Pennsic 2013 Diary: Monday, July 22

Morning – Marauders

Clean! I’m showered and in fresh clothes and clean! Yay!

Had a lovely little wander into the Bog last night. There was a small drum circle going on at Eoforwic, but I stopped in long enough to say hi to some people I know. No one was up at Enchanted Ground, and Shauna’s Camp was gearing up to return their truck, so I meandered around the lake. Found Seamus at Bardicci and had a long conversation with him, heard the unmistakable sounds of Michael Kelly a bit further down and got hugs, and then ran into Marian and Vincenzo just before they went off wandering. Marian introduced me to the Wild Rose people, and I spent some time chatting with them and Pierro. Then back up the hill, stopping briefly by the Havre des Glaces camp on the way home.

The moon was super-bright last night, incidentally. So bright that it was casting a distinct shadow. Beautiful.

Had trouble falling asleep. I had the dual worries of thinking my mattress was deflating (unttue, but it sorta felt like it for a while) and that a bug would crawl into my ear (I picked one off my neck Saturday night and off the top of my ear last night). Maybe it’ll be worth it to buy some ear plugs.

Other things to buy and to make sure I have next year: Kleenex and baby powder. The braes aren’t working quite as well as I’d hoped. [Editor’s note: For the first part of War I was using boy’s boxers as braes, which kept riding up on me. Sadly.]

Anyway. Slept in to almost 8 o’clock, showered, and got breakfast with William, Lucrezia, and the kids. The breakfast burrito from Yucatan Stand was remarkably filling but a bit expensive once you add in the orange juice ($2 for a small). On the other hand, I don’t think I’ll be hungry for a while.

John is in the hospital. He’d had chest pains yesterday and decided it was best to get himself professionally checked out. They’re pretty sure he’s not having a heart attack and that he should be fine, but we’re all just sitting here with our fingers crossed (and trying to get the camp set up without him…).

As for today, I need to cash some traveler’s checks, maybe buy some surcoats and other garb bits, and I’m meeting with Toki at 2. Tonight is the “Welcome to War” bardic at Calontir. Otherwise, it’ll probably be a day of wandering.

Suppertime – Marauders

For a day in which I had no formal plans before War started, I’ve been quite busy. Started off by cashing the traveler’s checks and visiting some merchant friends, notably Rolant. Then, given that I was in the area anyway, I went down to Eoforwic to say hi and play with the children. They are much bigger than they were last year, which is what tends to happen to children over the course of a year, I suppose.

It started drizzling around then, so I went back to camp to batten down before meeting Toki at the New Vagabond. It was actually drizzling most of the day – yes! Just regular not-thunderstorm rain at Pennsic! – which made it relatively cool all day. Humid, but relatively cool. Good enough for me.

Workshopping with Toki at the new Inner Vagabond (Kafe Merhaba, I think it’s called) went really well. He helped bounce ideas on a ton of stories, and then we chatted for a while. I think we were there about two hours. (Yes, I sat still for two hours at Pennsic. You may all now gasp in amazement.) On today’s menu: iced chai (creamy and sweet), iced Moroccan mint (refreshing), and a fruit-and-nut mix (mostly cherries and grapes, almost no nuts).

I came by camp to pick up a package for Acila and deliver it to EK Royal, where I hung out for a while. Then I figured I’d try to find House Silverkeep, where Katrusha and Tristan are camping. After a bit of trial and error, I eventually found them and discovered that Linette and Sol also camp there. I got some tunics I’d commissioned from Katrusha (so pretty!) and walked into a rousing rendition of “Megan is Baking,” to which I enthusiastically joined in. Talked some bardic shop, sang “Valhalla” on a request from Sol. Found out they’re having a small in-camp concert on Monday, which is now on my schedule, along with all the other stuff happening on Monday.

Trundled down the hill in search of Bard’s Haven to find out when they’re starting their “sing for your supper” nights. Took a little hunting, but I did eventually find it. They start next week, but offered me to come tonight if I wanted, which was very sweet of them.

There was a lot of work going on at the Casa, so I didn’t stay long, but at least I got a bunch of hugs. I was invited to perform at “Familia Night” next Monday, along with all the other stuff happening on Monday.

Found Marian and Piero at Wild Rose, and got to spend some time catching up with them, which was very nice. Around that time, the rain picked up a bit so I waited a while longer for it to slacken. I also got to see Vincenzo and find out what he’s been up to, which is always good for vicarious adventure.

By the time I got back to camp, the bottom 6” of my surcoat were soaked, which meant my sneakers were soaked. I changed out of my surcoat and put on new socks and my Viking (leather) shoes, so at least my feet are dry again.

Given that I hadn’t actually eaten since breakfast (I’d intended to, but I was trapped in the Bog) and it was now past 5 pm, I figured it was time for a late lunch/early supper. Went over to the food court and was just waiting for my meal when the light drizzle turned into a deluge. No thunder, but there might as well have been. So instead of bringing the food back to camp as I’d intended, I ate in the food court (probably too fast, in truth), and by the time I’d finished the rain was light enough that I could walk back.

Latest update on John: apparently he’s potassium deficient, which caused some pulled muscles in his chest. He’ll be fine. They’re just keeping him in the hospital to finish up some tests, but they’re pretty sure there’s nothing seriously wrong. He sent back three pages of instructions on what needs to be done around camp, complete with illustrations. He’s definitely John.

So now it’s alternating between almost no rain and very heavy rain. There may even have been some lightning. But hopefully it’ll be cooler tonight, unlike the last two nights. I hope.

Griffin tells me we have “wifi,” i.e. he’s rebroadcasting the Coopers’ signal. Which isn’t the best signal, but it’ll be enough to tell Marc why I’m not calling him. (i.e. John’s in the hospital, along with his phone.) I should do that.

Sundown – Marauders

Welcome to the Marauders – we’ve got bard-bait! It’s chocolate flavored! Well, technically, it is chocolate. Yes, friends, the chocolate library is out, all four boxes of it. It has already caught bards: Katrusha and Cara. They’re gone now, but we have plenty of people to sample regardless.

I bought a dumpling. It was warm and sweet and doughy and wonderful. Perfect for a cool evening.

I’m torn now between really wanting to go to Calontir and the comfy inertia of sitting in Droen’s chair and being sleepy. I mean, I’ll still walk the half-block in the rain to Calontir, but it’ll take an effort.

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