Pennsic 2012 Diary: Wednesday, August 8

after breakfast – Marauders

Jam session last night was awesome as always. I got to sing along to about a third of the songs, and I also got to début my new song about Marian, which went over very well. One woman told me it was “adorable.” I love hearing my songs set to music, because I can’t do it myself.

This morning Lorelei asked if I’d do the intermissions for her show, which of course I’m happy to do. I think my plan is to do the four songs I wrote since the beginning of War. Fun times, fun times…

I used the camp cart to take the garbage down to the dumpster, which worked much better than trying to haul it over my shoulders. Yay, leverage!

Not too many classes on for today. Well, that’s not true. There are quite a lot of classes on today that I want to take, but none that I have my heart set on. I want to buy new shoes, go visiting, etc. Today will likely be my last full day at Pennsic. I’m planning on leaving after my class tomorrow (and sadly missing the gate guard shift I’d be missing half of anyway), so that I can get home in time to see Marc before he leaves for the weekend. Packing will get done tomorrow, which means wandering should get done today.

late morning – Marauders

It feels like a long morning, even though I haven’t done very much. The shoe merchant wasn’t open when I went by, so I went down to Eoforwic and hung out with Emer and the kids for a while. Then it was back up the hill, grabbed some water at Fettered Cock Pewters, went over to the shoe merchant but decided maybe I don’t want a new pair after all, and bought an apple dumpling at the food court because I haven’t had one yet this year.

It’s past 11 and I haven’t really done much else. Still not sure about going-home plans – Jeanne still needs to talk to her alternate potential lift. I’ll know by later tonight. Maybe I should go visitng…

late afternoon – Marauders

Day has continued to be hot and lazy. Slow visiting and YIV with Lorelei and Alethea. Practiced all the pieces I’m doing for tonight. Determined that I will, in fact, be leaving tomorrow afternoon. Utterly failed to cool off in any meaningful way, which means I will not get Vikinged up for the concert – it’s too darn hot. People will just have to live with me in the sideless surcoat. So there.

o’dark – Performing Arts

There is “weather” outside. Very strong winds and lots of lightning, though so far no rain. According to Sisuile’s radar map, the red-purple “comma” is a proto-hurricaine. Whoa. It should mostly pass us, or just barely clip us, but it certainly sounds aweful. I’m glad I don’t need to leave Performing Arts for several hours.

Update: it now looks like the worst is headed right toward us. …Right. Whoo boy.

In unrelated news, my intermissions for Lorelei’s show went well. Can’t really think about that right now with the serious weather developing.

At least it’s cooler.

somewhat later – same place

Well, that was an exciting amount of rain and lightning. Hopefully we’re at the tail end of it now. I really hope Marian wasn’t out what through all that.

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