Pennsic 2012 Diary: Thursday, August 9

mid-morning – Marauders

The rain was hard and fast. But once it ended, it was clear the rest of the evening. Then it was time for Marian’s show, which was great as always. Among some of the highlights: Yaakov did a great story about men’s wits and women’s wiles; Marian did Mordred’s Lullaby as the dance that her friend had choreographed; the Whiskey Bards performed a few sets, and so did the Queen of Artemesia and her husband (one of the Whiskey Bards); Quinn did a few pretty songs… lots of great stuff. And, as always, I got to hear some of Marian’s SCA-specific songs that she doesn’t usually perform at her more general shows.

I had a lovely Pennsic moment after the show: I was walking along the path between the merchant areas and heard some people discussing the giving of rings, which Marian had mentioned during her show, and how they wanted to start it in their shire. I couldn’t help overhearing, and I offered to give them the ring that Grim had given me after the State Dinner performance. He made it himself and everything. They made some polite, “no, no, we couldn’t” noises, but eventually relented and agreed to pass it on to someone in their shire who inspires them in the bardic arts. (Some local shire: Hunter’s Keep or something?) It felt good to do so, and I hope the ring starts a new tradition in their group.

I went over to hug Ernst and wound up coming away from the beeswax/honey merchant with about $80 worth of stuff, some for me and Marc, and some for friends. Oops. Eh, I had the money to spend, and it’s not like this stuff goes bad.

Today, I need to get my cloak back from Gweneth, say some goodbyes, teach my class, and then head out. I’m pretty much all packed up except for a few small items. It shouldn’t take too long to pack the car, so that’ll be good. I’ll be missing the IDD gate shift, but hopefully Tadea and Angus will forgive me.

around noon – Marauders

Long wandering morning saying my goodbyes. Got to hit most of my usual camps, some of whom fed me. (Shauna’s camp has these delectable chocolate-coated almonds that are to die for.) Got to have some nice goodbye-conversations with Hector, with Alaric, and with Marian. Got back to camp to discover fresh-baked snickerdoodles – you’re so awesome, Kavin!

So, a bittersweet morning, but at least I got lots of hugs out of it. Now I think it’s time to read the PI and eat my snickerdoodle.

10:40 p.m. – Econolodge near Buffalo, NY

I’m no longer at Pennsic. Honestly, it’s getting hard to remember what I did just this afternoon, which was sit in on Toki’s “Storytelling to an Audience” class (again) and teaching “Your Persona in an Hour” (again). It was a weird class: everyone seemed really uninterested and yawning, but they asked good questions at the end and a few people made a point of telling me it was one of the best classes they’d taken all War. So I’ll chalk the yawning and wilting to the heat.

Speaking of the heat, my heat rash has spread to my thighs and my arms, which is a first. It makes me feel profoundly unattractive. Thank God I don’t wear anything that exposes my belly.

In any case, I got the car after class and packed up Jeanne’s and my stuff. (Jeanne will be going home in someone else’s car.) Said my goodbyes and hit the road. Reached the highway by 5:25 and drove about three hours, stopping only briefly to get gas and check my coupon book. And here I am. Finding the hotel was ridiculously hard – the directions in the book are horrible – but I’m here now and that’s the important thing. I’m showered and fed and exhausted.

Normally this would be the time for the post-Pennsic brain dump, but I’m too tired. I’ll have to do it tomorrow. G’night.

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