Pennsic 2013 Diary: Tuesday, July 30

Morning – Marauders

So, I lied. After spending an hour sitting by the fire, I got a second wind and decided to get dressed… just as John was activating his new phone. So I stuck around long enough to talk to Marc after almost a week of radio silence – yay! It was really, really good to talk to him.

Then I went down to “familia night” at Bardicci, which was lovely. Some of my favorite people, beautiful venue, good conversation… just lovely. I performed “A New Home” and was even able to manage it without looking at the lyrics. And, as might be expected, I got an excellent reaction and laughs at lines that don’t normally get them. (Because they know the back-story.)

I also broke my usual rule of “no drinking except sampling at Pennsic.” Because someone brought out Ypocras made by Master Ludwig. Which was phenomenal, because it was made by Master Ludwig. So when someone poured me a full glass, I decided to just partake of the whole thing. Also, I partook of some extremely tasty cookies made by Erwillian’s wife (whose name I have sadly forgotten – sorry, m’lady!).

Erwillian gave me a tour of the new second floor patio looking out over the lake, and Gaston gave me a tour of the new details of his apartment. I love the Cases. It’s so beautiful.

It was so strange walking out of the Casa, because it was so much lighter inside than outside. Walking out the gate was like walking into a black hole (as in, a hole that is black, not as in the astrological feature), at least until my eyes adjusted. Spooky.

Sleep was actually quite good, and now I’m eating breakfast and listening to Hrothgar stories. Write later.

Early Afternoon – Bardicci Chapel

I look pretty. There are even pictures documenting the fact that I look pretty. Sadly, no audience.

After doing breakfast dishes and showering, various campmates helped me get into my Italian Ren outfit and Sisuile did my hair, and then I went off to cover everything up with a tabard at my EK gate guard shift. The shift itself was somewhat slow, not too many people coming in or out, but at least I had the other guards to talk to.

Then it was time for a quick lunch, a trip to get water from Chirurgeon’s, money from the bank, and hugs from Ernst before heading down to the Casa. It’s not entirely set up yet, but the chapel is set up enough that I can sit and tell stories. Which so far I have done exactly once. I hope it picks up, because otherwise I’ll just be sitting in the warm chapel by myself.

Late Afternoon – Marauders

So, in the end, the afternoon at Bardicci was somewhat disappointing. Told only a handful of stories ( “St. John the Almsgiver” twice, “The Virgin wins a tournament,” and “The Scottish Champion” for the kitchen staff as I was leaving). They fed me a sandwich because they’re nice people. All told, I think I was there for an hour and a half or so. If I ever do this again, I’ll need to make sure somehow that I actually have visitors and am not just sitting in an empty chapel by myself.

On the other hand, as I was coming back to camp, I was passing by Yama Kamanara and remembered that Shu Shu Mark had told me to come by if ever I had my hair up. I did, so I stopped by. He was there, and we wound up doing a 45 minute photo shoot. I hope some of them come out nice. I’d really like to have some nice pictures of me.

Came back to camp, got changed into comfier clothes, and went out shopping. Picked up a barbette and filet for me, a t-shirt for my D&D GM, a bunch of stuff from the Bee Folks (candies, honey, and beeswax soap). Just a few more things I might want to pick up tomorrow. And I still have money left – yay!

Had some ice cream before dinner because I’m a grownup and I can do that. No idea when Oostgard’s fry night is, but I should probably find that out sometime.

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