Pennsic 2013 Diary: Saturday, July 20

10:30 a.m. – In Line for Troll

Ah, that awkward moment when you’re on-site but not yet really on-site. It was raining as we drove down from Meadville – and, indeed, the weather forecast shows that it’s supposed to storm all day – but right now we seem to be in a rare moment of sunlight, which is both welcome and odd.

There are a moderate number of cars: enough to fill two or three rows on the near battlefield area, but not nearly so many as the year a lightning storm took out the Troll system (last year?). And things are moving, so I’m hopeful it won’t be too long a wait.

Already saw Marion del Oaks (my house sister), but no one else yet. Still, the first hugs of War are always welcome. Also, I just caught sight of Rumhann (my campmate).

I wish I had a better phone plan so I could let people know I’m here. $1.45/minute talk and $0.75/text is balls. I may send a few anyway, because compared to my overall Pennsic bill, a few texts (even at 75 cents a text) is just a rounding error, but still. Irksome.

Soon we will be here officially, checked in with medallions and everything. Soon, but not yet.

Early Afternoon – Marauders

Two tents are up so far. I’m in the Riders of Rohan tent this year. Seriously, it looks like we borrowed it from the Riders of Rohan. After the two tents went up (mine and Lorelei’s), I went over to East Kingdom Royal just in time to give Ernst hugs before he left for his town run. Hung out there for just a bit, then went over to the old barn / produce store. Spiffy! Lots more stuff than previous years, and even if I weren’t on a meal plan, I can’t imagine needing to leave site for food. Where the produce shop used to be is now a place called “Yucatan Stand” – it looks like they mostly sell burritos.

Picked up a gallon of water for camp and a cold nectarine for me (yum!), and between that and the handful of mixed nuts I got at East Kingdom Royal and the soup Lorelei is now offering to share with me (so hot…), I’m doing okay for food. Should probably be drinking more water, though.

It’s been dry since we showed up, which is kinda miraculous. I really was expecting to be setting up in at least rain if not thunderstorms.

We’ve got about eight people at Marauders today: 6 small-to-medium size women (me, Lorelei, Edith, Jay, Jeanne, and Ki Lin) and two strapping me (John and Rumhann). Most people are at the storage locker, hence the journaling.

Hoping I don’t get burned today. If I get sunburned at War, it’ll probably be today. 😦

Sunset – Marauders

Remarkably, the weather has remained clear all day. We even had some nice breeze in the mid-late afternoon. I haven’t strayed far from camp; we’ve been alternately setting up and chatting. It’s actually pretty cool right now as the sun’s setting: 25 degrees and 75% humidity in my well-ventilated tent. [Editor’s note: In this and all other instances, temperatures are in Celsius.]

We have more people now: Collin, Griffin and Droen, William and Lucrezia and their kids, etc. The inside of my tent is decently set up: the bed is made, my totes are in some semblance of order, etc. On the downside, I definitely haven’t been drinking enough water. I have a dehydration headache and I get dizzy when I sit down/stand up too fast. (Please pause while I get some water.)

Despite the relatively nice weather, my body still hasn’t gotten used to the heat, and we don’t have our usual shade pavilion set up yet. Oh, well. I’m sure I’ll get there soon.

Had a late lunch/early dinner at the Yucatan Stand: a near-to-bursting burrito. Tasty, though, and quite affordable by Pennsic standards.

I’m eager to do a bit of a wander, despite not being in garb yet. (Wandering in mundanes at Pennsic = odd! Marc calls them “mundies.” *grin*) Maybe once it’s dark and the bulk of the set-up has stopped for the night. Oh, and I need to transfer my purse to my satchel. Maybe next year I’ll get myself a purse organizer for the satchel. I thought about it yesterday, but it was too late to buy one at the time.

I should point out all the fun touches that have been popping up from the fact that this year is Pennsic 42. For one thing, the
site medallions
have “Don’t Panic” written in friendly letters, atop a bowl of petunias. The Watch has a sign saying, “Welcome to Earth – we’re mostly harmless.” So, fun times all around.

Have I mentioned yet that the Marauders have a kiddy wading pool that looks like a shark, complete with pop-up eyes and a tail that doubles as a sprinkler? We set it up for the kids in the camp next door. I love camping with the Marauders. We may not have wifi this year, but that’s probably for the best – I feel weird checking email and Facebook at Pennsic. [Editor’s note: I did it a lot this year anyway.]

Okay, time to do a few chores before it gets too dark.

Night – Marauders

I feel so bad for Lorelei. All day she’s been waiting for her tent to be put up properly so she can unpack, because today is her one day off. For a while, it was being used as storage space for John and Ki Lin’s stuff. Then, even after John’s tent was set up in the late afternoon (the roof was up when we went for dinner, but not yet the walls), she still didn’t have her tarp or rugs. That took a while because John was busy setting up William and Lucrezia’s tent. And then, even when she got those, she found the stakes weren’t set properly and that rain would get in (probably) if it stayed the way it was. So she and Collin fiddled with it for a few hours, and by the time she was ready to finally start putting stuff in, it was dark, which is exactly what she feared would happen.

I also feel bad for John – everyone needs him all the time, because he’s really the only one who knows how everything gets set up. I wonder what it would be like to be in a camp where everything gets set up fast – where everyone knows everything and thus doesn’t need direction. Maybe even something like Darkyard, where all the tents are the same. Sadly, it won’t happen anytime soon. So long as John is physically able, he’ll do all the set-up. I wonder if maybe we can hire strong, strapping men to help us sometime, but I doubt that’ll happen either.

I feel so claustrophobic in camp. I really, really want to wander, but there are still 3-4 tents to set up. And while I’m admittedly being pretty useless in the tent-setting-up department, it feels wrong to just leave camp while stuff is happening.

I hate Land Grab weekend.

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