Pennsic 2013 Diary: Tuesday, July 23

Late Morning – Marauders

I have mastered the Pennsic shuffle. I’ve been up two and a half hours and I still haven’t had a chance to journal because I keep running into people I know. So. Time now.

Rhodri’s “Welcome to War” bardic set a nice tone for bardic for the War. Quite a lot of people showed up – I counted about 45 before there was a fairly large influx. Surprisingly, despite being part of the scene for a decade, I still only knew about a third of the people there. That said, I brought a woman named Sigrid from Drachenwald (Sweden), who’s camping with Ansteorra, and introduced her around. She made a great impression, singing a very rousing monster song in Swedish. She’s got a great voice, and I’ve already heard a number of people say they want to get to know her better.

Mistress Brid was there too, and did a story she’d been mentioning to me at Dione Sidhe yesterday. I’m so happy she did it – it was lovely. Lorelei did a very powerful rendition of “Macha’s Curse” by Emer. Morgana did the story of Tyr’s hand. I heard a new drinking song called “Drop of Ale” that I want to learn. Lots of good stuff.

I did Leslie Fish’s “Serious Steel” early in the evening that I think went over pretty well. It was almost midnight by the time the circle had gone around once. Lorelei and Maraha got everyone into a giggling fit – including me – right before I was supposed to take my second turn. I performed anyway, a new saint story about the Virgin Mary impersonating a knight and winning a tourney for him. I wanted to wait for the circle to go around another half-turn, where Lorelei was, but I was falling asleep before it got that far and turned in around 1 am.

Slept pretty well and didn’t wake up until an absolutely decadent 8:40. It was still almost cool inside! Amazing! The sky was kinda threatening, so I put on one of the new tunics Katrusha made for me, let my sneakers dry out, and wore my Viking shoes again.

Went to the food court for breakfast and just started running into people I know. William and kids, Unnr, Charles and kids, Duke Cariadoc, Toki, Alaric and Viceroy Gui (who told me the full story of the “East-West Insurance Company,” which is hilarious), and on and on. I’d wanted to get my Viking shoes fixed (there’s a stabby nail under my toe), but they weren’t open yet. I’ll try again soon.

The convoy to bring back John has left for town – yay! Also, Sisuile is here and we’ve exchanged tea collections, so we have lots of hot beverage fixings.

Now to go check out the shoe merchant again.

Late Afternoon – Marauders

Long, meandering day. I started off with some light shopping: a pair of shoes more appropriate to my new 14th century persona and a red sideless surcoat, which John will hem for me sometime. (John’s back now, did I mention that? Yay!) Dropped them off in camp, grabbed some lunch, and ate it in EK Royal with Hugh. The main gate is up now and they were putting up the wind walls as I left.

I had a note from Anton for Katrusha, so I figured I’d take it down to Silverkeep for her. She wasn’t there, but I got to hang out with Linette and Sol and the rest of them for a while, talking bardic talk. Meandered around the lake and found myself in Eoforwic playing with the small children. I like small children. I also spent quite some time with Torvaldr at his merchant booth. I did a little performing over the course of all this visiting: “The 30 pilgrims to St. James” at Silverkeep and Hector’s “Pennsic Blues” for Torvaldr. I still need to find out from Hector whether I can perform that at one of my stage shows.

I saw the sky looking inclement while I was chatting with Torvaldr and rushed back to camp. I had just walked under the big tent when the rain started, and my campmates had already battened me and put up a short pole in the corner where the tent was collecting water, so yay for succeeding on my luck roll. Thanks, helpful campmates!

I should probably get supper sooner or later, but I think I’ll wait for the rain to be over. For now, water.

Late Evening – Marauders, John’s Bed

This is the perfect weather. I want the whole rest of Pennsic to be this weather. Don’t know the temperature, but I’m guessing low-to-mid 20s with a light breeze and low humidity. The fact that we’ve got a pile of women stretching the ropes on John’s bed out in the common area is just gravy. I’m sorta half-dozing, half-joining into the conversation… awesome. If the rest of Pennsic was just like this, that’d be perfect.

I also bought a parasol tonight: it’s cloth and covered in decorative embroidery and little mirrors, Indian/Middle Eastern style. It’s a complete splurge, in that I’m not gonna be using it at Pennsic, but I love it and can see myself carrying it around downtown Montreal. So much fun!

Got a “French dip” for dinner on Edith’s recommendation: a sandwich of thick-cut roast beef with a little cup of au jus sauce and a side of fries. Very tasty. I still haven’t braved the deep-fried cheesecake, though. It scares me. [Editor’s note: I never did try it. Anyone have any reports?]

I don’t know what I’m doing tonight. I sorta hope the New Vagabond will be involved.

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