Pennsic 2013 Diary: Wednesday, July 24

Morning – Marauders

I never thought I’d say this at Pennsic: it’s cold. Yay! (Naturally, though, my body decided the first day of “it is super-early and you must use the portos now!” is the day it was 13 degrees at 6:30. But still. Cold!) I mean, I’m wearing a cloak at breakfast! It’s still only 20 degrees in my tent at 9 am. Awesome!

So. I made a discovery last night. I took Anton to the new Vagabond because he’d never been, and we met up with his friend Andreiko (sp?). After Anton left, Andreiko and I hung around and I walked him back to his camp, which is right near High Rafters. Turns out House Crook’d Cat does period meals cooked over an open fire every day of War Week and bakes bread on-site in a brick-and-clay oven. “It generally comes out of the oven at five,” he said by way of invitation. This, friends, is the way to make a Pocket Bard happy.

Then I spent some time with the folks at High Rafters, and also met Ken Cooper. (For certain values of “met”; I don’t think we actually spoke.) Also spent a bit of time at Heralds2 to see Ernst, Amanda, and Acila. Ran into Toki twice over the course of the evening. He accused me of stalking him.

Went to bed around midnight but probably only fell asleep around one. It got progressively colder all night until it bottomed out around 13 degrees. I went back to sleep until around 8:30, and had to make the difficult decision of what I wanted more: sleep or breakfast in camp. Eventually breakfast won out, but it was a near thing. I’m sampling some new tea from Sisuile, which is the first time I’m having real loose-leaf tea at Pennsic this year. I’d like to take a shower sometime today, but it might wait until the evening.

In bad news, I seem to be allergic to the chain on my Maunche medallion. [Editor’s note: This is unsurprising. I’m mildly allergic to almost all metals except surgical steel and surgical titanium.] Sisuile suggests we replace the chain with a ribbon, so John’s picking some up for me on his town run.

In terms of today’s schedule, I’m teaching my saints’ lives class at 1 and there’s Haakon’s circle tonight, but I don’t think I’m gonna go to any other classes today. I’d like to get to Dione Sidhe and the Casa, and I still haven’t seen Erwillian (who is on site) or Efenwealt (who may or may not be). I probably should cash some more traveler’s checks and buy books and maybe CDs (if Efenwealt’s here) before they’re all gone. (Brid got a great book of old Irish/Gaelic proverbs, which is awesome.)

So. Time to get dressed.

Mid-Afternoon – Marauders

The weather has remained good all day. I spent the morning wandering around. Got to spend time with J, say hi to Erwillian and Maggie (and perform the story about Mohammad), Rolant, and Roland (yes, two different people). Went over to Bhakail and found Sabine and played the laziest game of catch ever with her 5-year-old daughter Mina. (We were both sitting in chairs and trying very hard not to get up.) I followed them over to Westergate (sp?) and got to witness improv time with early period instruments. Angus the Tailor, who lives there, makes his own bagpipes. The one he showed us had a wolf’s head carved in the chanter. So cool! Sabine had a rauschpfeiffe (the recorder’s older, more obnoxious brother) and a krumm horn (a reed horn whose bottom looks like the letter U – same etymological source as the word “crumple”).

Because I don’t really play instruments, I went down to the produce store and picked up some eggs, bread, dipping sauce, and cherry tomatoes and brought them over to EK Royal to share. Ernst was off on a town run, but Hugh, Amanda, and Alexandra were there, and were happy to share my lunch.

From there I had just enough time to grab my stuff and go to teach my class, which I think went pretty well. I had about 25-30 students, I think, most of whom were nice and enthusiastic. I only had one student who took the class last year, so I got to tell all the Volume I stories and wound up going for about an hour and a half. I started a new trend, which is whenever I’d say, “And then they were crowned with martyrdom,” to end it with throwing up my hands high and shouting an enthusiastic, “Yay!” I hope it catches on.

Now the weather is nice and I’d love to go to the booksellers, but my right heel is bothering me, probably from walking in my period shoes for the last day or so. Efenwealt apparently won’t be in until Friday, and I want to be sure I have enough money set aside but I also want to get any limited books that are liable to be gone soon. Decisions, decisions…

After Dinner – My Tent

Whatever I did to my foot is causing me problems. I went over to Bookseller’s Row (via a few other merchants) but realized when I got there that I really shouldn’t walk any further, and I couldn’t walk any faster than a slow trudge. I’ve still got a week and a half of War left – I can’t be injured yet!

I stayed in camp for a while perusing one of the two books I bought (both about cooking, neither medieval), but I got wanderlust. I figured the nearest place I could hobble was Dione Sidhe. Turns out they had a guest over, a guy by the name of Ru, who is a licensed massage therapist. He offered to give me a calf and foot massage to get the tension out of my heel. I’m not entirely certain it worked, but I’m grateful anyway. I offered the story of St. Martin and the two cripples in return, just as they were all about to have dinner.

Came back to camp, had dinner of my own (tonight’s offerings were three types of sausages, potato salad, and veggies – thanks, Serphina!), and took a hot (yes, hot!) shower. Now I’m just air-drying in my tent with the walls closed. It’s a very pleasant 25 degrees with 40% humidity. I could get used to this.

Thankfully bardic tonight is right across the street so I don’t have to walk much. I should, on the other hand, bring a cloak. It’s supposed to go down to the low teens tonight. I should probably also brush my teeth and get dressed.

Sunset – Marauders

A few observations:

  • The kids in camp are super-excited that because we have a fire in camp (thanks, Pyro!) they can now have s’mores.
  • My new persona doesn’t have any wool sideless surcoats. I should fix that.
    I really want a hood and mantle.
  • Not being able to walk without pain sucks. I may wind up taking lots of classes tomorrow.
  • For the first time all War, I’ve got the big cloak on my bed. If it’s as cold as they say it will be, I’ll need it.
  • It amuses be greatly that our camp kids play D&D at Pennsic.

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