Pennsic 2013 Diary: Saturday, July 27

Morning – Marauders

Early but good night last night. (Any night that ends before midnight at Pennsic is an early night.) Finished up the concert with Lorelei – it went quite well – and stayed on to chat with some bards and campmates in the audience. Eventually I headed over to Aethelmearc for the “Bring Your Best” circle, but I didn’t stay too long. It was much smaller than Haakon’s and still quite good; I could probably have spent more time there. I did “Roland,” and my voice held out through it… well, most of it, anyway.

I decided that since at least three separate people had invited me to the O’Choda hafla that I’d at least check it out. I didn’t figure it would be my kind of party, and indeed it wasn’t, but I’m glad I went. I ran into a couple of people I knew (Count Edward, Collin and Edith, etc.), which was surprising given the crush of people. The snacks were not as good as I was led to believe, I don’t drink Turkish coffee, and I don’t belly-dance. So… not really my thing, and I barely stayed ten minutes. That said, I was very impressed at the energy in a non-alcoholic party (maybe it was the copious quantities of Turkish coffee?). I liked the gate guards, who, in full persona, would cross spears and state politely but firmly, “The Prophet has declared there be no alcohol at the hafla. Do you bring any alcohol?” Nicely done.

Got to bed around 11:30. I’m sure there was a time when 6-hour nights were standard for me at Pennsic and I didn’t mind the sleep dep, but after the Thursday circle/Friday morning class, I was wiped. Feeling much better today, even given the middle-of-the-night wheezing that required getting up and going to the far sie of the tent where my inhaler was sitting in my bag. (Funny but true: what I took to be a deep-chest wheeze was actually someone snoring at the same rate I was breathing. I still needed my inhaler, but at least it wasn’t bronchitis.)

It looks like it’ll rain today. Of course. Four absolutely clear and cold weekdays, and the second it’s a setup weekend day, it rains. Because it’s Pennsic. I need to do breakfast dishes for the camp today, and then I want to take a shower and change my sheets. I may wander or I may take classes, depending on my mood and the weather. From 2 to 5 I’m hosting the Peerless Circle and very glad I asked Eoforwic to be a rain alternate. (I need to double-check that with them this morning.) No firm plans for tonight. Maybe Enchanted Ground if the weather cooperates. We’ll see.

Mid-Morning – My Tent

Camp dishes done, bed made (facing the other way due to a weird bubble in my air mattress I can use as a makeshift pillow), teeth brushed, and now for showering. Oh, and the rain has started. Oh, well.

Slightly Later – Same Place

Showered and dressed. It’s still raining, relatively lightly by the sound of it, and it’s just 22 degrees in my tent even at 10:30 am. Unheard of! Part of me just wants to be lazy, but part of me really wants to buy CDs and a hood.

Wearing my beads from Iohn instead of my Maunche medallion today. I’m really glad I finally got those fixed.

Watching Lucrezia, William, and the kids packing out reminds me that, if I were still employed, I’d be leaving today too. I’m glad I’m staying, but it’s sort of a melancholy thought nonetheless. It reminds me that I don’t have any employment to come back to. I’m not super-worried about finding a new job, but it’ll be a sharp break from the constant scheduling of Pennsic.

Anyway, best get moving before the rain falls even harder.

Night – My Tent

Oh, my goodness. Have I really gone an entire day without journaling? I think I have. It’s just that every time I thought I had a moment, something else conspired to distract me. Oh, well. I guess I’m doing the day’s summary now, at nearly midnight.

After I wrote last, I decided to do a tour of my merchant friends, finally ending up at Efenwealt’s to buy CDs. Sadly, there are very few new ones this year. I think the only new Cd to come out that I didn’t already have is the Ealdormere Bardic Kitchen Party 3. I only bought two CDs, which is the least amount I’ve bought in… probably ever. I imagine I’ll find one or two more I want to buy before the end of War, but that still leaves me with quite a lot of unexpected spending money. I wonder what I’ll buy.

I checked in at Eoforwic to make sure it was still okay if I used them as a rain alternate for the Peerless Circle (it was) because it was still sporadically raining at that point. Then I got my now-traditional lunch of bread, dip, cheese, and cherry tomatoes and brought it over to EK Royal / Heralds2 to share. Hugh brought out some cherries as well. Very tasty (especially the asiago bread – yum!), though we had a lot of extra tomatoes. Maybe in the future I should get some other vegetable.

