Pennsic 2012 Diary: Monday, August 6

after breakfast – Marauders

Efenwealt’s concert was, indeed, rained out. I felt really bad for him – he had to rearrange his set list on the fly to choose loud, sing-along song to compete with the rain. At least it slacked enough at the end that he could do his new, pretty song “Holding On.” The beginning of the show was pretty awesome too; he got the Whiskey Bards to perform with him. I didn’t even know they were on site!

Because it was still raining after the show, I brought Cerian back to camp and we chatted with a bunch of Marauders. But staying in my own camp all night is a foreign concept to me at Pennsic, so after the rain had (mostly) stopped, I wandered down to Enchanted Ground on the off-chance the circle had started up again after the rain. (It hadn’t.) Nothing was going on at Eoforwic, either, so I wended by way to High Rafters, where I spent some time trading “no shit, there I was” stories and bad jokes.

In the end, though, I was very, very tired and decided to have an early bedtime. It was almost cool enough for me to manage it, too, and I had my first full night of sleep since (I think) last Wednesday. Yay! Feeling much better today because of it.

I’m teaching at 10 (Pennsic without Breaking the Bank) and heralding Liam into the State Dinner tonight. In between, there are some classes I may or may not take, including the Boreal Master Symposium, and I’ll probably do some wandering. It’s supposed to be moderately cool today (high of about 24) and quite cold tonight  (low of 12). Almost makes me sad I’ll be wearing my cotton Italian Ren and not my wool-and-linen Viking getup.

Speaking of weather, what is up with the rain? I know I’ve only been going to Pennsic for 10 years or so, but I seem to remember in years past that we had long, steady, light-to-moderate rains. This year and last year, it’s mostly been fast, torrential downpours and thunderstorms. They hit suddenly and extremely hard. It’s like there is no concept of “just rain” anymore. So weird.

Given that I missed Enchanted Ground yesterday, I’m thinking of going Thursday instead of the Hoity Toity at Bardicci. Honestly, I think I’ll enjoy it more, and I really don’t have any other time for it unless State Dinner ends early tonight. I’ll have to ask people in the know.

mid-afternoon – Marauders

Absolutely fantastic day so far. It started with my Pennsic without Breaking the Bank class, which had about 50% more people than I was expecting, including several Pennsic virgins. Right at the end, Marian showed up and I followed her across the street to musicians’ day on artisans’ row, where I sang along where I could and listened appreciatively where I couldn’t. After an hour or so, Marian was finishing up and I suggested we go belt-shopping, which we did. We found a gorgeous silk heddle-woven belt that she bought for me. We took it over to EK Royal so that Ernst could be present when she gave it to me. It was a pretty low-key “ceremony,” but now I have an official green belt from Marian of Heatherdale. Yay!

As I was going around showing my bardic friends my new spiffy belt, Katrusha mentioned that at the EK Bardic Collegium meeting this morning (which I missed), my name apparently came up as a potential Dean of Wordsmithing. That sounds way cool, but I have no idea what it means. I when by Bhakail to see if Baroness Sabine was around to explain it further, but she wasn’t.

And here begins the saga of the orange juice that wasn’t. See, I decided that what I really wanted was some orange juice from the Coopers Store, seeing that I haven’t had any in over a week. However, as I was halfway down urchins’ row, my muse struck me with the force of Thor himself, tune and everything, with a song for Marian. (“Marian Doesn’t Like Wool.”) And, having written it, I tried to find musically-inclined people who would be at the jam session tomorrow to perform it with me. Efenwealt wasn’t around, and Emer (who I did find) wasn’t going to be at the jam session.

I decided just to go down to Harpwood Hall, hoping to find some of Marian’s campmates, but in addition to them was Marian herself and, well, I suck at keeping surprises secret. So I sang it for everyone and they all liked it. Yay!

Then it was back up the hill to show off my new belt and new song to the Concordia people. (Random aside: I can no longer say “new” song – I’ve written four since War started.) I went with Aife to find Baroness Sabine, who still wasn’t there.

At this point I’d been walking a while and was getting pretty hungry, and it’s been cool enough that I was willing to get a real lunch at the food court. While there, I ran into Efenwealt, who agreed to help me work out the chords to my song for Marian. On the way to his booth, I finally got my orange juice, and then we noodled around for a while and finally came up with some chords I can tell the musicians tomorrow at the jam session.

Now I’m back in camp and should get ready for the State Dinner soon. They don’t need servers, so whenever I’m done heralding Liam, I’ll be done for the night. Maybe I’ll get to Enchanted Ground after all.

sundown – Marauders

Performing for the State Dinner went really, really well. I can now cross off “perform for the Royalty of the Known World” from my bucket list. Getting ready to perform proved a bit tricky, though. Sisuile had said she would braid my hair for the State Dinner, but she got roped into working at Herald’s Point, so I rushed over to Dione Sidhe to see if anyone there could do it. Thankfully, Jacqueline was up to the challenge. The braids were kinda tight (I wasn’t able to fully turn my head when it was done), but I’m told it looked great and there are pictures. Mistress Brid was so sweet. She told me that she’d never seen me flustered before and tried to ease my nerves. I replied that it wasn’t the performance that was worrying me – that, I had well in hand – but the hair!

I got to sit around backstage as the royals arrived and schmoozed. I met some Lochacian retainers and finally introduced myself to two of the Whiskey Bards and managed to not go fangirl on them.

I was the first order of business once the royalty sat down (well, Liam’s quest was, and I admit I had a brief moment of nerves when I was waiting to walk forward, but it went fine. Everyone laughed at the appropriate moments, then Liam threw himself on the mercy of the king and was absolved of his quest, so we went back to camp for dinner. (Chicken-fried stead and peach cobbler – you are so awesome, Seraphina!)

Now it’s time to take a shower, get the gunk out of my hair, dress up Viking, and go to Enchanted Ground.

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