Pennsic 2013 Diary: Sunday, July 21

Morning – Marauders

Welcome to McGuire’s Marauders – we’ve got bacon! Sleep, not so much, but bacon, yes.

Went out relatively late last night to check out the place that’s replaced Your Inner Vagabond (which looks remarkably like Your Inner Vagabond), visit Ernst, and hang out at High Rafters. It wasn’t much of a wander, but at least it got me out of camp.

There was still some setup going on when I get back to camp around midnight, but I was pretty tired and went to bed. And tossed, and tossed, and tossed. I think I was awake until about 3 am or so. It was too hot to be comfortable in my bed but just slightly too chilly to be on top of the covers. I would have loved just a sheet or something to put over me, but all I had were wool blankets or wool cloaks. Oh, well. One uses what one has.

Managed to sleep in to a decadent 7:30. It’s still quite misty out and I probably could have slept longer, but almost everyone is awake and (like I said) we have bacon. And eggs. But I don’t really want to take out my feast gear and may wind up going to the food court anyway, because bacon is great but really should be supplemented with something.

Today’s another set-up day. Most people are in mundanes, but I’ve switched to garb. (Crappy garb appropriate for setup, but garb nonetheless.) I hope I have the temperament to last through the day, despite the sleep dep. God grant me serenity.

Incidentally, my experiment of two flat sheets instead of a flat and fitted is a mixed success. On the one hand, I’m not tearing fitted sheets over the air mattress. On the other, the bottom sheet does tend to bunch in the middle. Alas. Time will tell whether I get really fed up.

Maybe now to get dressed and get food.

Noon – Marauders

I feel mildly more productive today than yesterday. Had breakfast at the Beast and Boar and ran into Ana, Isabelle (sp?), Jamie, and later Toki. Brought Jeanne up to singles camping up in Dagan’s Dell – past Sharc, not so far as Coldwood/Freehold, relatively near Vestfell, actually – and helped set up her tent. Then back to camp to help Lorelei set up some stuff inside her tent and chit-chat, and finished that just in time to unload the truck that was coming back from storage. And now we’re all just sitting around taking a small break. So… somewhat more productive today.

It’s about 33 degrees in my tent and 50% humidity, and there’s a nice breeze outside. It’s not bad today, though admittedly it still feels quite hot and humid.

Car’s parked in a lovely little spot in row 6, and I don’t anticipate going back until the end of War, I hope.

I’m already racking up suggestions to help people with bardic works they’re developing (Lorelei and William so far) and Toki will at least in theory be helping me workshop saint stories tomorrow. Yay, bardic!

Mid-afternoon – Marauders

The whole “usefulness” thing fizzled in the early afternoon. I set up the cart (after a bit of trial and error) and went with Edith to the produce store to pick up some camp stuff. Then back to the produce store to get lunch (with a brief stop at the flushies on the way) and ate it with Ernst and Hugh. Lunch was two hard-boiled eggs, some cheese, pepperoni, crackers, and a plum. And water.

Came back to camp to find the big tent being set up. Stepped into my tent to get something, sat down on the floor, which slid into lying down on the floor, and then it was an hour and a half later. I never really got to sleep, but I certainly wasn’t fully awake. When I woke up everyone was sitting under the now-erected shade tent. Oops.

We’re paying someone to dig out the shower sump. I’m happy to chip in for this service. I may not be physically useful, but at least I have money this year. Might as well use it.

John’s not feeling well today, so we are all busy forcing him to not physically exert himself, which is a harder task than you might imagine. The mother hens are out in full force.

I’m seriously jonesing for an ice cream, and today’s one of the few days I’m not performing. Mmm… ice cream…

Sundown – Marauders

An altogether lovely late afternoon and evening. I went out for ice cream with a number of Cassandra’s demoiselles (Morgana and Elaine) and her student (Anders). They are mostly new to Pennsic, so I gave them the 25 cent tour of the food court and services area.

Came back to camp and chatted with Cassandra for a while, and then (since there wasn’t much set-up I could help with in camp), I got wanderlust and left again. I tried to find Bhakail, which took a bit of doing since I thought they were off Battle Road and they are in fact off Brewers. Sabine wasn’t in yet, though, so I swung by the merchants and found Danr and his family. Had a lovely conversation with them and allowed my rubber arm to be twisted when they offered me some homemade fresh mozzarella. (Yum!) I also found out that my Ansteorra/Calontir shrieking monkey poem has been performed a number of times in Caltonir, which is way cool. It’s actually one of my major bardic milestones to have my pieces performed by people who are not me, so this definitely goes in my diary as a win.

From there it was off to Dione Sidhe to visit Brid, Geoffrey, and Branwen. They let me practice some of my new saint stories and fed me some more: bread with an oil-and-herb dipping sauce, pistachios, and homemade jerky. Found out some interesting stuff about how Brid developed her persona, and was (hopefully) able to give some pointers to Branwen about where she can find bardic circles.

One of their campmates, Nicolai, showed up and I helped set up his pavilion. We were efficient! We had teamwork! I felt useful! Yay!

And now I’m back in camp. Brushed my teeth even though I may yet have a real dinner. The shower’s set up and no one’s using it now, but I think I may wait until tomorrow morning.

It’s actually been a mostly comfortable temperature this evening, though (unsurprisingly) still quite humid. As the sun just kisses the horizon, it’s 24 degrees in my tent and 70% humidity. Not sure what the forecast is for tonight (damn my expensive Canadian data plan!).

Not sure what my plans are for tonight. I’m not particularly hungry, but I feel like I should have more than nibbles for supper. I’d really like to get to the flushies when it’s a bit cooler. And then… maybe some wandering further afield. I really would like to make it down to my Runestone Hill and Bog friends. Maybe I’ll find someone to try the new Inner Vagabond with (even though I’m slated to go there tomorrow with Toki).

And now there are small children in camp. More later!

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