Got back to camp and stayed long enough o drop off my CDs and Claus’ new book (“Surviving the Leper Apocalypse at Pennsic”) and to read today’s PI, and then it was time to head out again for the bardic circle.

The Peerless Circle went really well. We topped out at 16 people, all but one a performer, and gained a few more audience members toward the end. The circle went around about once and a half, mostly because we were chatting almost as much as performing, which is fine. A lot of people brought out new stuff they were working on, so we did a little workshopping as well. I practiced “Sixteen Shirts,” which I want to use in my show tomorrow. (And a good thing, too: I forgot the first line. Oops.)

The rain waited until ten minutes before the circle was supposed to end before it started pitter-pattering, which I take as a minor miracle. In any case, it was just rainy enough that I decided to poke my head into the new Vagabond and see if there was anyone I knew. And lo! There was! Liam was there with a group of people, and Toki was there also, with his lady and a woman named Apryl who plays the psaltery with two bows, which is apparently somewhat unusual. The rain picked up while I was there, so I happily sipped some hot chai (warm, sweet, and creamy – just what I wanted) and waited for it to abate.

After the rain had slackened, I started walking back to camp, letting my mind wander. And it occurred to me that “Titivillus, Titivillus” scans to the first line of the can-can. [Editor’s note: Titivillus was the demon that medieval scribes blamed when they dropped letters. I’d been trying for days to use the name in a song to commemorate the fact that my campmates kept forgetting words.] So I rushed through the common area, came back to my tent, and wrote “The Titivillus Can-Can.” Not sure how long it took, but the dinner bell rang in the middle and I finished it up before I ate. (Hi, my name is Katherine, and I specialize in speed-bardic.)

Scarfed down a tasty dinner of pierogis (thanks, Seraphina!) and tried to sing my new song in camp, but Jeanne wanted nothing to do with a song based on the can-can, so instead I left camp looking for someone I could inflict the wrongness on. By the time I was done, I’d made it to Erwillian’s, EK Royal (Heralds2 and hospitality), the Watch (Hugh was on duty), Silverkeep, Casa Bardicci, Wild Rose, and Shawna’s Camp, which is pretty good for a 3-hour wander if you ask me. A few notes on all that:

  • A few other performances happened as well, notably Rathflaed’s “Beowulf” at EK hospitality for Brid and Gwenlyana (I broke Mistress Brid – score!) and at Casa Bardicci (because I’d promised Alaric I would perform something for him when he wasn’t working). The latter one was recorded by Benvolio. Maybe it’ll actually get online sometime.
  • I decided to dedicate the “Titivillus Can-Can” to Piero, in honor of his Laurel in the calligraphic arts that he’s getting this week. (“Calligraphic arts”? I must be tireder than I thought.)
  • The Casa great hall now has a Sistine Chapel-style ceiling, in which the various figures have the faces of people from the Casa. It’s amazing. I may actually bring my glasses down just so I can appreciate it fully. On the other hand, I think my glasses are in the car. Maybe I’ll just wait for the pictures…
  • Marian asked if I wanted to be in her show this year. But given that I’ve already got three stage appearances this year (albeit short ones), and given that I’ve been in the show before, I figured I’d cede my place to someone with less exposure. (Incidentally, it boggles my mind that I have enough exposure that I can say that.)
  • I am apparently able to walk hills if I do it very, very slowly. Which means I can’t walk with anyone else or I’ll feel the need to walk too fast and aggravate my foot. I think tomorrow will be spent on the ‘Geti, because Monday I’m going to both the B-blocks and the Bog.
  • Shauna’s new bedroom house is utterly stunning, probably on par with Gaston’s apartment. I wish I was the sort to take pictures at War. I also with I’d seen it in daylight.

The rain has picked up quite a bit since I came into my tent. And even though it’s still relatively early by Pennsic standards, I can’t imagine going out anywhere in this weather. Yes, there are people in the common tent, including Alethea, who arrived this evening, but I think I might just turn in.

Tomorrow should be relatively chill: some classes I may or may not take in the morning, Boreal Master Symposium at 2:00, my stage performance sometime between 8 and 9, which I really should time out at some point, and that’s about it. The evening will either see me watching i Sebastiani or performing at Enchanted Ground, depending on the weather and my feet.

It should be warm enough tonight that I can get away without the uber-heavy cloak in addition to the blankets. I’ll keep it handy just in case. I look forward to falling asleep to the sound of rain on my tent, if it keeps up. Rain at night is okay; it’s just rain during the day I’d like to avoid.

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