Pennsic 2013 Diary: Wednesday, July 31

Morning – Marauders

Last night was quite good. Showed up at Oostgard just after the marauders’ dinner bell rang (so as not to be tempted by cap food I’d already told Seraphina I wouldn’t be eating), which was too early for fry night but just in time to watch Sir Gui take two men at arms. I’m always fascinated by the way different people do associate-taking ceremonies, so it was nice to watch this one. He took them both for a year and a day, in front of his court and “the 404,” which I assume is the fighting household they’re both part of. Later, Gui gifted an ax to a man named Bryce who had pleased him with his answer at a tournament of chivalry.

In between I introduced myself to various people who were there, sharing stories and experiences. I heard a great one whose punchline was “don’t poke the shark,” which may yet turn into a story or song sometime.

Fry night itself wasn’t quite what I expected, or maybe it was. I’m not sure what I was expecting. There was a potluck dinner side of the tent, which featured (unfried) spaghetti and meatballs, frozen shrimp (oops), and grapes. The fry side had deep-fried ravioli, of which I had probably too many; pickles, of which I had none; and bacon-wrapped hot dogs, which I also didn’t have. There was quite a bit more they hadn’t gotten to yet, and I admit I was highly curious about the deep-fried double-stuf oreos, but night was getting on and I had other places to be.

Swung by the ceilidh in the performing arts pavilion, but it was more a concert than a ceilidh (despite what Lorelei intended), and I don’t play an instrument in any case, so I went on to Piero’s vigil.

The vigil was great. For one thing, they had food, among other things a crudités plate. I never thought I’d be so happy to see raw vegetables. But oh, was I happy to see them. (Cookies too, but that’s more understandable.)

I also got to spend time with a lot of my favorite people I haven’t seen much this year: Piero, Marian, Silence, Rhodri, a bunch of Eoforwicians, etc. Hector’s here. He gave me “blanket permission” to perform his pieces, so next year I may do “Pennsic Blues” on stage.

In other happy news, I finally have a recording of “Twilight Ride” (aka “The Horse Song”) by Eleanor Fairchild. Silence knows it and let me record her while she sang. Yay! I can finally learn a song that’s been on my “I’ve gotta learn this” list for years.

Night was cold, but just those few degrees warmer that made it pleasantly cold as opposed to painfully cold (14 vs 12). Slept in this morning to an absolutely decadent 8:40. Had a somewhat meager breakfast in camp (my own fault for waiting so late), chatted with people, fixed the button on my satchel (which had popped), and generally hung out. Gweneth gifted me with a lyre made of pipe-cleaners – thanks, Gweneth!

I’m booked today from 1 to 3 (DART shift), and 4 to 6 (leading a bardic collegium session). Tonight are Cerian and Marian’s concerts, and a guy I met last night at Oostgard invited me to perform tonight at the Kingdom of Acre in exchange for mead. Not sure I’ll get ot that.

I’ve got some last-minute shopping to do and I really want to get at least a brief wander in this morning, because I won’t have time this afternoon / evening. Tomorrow will be weird, because I’ve got a ton of stuff I want to do (mini-madness, Ana’s circle, Calontir and Clan Campbell parties at night, etc.), but it’s also the big tear-down day in camp because the truck to storage is coming early Friday morning. So I don’t want to leave camp too long, but there are a ton of things happening outside camp. Oh, and it’s supposed to rain. Of course.

Anyway, onward to shopping and wandering.

Before Dinner – Marauders

Whew! Long day; I’m glad my obligations are over. Shopping wound up happening in two phases (because one of the shops wasn’t open at first), divided up by a visit to EK Royal. Didn’t have much time for lunch before my DART shift. [Editor’s note: DART = driving the golf cart for disability pick-ups.] The shift itself went pretty well: I was assigned the B-block/archery route.. Managed to get through it three times in my two-hour shift. Twice I had passengers coming back from the archery range. That said, it took me a while to figure out how to drive the golf cart properly. There seemed to be a pedal position for “accelerate” and one for “don’t move at all,” but the position for “keep going at the current speed” was kind of elusive and took me about an hour to figure out the trick. At least now I know where the archery range is: too damn far! My hat’s off to all the archers; I would not want to walk that distance every day.

Finished my shift and had just enough time for lunch and a trip to Mystic Mail (and chatting with Piero) before going to moderate a bardic collegium symposium. Today’s session was on competitions. So, obviously, no opinions at all. It was a good panel, though, mostly civil and a lot of good discussion.

Now I’m just waiting for Ansteorran chili night. After that I’ll decide where the heck I’m going after.

Sundown – Marauders

Chili night was tasty as always. I may have made a mistake in eating the second grilled cheese sandwich but, well, it’s Pennsic. Heard a very funny story about Saint Sir Flamingo (a lawn ornament flamingo – long story), but it probably won’t become a poem. Unlike the story of “Saint Kenric, King” that Sir Gui mentioned yesterday.

Realized I still had Katrusha’s bodice, so I went down to Silverkeep to deliver it. (Sadly, this meant missing Cerian’s concert – I hope he forgives me). Swung by the Kingdom ofAcre but they’re not ready for performers yet. Maybe in an hour or so.

This may wind up being the first year ever I miss the Marian concert. There’s a “bardic flash mob” at 9:30 and I think a lot of the big-name bards will be finishing the night at Enchanted Ground, so I may too. We’ll see.

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