Pennsic 2013 Diary: Friday, July 26

Morning – Marauders

The “Maraude at Home” circle went really, really well. Great mix of established bards and newbies. A lot of the big-name bards came out: Fridrikr, Fleeg (sp?), Dolan, Rhodri, Owen, Toki, Anne of Framlingham, etc. Lots of great songs and stories, very high caliber, and three new songs added to my “to learn” list. But my bar-none favorite moment was when a young woman named Rose (I believe she’s in her early teens) sang Marian of Heatherdale’s “One of Us.” And just as she was finishing, who should walk into the circle but Marian herself, and gave Rose a ring. The look on Rose’s face was priceless. It was the stuff of legend. It was perfect.

The circle went around the first time just before midnight. I think we topped out over fifty people. After that, it thinned out quite a bit and we went around again by about 1:20, when we closed out. I was very grateful toward the end that we had hot water and coffee – it was cold. Eleven degrees by the time I went to bed.

Woke up this morning and discovered it was nine – count’em, nine – degrees. Wow. I appreciate the cool days, and if super-cold nights are the price to pay, so be it, but maybe take it up just a smidge?

Sisuile, Droen, and I brainstormed a new Marauders tea, “Authoritea”: strong black tea (Assam, Ceylon, Tinderet, or the like), cinnamon and allspice (for the punch) and vanilla and maybe caramel toffee bits (for the velvet glove). Aaron is playing with my teddy bear, and I really should head over to the A&S tents to teach. Onwards!

Mid-Afternoon – Marauders

Long but good day so far. Class went well – had about 15 students, which is pretty darn good for a 9 am class. Only Marian and Piero had taken the class last year, so I got to do all the Volume I stories like I did on Wednesday. Also, I got everyone saying, “Yay!” after “And then they were crowned with martyrdom,” which worked very well and was a lot of fun.

After class I visited Erwillian and performed “The Jolly Butcher” and the story of St. Anastasia’s maidservants (saintly and bawdy) in exchange for my party favor. One day I’ll bring in all the Bardicci silver I’ve accumulated over the years and get Erwillian to make me something pretty.

Bought lunch at the Penn Market – bread, dipping sauce, cheese, and cherries – and shared it with everyone over at Heralds2. Cormack was very kind as I was leaving and said, “Come back anytime, you know this is your second home.” I have a lot of second homes at Pennsic, and I’m truly grateful for all of them.

From there I decided to see if I could wander slightly further afield and went down to Silverkeep and hung out with Katrusha and Tristan for a while, helping them write the invite to the EK College of Performers Commedia weekend.

I’d agreed with Lorelei to help her work on her set list for tonight, in which I’m doing the intermissions. (Us, cutting it close? No idea what you’re talking about.) We went over to the new Vagabond and had baklava (yum!) and beverages (iced jasmine tea for me, iced café latte for her). Set list development was sporadic, punctuated by chatting and a chance sighting of a wandering Maraha. Still, I know what I’m doing (“Not at Pennsic Blues” and “Wild Eastman Spam”) and that’s the important thing for me.

I decided after that that since I couldn’t connect to the Coopers’ wifi, I would splurge on a prepaid Mystic Mail card and use the computers there. Marc’s gone for the weekend on a roleplaying LARP weekend, so I guess I won’t speak to him until at least Sunday night. Oh, well. Hopefully he has a good time.

Then I decided it was finally time to sign up for a volunteer shift. Went to Security Point to sign up to drive a cart and ran into Fleeg, who had some very interesting ideas about Norse mythology. (Alternate universe idea: A world in which Loki and Odin had counseling and the Fenris Wolf was properly socialized, thus removing the two chief conflicts of Norse mythology. The world was so boring the Elder Gods wiped it out and started over.) Got my sticker and went over to Disability Point, only to discover the sign-up for disability cart driving is back at Security Point. Oops. Back I went, signed up for a shift on Wednesday, and finally came back to camp.

I sorta want ice cream, but I shouldn’t if I’m performing tonight. Maybe after the show.

Oh, fun moment this morning: as I’m teaching, a herald started crying the day’s announcements, so I shut up and let him talk. He was really hamming it up, which was great, and he ended it with, “These announcements brought to you by the Order of the Pelican. The Order of the Pelican: all the obsessive-compulsive tendencies of the Laurel, with none of the artistic skill!” Hilarious.

My foot seems to be holding out, so long as I walk slowly and with a narrower stride than I’m used to. At least I’m not wandering too far afield tonight.

Performing in three hours. Don’t know what I’m doing until then, but probably restringing my necklace will be part of it. Maybe.

Early Evening – Performing Arts Pavilion, Backstage

Beading took much longer than anticipated, though I suppose I should have expected as much, given how long the necklace is. Also, I had to go out to buy decorative beads before I started because I didn’t have enough. Many thanks to Droen for her help in crimping the final beads – I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself. I hope now that it’s on fireline it won’t break again. Fingers crossed.

Had just enough time to finish that, have dinner, make myself presentable (but not change) before it was showtime. (Dinner was turkey, ham, and all the trimmings – you’re amazing, Seraphina!). Had a brief panic as Lorelei thought she’d lost her good dulcimer hammers, but they were found at the end, so all’s well.

I’m not wearing my coif to perform, and I have this weird “pantom string” feel under my chin. Weird. The things I do for Pennsic.

I forgot to bring my cloak to the Performing Arts Pavilion, but hopefully it won’t get too cold before we’re done. (Too dark to write, possibly, but not too cold. I hope.)

Anyway, I should probably prepare myself to go on stage.

Somewhat Later – Same Place

I think Lorelei saw the time and decided to cut the second intermission. Oops. At least my first intermission (“Not At Pennsic Blues”) went well. I even had people singing along on the choruses. Yay. Shame about the second intermission, though. I haven’t done “Wild Eastman Spam” in a while. Oh, well. It’s Lorelei’s concert; my turn is Sunday.

Slightly Later – Same Place

I was wrong. She remembered after all, just a bit late. (At least’ there’s no one after us.) She also introduced the whole audience to “And then they were crowned with martyrdom – yay!” Which, naturally, ended my song with, “And then the spam was crowned with martyrdom – yay!” Good times, good times…

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