Pennsic 2012 Diary: Tuesday, August 7

after breakfast – Marauders

Enchanted Ground was small but nice. There were maybe 10 people max around the circle, not all of them performers. Ingebourg (sp?) got a silver bracelet for an extended poem about a huntsman and his slow dog, who turned out to be the best and bravest. That was the only silver bracelet, though. I managed to go through almost my entire arsenal of new saint stories, which is the other benefit to the circle being small. I may not have gotten a bracelet – nothing I had was polished enough for that – but I take comfort in knowing that they were probably all new stories for Cariadoc.

The sky was gorgeous last night, by the way. The clouds crept in later in the night, but at least early on it was beautiful and clear and starry. It’s one of the things I love about Pennsic.

Got back to camp to find that the camp next door wants me to sing for my supper tonight. I’ll have to go talk to them later.

Also on the list of people I need to talk to later: Baroness Sabine. Just stopped by, but she is (yet again) not there. They said to come back in an hour.

There are a few classes I may get to during the day today, and tonight is my “oh, my God busy” night. The “For the Dream” concert, the Known World Auction, the Harpwood Hall jam session, all of which I’m planning on getting to, and also Beowulf, De Londres, and now singing for my supper. So… busy but fun. Yay!

late morning – Marauders

Finally got to meet and chat with Baroness Sabine. Got more information on the bardic college, but I get the impression there’s gonna be a lot more discussion.

I also went by Dione Sidhe – they’re so sweet. I got to perform “Beowulf” and “The Rubber Duckies of Dione Sidhe” for them. Go, go, wandering Pocket Bard!

Came back to camp to find Commedia del Arte rehearsal going on in camp. i Sebastiani, the greatest commedia del arte troop in the entire world! I also discovered that I oopsed this morning – I was on breakfast trash duty and didn’t realize there are multiple garbage cans to empty. Oops. I’ll do better tomorrow.

Fifteen minutes until Cariadoc’s class, and after I think today is definitely a day for the Vagabond.

early afternoon – merchant area

Cariadoc’s class was very nice, though I have a sneaking suspicion I’ve taken it before. Followed it up with Your Inner Vagabond with Fiana and Albreda. (Today’s julab experiment: sekanjabin for Fiana, jasmine-lime for me.) Got to hear Fiana’s new Iesu Odinson story, which is great.

Just as we were leaving, a migraine struck me like an icepick behind my eye, strong and sudden. I took an advil and really, really hope it kicks in soon.

before dinner – my tent

Warning: rant ahead.

It’s been a fairly miserable afternoon. The advil more-or-less never kicked in, and I wound up coming back to camp and lying in the hammock for about two hours, in various stages of discomfort. Woke up, drank water, went to use the flushies for a while, checked out the items at the Known World Auction, went back to the flushies for a while, and now I’m back in camp. I’m already missing the “For the Dream” concert and I’ll probably miss the auction also. At least my headache is finally clearing up.

I was seriously considering through all this just packing up my stuff and leaving. I’m still considering leaving Thursday so I can catch Marc the Boyfriend before he goes away for the weekend. An air-conditioned hotel room also sounds super-nice right now.

The problem with Pennsic is that I can’t trust my own body. At home, I’m pretty big on listening to my body’s cues: eating when I’m hungry, using the bathroom when I feel the need, etc. I can’t do that here. I rarely feel hungry in the middle-of-the-day heat, and my body refuses to use the sauna-hot portos for any extended period of time. Moreover, it lies. What I feel as fatigue is usually thirst, and the migraine I had (and am continuing to have in a low-grade way) seems somehow linked to my constipation.

I love Pennsic, but I’m coming to loathe Pennsic weather. I’m not sure I can get through three more days of this.

dark – Harpwood Hall

Feeling much better now. After I wrote last, I pulled the pillow off my bed, curled up on my sheepskin, and took a nap. When I woke up, it was getting dark and two hours had passed. But – and this is the important thing – my migraine was gone and I was full of energy.

I discovered there was still supper left in camp, so I helped myself to chicken, couscous, and cake while talking with Collin. His Pelican, Terafon, is the guy who helped Marian make her tent. He’s also re-introducing jousting into the SCA and modern world. It’s called “balsa jousting.” So cool!

Just as I was about to leave camp, we got descended upon by Baronesses Run Amuck. They were looking for Liam, who wasn’t there, so we gave them chocolate and the Liam-mur plush lemur instead. (He’s standing in for an Ansteorran squire named Liam who couldn’t make it to War. He’s got the belt and everything.)

And now I’m down at the Harpwood Hall jam session. It’s relatively early yet, and they’ve already got a number of percussionists (including Cynric), a guitar, several harps, Vince’s hammered dulcimer, and at least one droning wind instrument. I’m prepared to sit here and listen for the rest of the night.

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