have written another song, “The Excuse Note.” It’s Edith’s fault.

before dinner – Marauders

Scones… yum. I had four. Because it’s Pennsic, and I can. We also attracted a lot of people we know, including Fiana, Grim, Katrusha, and other bardic types. We brainstormed some more for Fiana’s Angel of Death sequel and did some other bardic shop-talk as John told Hrothgar stories.

Pierro showed up at one point and mentioned that Marian was back at Harpwood, so I decided to bring some scones down. It was pretty chill: Marian, Garraed, Eleanor, Anisa (sp?), and Guillaume were sitting around chatting. I finally got to talk to Marian about her offer to take me as a full apprentice, and it looks like that’s gonna happen, which is way cool.

On the way back up the hill, I wrote a new song based on Edith’s formulaic, multi-purpose excuse. It might not be the best thing I’ve ever written, but it’s got a punchline ending, and for 30 minutes of work it’s not bad. Tomorrow’s filk: something about how Marian is allergic to wool.

Performed my new song in camp and for a few merchant buddies, called Marc, and how I’m just sitting around waiting for dinner. Weather looks inclement despite the clear radar map I looked at an hour ago. I really hope it doesn’t rain; I really want to go to Enchanted Ground tonight.

Really tired now. Maybe it’s time for a nap.

after dinner – Marauders

Supper bell rang right after I last wrote: mac-and-cheese, veggies, and brisket. You’re amazing, Seraphina!

After dinner, I realized I had an hour until Efenwealt’s concert and decided to grab a fast shower. I’m worried about the people using their regular shampoos in the camp shower. This stuff is going right into the groundwater; there’s no filter. I can’t imagine that’s good for the water supply.

Anyway, time to get dressed.

o’dark – Efenwealth concert

It’s raining. This doesn’t bode well for Enchanted Ground. I’ll roll down the hill anyway if the rain lets up – I hope it doesn’t last too long.

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