Pennsic 2013 Diary: Sunday, July 28

Morning – Marauders

Not a whole lot to write this morning, given that I wrote late last night. At some point during the night I heard my air mattress go “sproing!”, which is never a sound you want to hear your air mattress make. The good news is that it’s not a hole. It is instead another ring that released, so now my makeshift pillow is bigger. …Yay?

Timed out my set for tonight’s show. Should be about 11 minutes, which is just about right. Rumhann assures me that this year he has four (count’em, four) shirts. Slowly getting there.

Nothing planned until the Boreal Master at 2. I think maybe I’ll buy a hood and mantle, but I don’t think anyone’s open yet. Maybe some wandering first.

Early Afternoon – Marauders

An eventful day so far, given that I’ve constrained myself to the near ‘Geti. I took
my song
over to Bhakail to perform it for Sabine and wound up chatting with her for a while. Then I bought myself a lovely hood and mantle, white wool lined with teal linen (look, ma, I made it with my own money!), brought it back to camp and found Liam’s granddaughter for me to play with (yay baby!). From there it was off to perform “Megan is Baking” for Maggie and Erwillian, buy lunch, and go eat it at EK Royal with the folks there and with Alethea, who was visiting. She decided we should get ice cream, which we did, though that may prove to be a mistake given tonight’s show. Spent ten minutes at Mystic Mail and came briefly back to camp, which brings us up to now. You wouldn’t have thought that brief wander would have taken up almost four hours, but yet it did. That’s the thing about the Pennsic shuffle: it cuts into time something serious.

Now I’ve got the Boreal Master Symposium. I was sorta contemplating either staying in camp for tea or going to Bhakail’s Court of Love, but Fiana asked me to be her slide projector, so that’s what I’m gonna do. And maybe steal a scone for the road.

Mid-Afternoon – My Tent

Today’s question: how many activities can I unexpectedly find myself a part of in two and a half hours? Answer: four.

Activity #1: Boreal Master Symposium. (Run away. Run away now.) As Fiana and I had arranged, I was there to be her “slide projector,” i.e. to read out all the snarky comments/footnotes that had been on her slides when she presented the paper to the Pseudo-Society at Kalamazoo. Because I had all the snarky lines, I got most of the laughs, but everyone knew it was Fiana’s paper, so really they were for her. I left early and got a truly outrageous day-glow orange ring as a gift from Morgana for attending. (it glows in the dark!)

Activity #2: Witnessing a marriage proposal at the Bhakail Court of Love. I’d never been to a Court of Love and really wanted to, and I showed up just as Baron Mael Eoin was extolling the virtues of married life. Then a man named Lord Joscelin got up to apologize for never completing the favor he made for his lady and offered her another one: an engagement ring. Yes, unbeknownst to Lady Alanna, the whole court had been set up so Joscelin could propose to her. It was awesome. She clearly had no idea it was coming, and everyone was crying with happiness.

Activity #3: Marauders high tea. Despite the lack of both John (at a convention) and Old Marian (sadly passed on from us), high tea continued apace. [Editor’s note: John informs me that he was not so much at a convention as at a “living wake” for a friend of his.] Sisuile made biscuits and tea and cucumber sandwiches, and I got back to camp in time to lean on Piero’s shoulders and listen to Sir Lars of Calontir tell fun war stories. Oh, and steal biscuits. Yum.

Activity #4: Performing Arts A&S Exhibition. Sometime during activity #3, Lorelei came up and said, “There’s a gap in the A&S exhibition, and I know both Katherine and Sisuile have got material that’s documentably period you can pull out on short notice. Could one of you fill the gap?”

“When?” I asked.

“Right now,” said Lorelei.

“For how long?” I asked.

“About ten minutes,” said Lorelei.

So off I went, taking nothing with me but my request sheet, not even my mug. (That’s how unexpected and sudden this was.) My audience was very small, less than a half-dozen, and I went through a good three-quarters of my appropriate material over the next half-hour – not ten minutes. In the end, they decided to wrap the show when I was done, which is probably for the best.

So that brings us up to now. In my tent, taking a moment to breathe. I’m performing again in three and a half hours, to a (hopefully) bigger audience with a (definitely) more polished set. Which gives me three and a half hours to change, eat dinner, and… stuff. Not sure what stuff yet, but there will definitely be stuff.

Before Dinner – Marauders

Decided to do some window-shopping in search of interesting things I can spend my money on. Found some very nifty stuff I can use on gifts. Soon I’ll have to figure out how much I have left and what I’ll buy.

Looks like dinner will be a little late, which means if I want to get dressed into performing clothes and arrive at Performing Arts by 7:50, I may not get dinner before I perform. Which means I may want to get a tide-me-over now and get Liam to set aside a plate for me.

Tonight will probably be Enchanted Ground, because I think today’s the only day I have where I know my allergies won’t be going haywire. (The only other nights I have free are Thursday and Friday, by which point the tents will probably be coming down, resulting in the inevitable allergies.) And damnit, I really want to tell Cariadoc my new saint stories!

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  1. August 16, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    This was a really fun afternoon. Thank you for reminding me of the tea! 🙂

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