Pennsic 2013 Diary: Thursday, July 25

Morning – Marauders

Haakon’s circle last night was great, as expected. I performed quite early, the story of St. Julian, and not again for the rest of the evening. There was a wonderful moment as I was performing: Haakon wasn’t supposed to come because he couldn’t get the time of work; his wife was running the circle, and we were all very sad. Then, as I finished my story and people were applauding, Haakon stepped into the circle and saying something along the lines of, “That was good.” The applause redoubled, but not for me, and I didn’t mind at all.

There were quite a lot of stories from the very, very early Pennsics, which was a lovely bit of SCA anthropology I’d never heard before. Way cool!

My favorite song of the night was done by the King of… Atlantia, I want to say. Don’t know the title, but the end of the chorus is, “…so that when they tell the story, we will not be forgotten in the halls of men.” I believe it’s on the Calon teaching CDs. So rousing, so awesome! [Editor’s note: I learned later that it’s “The Battle of Maldon” by Mistress Rosalind Jehanne.]

I’m on breakfast garbage duty today, but Rocky’s got the cart for an ice run, so I’ll wait until he’s back… which is right now. Better get to it.

Slightly Later – Same Place

Turns out Collin was also on garbage duty, so I changed one bag and he changed the other, he brought them to the dumpster, and I put the cart away. Yay for help!

My foot’s feeling much better, though I still think I’ll take it easy at least for the morning and take classes and stay on the near ‘Geti. This afternoon, we’ll see, and then tonight the Marauders are hosting our “Maraude at Home” circle. Tomorrow I’d really like to do a longer wander, but I don’t think I’ll happen today.

It occurs to me that my favorite time of Pennsic is between Wednesday Peace Week and Tuesday War Week. Stuff is all set up, people are doing their stuff, and it’s just… Pennsic. I better enjoy it while I can.

Mid-Morning – Marauders

So, I’m not at a class right now. I was supposed to be, but… Pennsic. I found the official Coopers’ wifi spot and spent twenty minutes checking my inbox and sending an email to Marc. Dropped in on EK Royal, bought a scone at the produce store, and told the story of St. Martin and the two cripples to Erwillian because he was building his “slum” (aka: storage shed) next to Oakwood Hall.

Had just enough time to come back to camp, get water, and go to my class, but discovered that Roger was here with his 6-month-old baby. …Class can wait. Babies take precedence. I even took a picture with the baby so I can send it to my mom and grandmother. [Editor’s note: Roger Stockton, former King of the West, is also the son of my late grandfather’s best friend. Roger was a pallbearer at the funeral last year.]

It was only quarter-past when they left, but the class I wanted to take (“Milk, Bread, and Eggs”) was very full and I didn’t want to stand for 45 minutes. I’ll go to the 14th century sumptuary laws class in a half-hour. Then I’m teaching, then I may or may not take the Latin smack talk class, which seems pretty fun. So that’s the plan. It’s a grand plan.

Late Afternoon – Marauders

The 14th century sumptuary laws class was informative, though slightly post-period for me. It’ll be more useful once I’ve figured out what social class Katherine is from. My persona class went pretty well; I think I had about a dozen students and they seemed interested and made good comments.

I sorta contemplated going to the Latin smack talk class but came back to camp instead. Which is good because I found Fiana of Clare sitting in the common area waiting for me. She wants my help with her Boreal Master paper (be afraid, be very afraid), which I agreed to do.

I hadn’t had lunch yet, so we both went to the food court, me for a burrito and her for ice cream. Then, because I still wasn’t wandering too far afield, we went over to the Vagabond and met up with Dunstable along the way, who joined us. He was, very kindly, treated us both to our drinks (thanks, Dunstable!) – blood orange-rose julab for me (refreshing and somewhat sweet), sekanjabin for Fiana (wow sour!).

After the Vagabond, I went to Calontir to find out the name of the song I liked last night. Without hesitation, Rhodri told me it was the “Battle of Maldon” by Rosalind Jehanne. Of course. Something rousing that I love. Naturally it was written by Rosalind Jehanne.

It was about the time that Camp Crook’d Cat would have been taking bread out of the oven. They’re having pizza today, which I figured I wouldn’t stay for since I’m on the meal plan back at the Maruaders, but they had day-old home-baked bread which they were kind enough to share with me. Yum! In exchange, I offered Rathflaed’s “Beowulf,” because there was a 4-year-old boy around. He appreciated it. So did the woman who had never heard it before.

Anyway, checked in briefly with Ernt, sent the pic of me and Roger’s baby to my mom, and came back to camp. I put a lucet cord on my Maunche medallion instead of the chain I’m allergic to, and now I’m journaling before dinner. At some point, I really should restring my wood bead necklace, but probably not today.

As Fiana and I were walking back to camp, I found Efenwealt pulling into his merchant spot, which made me very happy. I figure I’ll wait until he’s set up tomorrow to buy my CDs and then see how much money I have left over for the rest of the week. Yay, CDs!

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